my betterhalf (Episode 6)

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My betterhalf(swasan ff)
Epi 6
Gododia house:
Shekar came home and saw janki worried.
Shekar: what happened janki where is ragini?

Janki: ragini is in her room.I don’t know what happened to her.she came from office crying.
Shekar and janki went to ragini’s room.
Shekar: ragini beta plz open the door. What happened tell me?
Janki: ragini plz talk to us then only we can solve the problem.
Ragini: (crying and shaky voice):papa I want to be alone plz go.

Shekar:no u have my swear. Open the door.
Ragini left with no option opened the door. Shekar and janki were shocked to see ragini’s eyes red and swollen due to continuous crying. Still fresh tears were flowing from her eyes. Shekar took her in side hug
Shekar: what happened to my baby.
Ragini hugged him tightly and started crying loudly. Shekar and janki looked at each other and gave worried look. Shekar made ragini sit on the bed and janki give her water. After some time ragini became normal.
Shekar: now tell why are u crying?
Once again the flashback of morning incident came in her mind resulting in few more tears.but she recovered herself and spoke.
Ragini: papa u know sanskar sir is married.

Shekar and janki got shocked.
Shekar : no no beta u must be mistaken.
Ragini: no papa I had seen her wife in his house and swara who is singer is sir’s wife.
Saying this ragini again started crying. Shekar can’t see her daughter like this so got angry on sanskar.
Shekar(angrily): how can sanskar do like dare he to betray my daughter. I won’t leave him(eska upar ka screw dhilla hai ).

Janki: calm down shekar.
Ragini: papa plz sanskar sir is not at was my mistake to love him and I should have finded his personal details.
Shekar: but ragini…
Ragini: papa plz u won’t do anything.
Shekar: ok but u will not cry.
Ragini nodded and shekar left the room.

Music Academy:
Swasan reached there and both entered inside. Workers wished them.
Swara: wow! Sanskar its amazing.
Sanskar: yea but still some construction is left.
Swara: let’s go inside.
Swasan saw different rooms.Till now they were just build but no material is present there.
Swara: my cabin is nice big one.
Sanskar: yea afterall its my choice.
Swara: till when academy will be ready to open?

Sanskar: hmm within 2 months when u will come again then we will do its inauguration.
Swara: really that’s good.
After some time swasan left the academy.
In car:
Sanskar: where to go now?
Swara: place of your wish I told so u decide.
Sanskar: ok then let’s go xyz park.
Swara: where is this?
Sanskar: near my office.its very nice and calm place.
Swara: ok.

XYZ PARK(evening)
The park was beautiful and there were many sitting arrangement like chairs , benches etc.But sanskar took swara near a tree which was at side.

Sanskar: we will sit on Grass.
Swara nodded and as it was evening so weather was good.sanskar sat on the grass by crossing his legs and swara sit in front of him such that her Back was joined to his chest.
Swara: sanskar speak something.
Sanskar: hmm what to speak. I just want to feel you.
Sanakar put his hand under her Saree and caresses her belly.swara closed her eyes feeling his touch.
No one speak for long time but the silence conveys many messages.sanskar started kissing her neck.
Swara: sanskar.
Sanskar: hmm.

Swara: we are at public place.
Sanskar(slowly): then I m romancing with my wife only.
Swara: u r impossible.
Sanskar: I know.
After few minutes.
Swara’s phone rang. She got up and moved little away.
Swara (picking up ): yes Rita(swara’s pa).
Rita: actually mam your recording is tomorrow morning I just came to know.
Swara: what but how they can do suddenly.

Rita: u promised them that whenever they will call you u will come back that is why they allowed you to go to Kolkata.
Swara: that I know don’t tell me. But how can I come all of sudden.
Rita: don’t worry mam your ticket is booked and flight is tonight 9pm.
Swara(unwillingly): ok.
Swara cutted the call and took deep breath not knowing how to tell sanskar.
Swara went to Sanskar and sit beside him.
Sanskar:whose call it was?
Swara: rita.
Sanskar : what she said.
Swara: recording is on tomorrow.(said slowly).
Sanskar(put his arm around her shoulder): hmm when u are going?
Swara(looking down): flight is at 9pm.
Sanskar: then let’s go its already 6.
Swara stared at Sanskar.

