Bewajah (episode 21)

Chalo chalo some plps is here for my writting… But well m very greedy… Acha guys… Plz my golden part is coming soon… Yaa… Ok sorru for chapar chapar now back to story….
2 years leap
swasan was sleeping on couch…
Sun light starts to come from window
Sanskar wakes up due to sun light.. He smiles… Then suddenly shout
sabskar (shouting in swara’s ears): Swara ki bachi u have eaten my favrt sweets…
Swara wakes up from sleep with a jerk n gives him horror look
swara (shouts):Sanskar ke bache u have disturb my sleep for ur sweets… U come to my house.. I will kill u…
Sanskar widen his eyes

sanskar:oye moti this is my house my room… U come to my house last night for studies… N now sleeping like u r my gf..
Swara looks here n there n close her eyes
“oye shit idot… Now m gone”
sanskar smirks winingly
swara:oye bhokhad so what happend its my friends house na (becomes frusted what to say) dheth leave it… Amar bhul chilo ..

Sanskar widen his eyes
sanskar:what what was that ema what… Which languge was that
Swara starts to laugh…
Swara: i mean to say… That was my fualt..
Sanskar:oo say this na…well

swara understand his confused face..
Swara:my mother was bengali.. Sharmistha bose..
Sanskar:oo i never have seen her
swara:she is dead.. After giving birth to me… Thats y papa always says m a (close her yes) whic…
Sanskar:oh sorry… But leave it… I didnt mean to hurt u (tried to divert the topic) ab moti u’ve already spoil my mood by eating my sweets..u now na today is my farewell..
Swara pulls his cheecks

swara:oho cutiepie i will miss u.. Is this importante to go mumbai..
Sanskar nodes cutely
sanskar:hmm u know na my family leaves there n i promised them after my bords exam i will shift to mumbai
swara (becomes sad):oh
sanskar:we will talk on phone.. N will chat n video call hole night just like we chat hole night together..
Swara leaves sadly from there..

Sanskar also becomes sad…
Then he starts to write on page
“first time i have mad her sad… M leaving her”
he then put that page on last page of book n hugs that… With teary eyes…
Some more days passes
its the day of result…
Swara have passed some how…

N Sanskar was jumping in happiness…
Swara:what happend sanskar..
Sanskar hugs swara
sanskar:u know swara i have god very very good marks… 98 persent
(swara pops out her eyes) n u
swara:aa Sanskar nothing good just some how passed… But for u only
sanskar cups her face
sanskar:i hope u will do well in 12 grade
swara:me n well imposible

sanskar:nothing is imposible for humans… N if u r my friend then i would love to see u next time as topper
swara:then if i meet u someday i woild love to see u bold…
Sanskar:u know na i feel shy to talk
swara:oh common ur not that indian serial’s shy girl
She give cute smile
“hey bro” arjun comes in middle
“congrats” Manik
some one held her warist
it was Karan
“swara whts ur result” karan
swara tried to escape from there
swara held sanskar’s hands

swara:ok so hope meet u at night
he hug her
sanskar:will miss
swara:me too
here there friends was giving presure
here their hands were sliping form each others hand..
Sanskar friends take him with them
swara’s pov
we both were staring each other…

I was steping back… N untill i we disapered from each others eyes..
I starts to walk to on road
it is hurting me… Ah i think he is my best friend thats y.. God whats this u r snatching my cutiepie… Why…??? I cant belive he is the same boy whome i used to make fun of his mota look… Now m loving that look… Nerd m liking nerd… Really Swara Singhania …. Who hate nerds now is not able to think expect a nerd… God …
Swara’s pov ends…
Sanskar’s pov
i took a apge n starts to writting..
“today m leaving her… I love Swara… But i am sorry”
i put that page on last page of book n close it…
I love u Swara… N now n dont have dare to meet u.. M sorry but i cant meet you…
I out my cell from my pocked n blocked her number.. Sorry that for giving you false hope… I know but this is not time to do this stupid things… Love.. M leaving my all memories… Her.. My swara n this my past… Leaving in kolkata…
N will start a new life on Mumbai.. Forgeting all…
I took my things n sits in car…
I was feeling the cold breeze of this city last time… Last watching this city….
“i hope i never come here… N hope i never meet u”
sanskar’s pov ends

