Bewajah (episode 22)

Hello guys… Aaa haa not feeling good by then too writting… Akshii m really very sorry… I tried to give link but they r not working…plz click on my name n then go to post… There u will get all parts…thank u…
Sanskar was trying hard to sleep..
But was not getting sleep…
He stands with a jerk
sanskar: (to himself):good Woh zeher ki tarah fehel rahi hai mujhme..
Sanskar goes outside of tent…
Cold wind were blowing

he feels two soft hands hugging him from back..
Sanskar smiles and keep his both plam on her plam.. (i know u all r very intillgent… I dont need to say)
swara:r u angry with me
sanskar:how can…I become Angry with my Chashmish…(pulls her nose)
Swara comes infront Sanskar
swara:plz never ever leave me alone..
Sanskar hug Swara
Sanskar:if u want na then also will not leave u.. If i leave u then who will irrated u…haaa

Swara (teasingly): after all u r chipku maheshwari
sanskar:ya n this chipku maheshwari will not leave u after death al…
swara slapped him irated u (complet after geeting slap)
swara: dare to say again
sanskar (while rubbing his cheek):eeww Chashmish see na my cheek have turned lal wali red
swara (gives him a glare): let me see (touches his cheek) it paining.???
Sanskar:hmm its paining do one thing give a kiss here..
Swara: (without realising) ok but its weird na.. (realise) what u flirter..(starts to beat him with her hands) stop flirting with me…
Sanskar: i know m hot handsome ab (starts to sing) bol dine ko dil kare…par bolne jake yaad aye bolne tho dei na ye dil..

Swara (stare him in disbelief):what was that.??…
Sanskar: trasnlation of bangali song
gives innocent look
swara:now dont give this (looks into his eyes) loo..
Sanskar:no will giv..(he too looks at her eyes)
both are lost into each others eyes..
They comes into sense after hearing swara’s mobile ringing..
Swara’s big smile faded away.. Which was very clearly noticed by Sanskar
sanskar snatch the mobile from her n recive the call on loudspeaker
prsn:how r u baby still with romeo…thats bad come to me also
swara was hell scared n was staring Sanskar

Sanskar (shout boiling in anger):how dare u to call…listen i will kill u…
Prsn:wow romeo u know na who am I… And why i am doing this..then why r u asking..
Sanskar (close his fist with anger): yes i know.(swara looks at him with teary eyes) but i will never let u to do anything..
Prsn:tick tock tick tock…
sanskar looks Swara
Swara land into his arm n brust in tears
sanskar:shh Swara (tighten his grip) m with u na

Swara was feeling his arm the most safe place…
Sanskar takes her in his arms…
Swara was not in her sense…she put her head on his chest… Sanskar goes to her tent n put her on bed…
He was about to leave but Swara held his hand…
Swara:i need u
sanskar turns n sit on tool
sanskar:Swara stop crying…warna i will leave from here…
Swara:n..n-no..i will stop crying
she wipes her tears like a kid

sanskar (sits beside her):thats like good girl… Now smile
swara tried bit
Sanskar:now sleep…its 3 in morning and ur walking here and there like a ghost…
Swara hug him..
Swara:plz m scared dont leave me…i need u
sanskar cups her face
sanskar:ok m not going any sleep
he wrap his arms around her…
Sanskar was lost in deep thoughts
after sometime He come back to sense
Sanskar:Swara dont worry… Just trust me… I will not let anything happend to u…
There was no responce
he looks at her angelic face…she has already slept..
Sanskar smiles n put her head on pillow… He then goes out from tent..
Sanskar goes to another tent…where a boy was sleeping or acting to sleep
sanskar goes near him n pur a full jug of water…he jerked from his place
boy:what the hell..

Sanskar hold his coller and pulls him by caller
Sanskar:how dare u karan…to call Swara..
Karan clamly removes his hand from his coller
karan:what is ur problem…i like..
Before he could speak Sanskar slap him hard..
Sanskar:dont dare to take her name from ur blo*dy mouth…
Karan (falls in his feet):oo sorry bhai plz..sorry (he stands up n starts to iaugh like mad) what u thought bhai i will beg to u… I know u all not acpect me.. But then too m Maheshwari na Karan Maheshwari (smirks)
sanskar (stare him with blood boil eyes) its better to keep the matter of brothers between us…y r u pulling Swara in it..

Karan(starts to laugh):ha ha Sanskar i guess u r very inteligent..but now dont behave like dumb…For u only papa has thrown me out me out of house n declared m dead for him…soo simple m talking my revange… N ur life is not in .. Ur life is in Swara.. Teri jaan baaste hai usme.n she is so hot..
sanskar held his neck:tujhe tho mei..i will kill u
He leaves his coller n leave from there boiling in angar…


So how was the shock… I hope acha tha…
i have shown my teaser…so cmnt or else u all know na what is coming on way..he he he

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    nice..why swara agree to marry karan??? when she loves sanskaar???

    1. Samaira

      Thanku…. No no nooooo me n Sanskar will die but not let swara to marry Karan… Aree Arjun is marring swara…not karan…

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        why swara agree to marry arjun???

      2. U will know soon… But Swara did not agreed on her own wish…

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    Awesome…. They are brothers

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