Bewajah (title changed) (old title: dard e dil ki sifarish) (episode 20)

Huh u all r sooooo bad… I hate u all…
Sanskar pov
duh this.. M getting late.. But he keeps pulling me
“meet my friends Manik, sahil, karan n kavita” Arjun
he foward his hand
i also shaked my hand
kavita putting extra butter:heeeeello Saaanskaar…
she wide her smile
urgh i ignored her..which is best
sahil:hey bro

we just shaked hour hands..
Karan was trying to ignore me.. Nor he introduced himself..ok also ignored him… I dont know when he looks at me i feel fire in his eyes..why..huh leave it..
Me:m going to class
“ok so we r also coming with u” Arjun n manik
sahil:ok i will catch later the billi’s class
Arjun:wo we call mamta mam jungli billi… So looks like cat… N her shout meeww
all brust into laughter
me manik n arjun leaves to class..where sahil goes to bunk class…
After school
i was waitting for driver to come… When i find swara was walking here n there…bitting her nails..
“bitting nail is bad habit” she turns hearing my sound
swara:oh tho nerd motu bhaiya what r u doing
‘ahh chotaalaa bhaiya that too mee’ i murmers under my breath
“hellllooooo” she waved her hand
Sanskar:waitting for my car
“oh hifi me too waitting”we both give hifi
me:acha dont call me bhaiya..
Swara starts to bite her nails

She comes near me n pulls my cheeks
swara:ok cutiepie
whatt!! Cutiepie…
Me:hain cutepie
Her driver calls her
she pulls my nose
“bye cutiepie”
saying this she leaves… I was smilling like idot..
I sit in car n starts to read book which i borrow from library…
I was trying read but no her face was coming infront of me…ah what have she done…
I out a small peace of page from my bag n starts to write in that
“today i meet with a girl… Her name is Swara… My first crush”
i put that peace in last page of book n closed it…with abride smile on my face…
@ night
i just finished my studies n sit on bed..
“pop pop”
were is the my cell… Oh i got it

prsn:hi dost
me:n who is the dost Arjun
arjun:arre we friends call each other dost…u can also call..
Me:oh acha..
Arjun:acha leave it what r doing
sanskar:thinking something
arjun:about a …
Sanskar:no m thinking about girl…
Arjun:i didnt said girl that means u r thinking
sanskar:y u have call me to tease
arjun:sorry yaar wo the tomrw day after tmrw is taht nachari swara’s birthday…n karan is trying to impress her…
Arjun:ur sister her friend na…tho..
Sanskar:no no she says she hate Karan…so she will not help him.. Haina nandini..
He tries to make her sound
“ya bhai”
Arjun:okk yaar but what happend to her voice
sanskar:nothing bye…

I signs in rileaf n sits in bed
sanskar:om saanti om (dramticly put his hand on his head) i will never help him bastard…
His cell again starts peep…
I picks the call without seeing caller id
me:i said na rajun i will not help karan…
The next moment he shocks
prsn:clam down…cutiepie its me Swara… Not that Arjun…
Me:oh sorry sorry… He just spoil my mood…but how u get my number…
Swara:my agent ur sister the one n only nandini
i laughed hearing her
swara:ue mood is off na then m giving u a great news to repair ur mood..
Swara:yup cutiepie… The day after tmrw is my birthday
me:i know
swara:what!!! How

me:wha- what u only said na
Swara:oh acha… Ur invited..
Me:but how can u invite a stranger to home
swara:point 1 u r not stranger… Ur my cutiepie…n point 2 u r nandini’s bhai
swara:i know now bye
i cut the call n runs from there while jumping..
Sanskar pov emds
“knock knock knock”
nandini opens the door
sanskar gives idoitic smile
sanskar:i want ur help?
Nandini:u want my help..m i dreaming
Sanskar:meri behen doll first plz call me inside…(he speaks irratedly)
nandini gives him space.. he enters n close the door..
Sanskar:siso plz tell me na what swara like
nadini pops out her eyes… Drop her jow
sanskar:close ur mouth or else musqitue will enter in ur mouth
she immedaitly close her mouth with her hands
nandini:bhai u n girl..
Sanskar: tell na
nandini smirks
nandini:first say plz
sanskar:no i will not say
nandini:ok then m not helping
she sits in bed
sanskar (harshly):plz
nandini:more soft bookie bhai
sanskar (irretedly talk with extra cute) plz meri behen will u tell me what ur best friend swara likse.. I beg to u (join his hands with bang) now bass tell me
nandini smile widely: teddy bear n dairy milk silk chocolate

sanskar:thank u
then he leaves from there…
Next day
swara was chatting with friends when see finds Sanskar entering…
He didnt notice her n was walking swara:guys i will come join later
saying this she starts to walk behind sanskar..
After sometime they reched libarary
every one was seeing swara like they have seen a gost..
Swara gives damn to them n wlked behind him..
Sanskar puts book on shelf n took another book n starts to read..

Swara also sit beside him…
Sanskar becomes suprise
sanskar:uuu what r u doing here
swara while trying to poke what he was reading..
Swara:aa m na not understanding my math motu nerd bhaiya will u help me
sanskar:first stop calling me bhaiya
swara:ok cutie pie..
Sanskar:lets go
he took that book with himself
Swara was trying to solve
sanskar:not like this
he takes pen from her hand…mistakely there hand tuch each others..
He starts to do
swara put her both hands on her cheeks
n was just staring him
swara: cutie pie what u like

sanskar:n u
swara:music i love to play my guitter
sanskar smile:here it is done..
Swara makes faces
swara:huh u r still in study world
sanskar:ya ok bye…
Saying this he leaves…
Sanskar was writting in peace of page
“today i talked with her so closly n shopped for her birthday”
he put that page on last page of book..”
Next day
sanskar was getting ready when his phone rings
prsn:cutie pie where r u m waitting for u..
Sanskar smiles
sanskar:coming yaar
swara:come fast
saying this she cuts the call
sanskar leaves from there talking nandini with him…
Swara was holding knife n standing infront of cake
“Swara cut na what r u waitting for” her friends shout..
Swara while looking at entrance

then sanskar enters..
Swara throws knife on floor n runs to him n hugged him
every one was giving shocked expresion…
Sanskar also hugs her back
swara:y this much late
sanskar:sorry m holding my ears
swara hits him on his shoulder
saying this she grabs his hand n goes to edge of hall
some one was seeing this n was fuming in angar
he was none other than karan…
Swara cuts her cake..where every one claps
swara gives sanskar first bite…
Sanskar:this is for u
he hand over her a teddy n a box
swara throws the raper n open the box…
Swara:wow my favrite cochos.. I love u sanskar..
She hug him again..
Sanskar:i also want something..

Sanskar:u have to sing a song done
swara smiles:done dona done done….(shouts) miki bring guitter…
…..after sometimes…she sings
(whatever u all will not read leyers so m not writting lines)
…Mai janu na janu na janu na janu…
Laters the party ends…..
To be continued……..

I hate u all… Bye m not talking..
N sammy kapoor this is for u…

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