Swara’s pov
i was trying his number thousand times…god sanskar..
I rushed to his home… There i got the biggest shock
“maam Sanskar has gone… He have leaved for Mumbai”
this news is enough for me to break down..
I leave to my house…

My sell rings
i immedaitly picks that thinking that must be Sanskar…
But to my bad luck
“hello Swara plz come to club na” my friend..
M now irrated with the thinks first sanskar breaks the promise… Now i want to forget all this n that so called best friend


She shout my name
“ya m coming samantha”
i cut the call…
Thats better idae… I took my short one peace n leave to washroom..
After i come down.. I found my so called father sitting in puja..
“swara where r u going” papa
uff budha shut mouth na..
“club papa” i become irrated
“today is ur mother’s death annivasiry n..”
i cutts him off ” i dont care”
i leave to car… N drives off..
Ya i know m not 18 but i can drive..
Music was beating loud..
I went to my friends…
“hey swara wanna drink” diyaa
“yup m coming”
i went to bar counter n orders drink….
I keep drinking..after some time… I feel some one’s hand on my warist… Then blurrr…
Swara’s pov ends..
Car was not moving a bit
sanskar was now really angry
sanskar: whats this uncle
driver:beta wo there is a problem in injgne.. U have to wait for some time
“damn i am already getting late” he bang his fist on car
then his eyes folls on club.. Kolkata’s famous club..

Sanskar’s pov

i was feeling resteless after seeing.. Something is pulling me there… I cant wait… I think something bad is going to happen
i rushed to club…
There the next just heppend was a horrble accident… Which change out lives…

Sanskar’s pov
Karan was pulling swara from back door…Swara was trying her hard to feel herself
“ahh leave me..chodo mujhe”She begged in her half sence
her top was half tored from warist..
“not like this baby i have waited for this time for long 4 years”
He was about to kiss to her..
But he feels a sudden kick on his face…

Yes Sanskar kicked him
he gives another punch
“dare to touch her… I will brn u alive n dig ur body here only” sanskar shout
“what u will do motu” karan
he kicked him hard again…
“today i will kill u” sanskar barks
n starts to beat him like animal..
“she is my life… N if u try to harm my life na then i will kill u” sanskar punced him again
“see one day what i will do ur life infront of ur eyes… I will not do anything just will wait for the day” he folls unconcious..
Swara was sitting on floor while crying.. Sanskar quickly rapped his jacket…swara was still sobing
sanskar hugs her.. But she push him
“stay away from me i laeve me alone” swara shout
“swara shh” sanskar was trying to wipe her tears but she jerk his hand
“i hate u Sanskar leave me” swara shout…
N folls unconcious in his arms…
Sanskar call some one
sanskar:ya Abay plz take m she is on zyx club m leaving… Drop her safely to sainghania mansion…
He kiss her forehea n leave from there…..
5 years later
“for forgeting her i chainged myself… That nerd look… Shyness.. N started to flirt with girls… Ya was able to keep myself away from her for 5 years…” Sanskar take long breath
“but i feel the same feeling when her dupatta tuched my face… The same air cold breeze… Some where i felt attarced towrd her… I have many gfs but i felt she was diffrent… N same feeling” Sanskar finish

manik: destiny yaar i dont know what is this… Y it plays pranks
sanskar: i dont know just for that Bewajah feeling i left her.. But i feel scare for the talk of karan
he is here only… To take revenge
Manik:have faith in god
sanskar:now i dont belive god also … Now m Sanskar maheshwari new persn… Ha i liked Swara Singhnia once… But now i love Swara that girl.. Who is fully change… See na Manik she used to fail in exams n now she is topper… I love her…

To be continued……..

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