Bewajah (teaser)

Hello guys… I was not able to post the part today… From now i cant post regularly..but thought to tease u all with teaser… So here m starting…..
Scene 1
“so guys lets enjoy Swara and Arjun’s bechelors party” Sanskar speaks sharply looking into Swara’s eyes
where Swara’s face was pale…Arjun was looking some were
Manik:what about couples dance… What say Arjun
Arjun (not moving his eyes):ya but Sanskar have to sing the song (looking at him) hmm dost
Sanskar hiding his hatred n gives a glare:why not dost… This is the party of my two loved n most importante person…
Swara slowly open her eyes n find herself landed in arm of the singer…
…hain yeh nasha ya hai zeher
(looking sharply into her eyes…every line was singing for her eyes)
iss payaar ko kya naam dai
kab se adhori hai ek dasta
aja use aaj anjaam dai..
….he bring his lips to close to her lips… There lips were mere inch apart…
Kya jane tho mere irade
(she close her eyes n starts to breath havily… But he moves back..n pulls her on his chest)
le janunga saanse churake
(he hugs her from back… N moves his hand warist to her checks…)
dil keh raha hai gune gaar banja
(he pulls her more closer to him
n touch her her ears with his lips..sending shiveer to her bodt
Sanskar:que bada masha ayega
bada chai hai gunaho see age
(he tightly hug her from back.. N kiss her shoulder
good bye for ever)
“i cant m leaving for london… My career is more importante for me” Sanskar shout
“N what about Swara…whome u loved..” manik
sanskar( while hidding tears):she is marring to Arjun… Wo apne raste..mai apne raste…
Saying this he was about to leave but stops hearing Manik shout
Manik (shout from back): Sanskar u r doing ther same mistake which u’ve done 5 years back…
Sanskar didnt head to his words… N leaves
Scene 3
Arjun was waitting for swara on mandap…he was wearing sehra
pandit ji: plz bring the bride
After sometime swara comes in red lehenga
pandit ji starts marrige rituals..
He fills her maang with sindoor… N tied mangalsutra on her neck
“this marrige is finished Sucssefully… From now u both r husband and wife…”
Sence 4
a boy and a girl was standing on tarrece
boy’s hair was moving for air.. He was putting his hand on pocket n was turning back… That girl was seeing him with love
boy:u know after her u r my only friend who is girl.. Ha i flirt with many girls n have many girl friends.. But i accpect u as a true friend..
Girl smiles
girl:u know u r very handsome boy i ever sow in my life
boy smiles
girl:the weather is good na
boy was feeling uncomfortable
boy:aa m going m not feeling well
he was about to leave but that girl held his hand..
Girl:dont go today i want to say something
boy starts to feel akward
girl:i dont know where how when i falled in love with u.. Yes i know everything..but plz move on n love me plz
the boy slap her
boy:how dare u to think that i always thinked u as my friend n u.. I hate u..
Girl:i always loved u… N if u cant love me then
she jamped from tarrece
“for u i have lost my dughter..u rich peoples dosent understand na what is love… One day u will your lose love infront of ur eyes..thats my curse”
Sence 5
a girl was walking on road aimlessly.. Just flashesh were coming on her mind
(good bye)*** (you are married now.. See na how see is roaming with her old boy friend.. Shame on this type of girls) (Sanskar how can u kiss kavita.. U broke my trust) (who r u… Thats my life i can do anything..anything now get lost)***(i hate u) *** (u have no chance…)***

So What will happend… To Swara and sanskar..there teenge love story..
Who was the boy..
Who was the girl…
N that curse…..
Keep gusseing n tell me by coment if any one guss correct then…. I know its very hard but try…
Ok ok i want good responce… Or this was just trailer.. picture abi baki hai dosto…so i want silent readers to break the silent today on thos teaser… I want to know how many ppl r reading this story..acha atleast on this teaser plz… Or else i will stop this story….

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  2. Sammykapoor

    swara married to arjun……that boy in scene 4 is sanskaar…..girl in scene 5 is swara….how swara married to other guy

  3. Mica

    wooaahh!!! what is that ?

  4. don’t make swara and Arjun marry

  5. I think its flashback.. Nd u think to separate swasan… Plz drop that idea… Dont separate thm… If u want u can do….. Only in past… Not in prraent… Its too difficult to see thm separate….

  6. Shifa96

    Awesome..sry I wasn’t able to comment on few of your previous updates..

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