Sanskar: what?
Swara(chuckled): you r not good actor.
Sanskar hugged her.
Sanskar: I know but then also we have to go.
Swara: I m sorry.
Sanskar: why sorry? In fact you made my birthday special by giving me surprise visit.
Swara: but your birthday is not over till now.

Sanskar: don’t worry it will come next year then we will celebrate for full time.
Swara smiles.
Sanskar: finally u smiled.
Swasan left to their house.

Maheshwari house:
Swasan came.
Sanskar: u pack your bag n I will tell mom dad.
Swara: ok.
Swara went to her room and sanskar went to hall.

Sanskar told ram and sujata about swara leaving.
Sujata(disappointed): so soon I didn’t even talked with her properly. There are many gossips which we had to do.
Sanskar gave unbelievable look to her .
Sanskar: don’t behave like this.she will not feel like going then.
Sujata: yea I know don’t worry we will do our gossips on phone.
Sanskar and ram smiled.
Ram: when u are leaving for airport?

Sanskar: after half an hour. Her flight is at 9.
Ram: ok
Sujata ran to kitchen.sanskar and ram gave confused look.
Sanskar: dad let me check swara.
Ram: ok beta.

Swasan room.
Sanskar entered the room when swara closed the zip of her bag.
Sanskar: done with packing?
Swara: yes.
Both looked at each other.Sanskar went close to her. She looked at him and stood in front of him.

Sanskar leaned and gently placed his lips on her. Their eyes were closed. The kiss was soft one showing their love, love and love only.after few mins Sanskar broke the kiss and swara got irritated. She quickly held his collar and raised her feet and kissed him.Sanskar was shocked for a second seeing her little wife’s action.Both then shared a passionate kiss. Swara then hugged him and sanskar tightened the hug.

Swara(slowly):I love u.
Sanskar: love u too.
Then they broke the hug and went downstairs.
Swara hugged sujata.
Swara: I m sorry for going suddenly mom.
Sujata:don’t say. I m happy u came and come back soon.

Swara nodded.
Sujata(giving Swara a box): I had packed food for u. Eat this only , in plane food is not good.
Swara(smiles): ok.
Sanskar and ram admire there bond.
Sujata: take care of yourself and have your meal on time.
Swara(nodded):u too take care.
Then swara took ram’s blessing.

Ram: may god bless u.
Swara:bye and take care.
Sanskar:swara let’s go its getting late.
Swara hugged sujata and bid bye to them.

Gododia house:
Janki bought dinner for ragini and saw her sitting silently on bed.
Janki(put hand on her shoulder):ragini beta have your dinner.
Ragini (looked at her):ma I m not hungry.
Tear marks were still on her cheeks.

Janki (sit beside her):till when u will behave like this ragini, forget him.
Ragini(hugged her): I love him mom its not easy to forget everything but don’t worry(wipes her tear)I won’t effect my self and will try to move on.
Janki:u become mature.
Ragini slightly smiled.
Janki: u will leave the job?

Ragini: no ma I can’t I had already signed the contract for 2 years.
Janki: but beta.
Ragini: don’t worry ma I will be fine.
Then ragini had dinner and janki switched off the light and left the room making sure ragini is fine.

Kolkata airport:
Swasan entered the airport. It was time for Swara’s flight.
Swara looked at Sanskar and there were some unshed tears in his eyes.
Swara: u r crying?
Sanskar: who said?? I don’t cry.(avoid eye contact).
Swara: u no need to hide from me your tears.

A lone of tear escaped sanskar’s eye.swara wiped it.
Sanskar hugged her and whispered

Sanskar(whispered): I will miss you. Plzz come soon.
Swara can’t see him like this and started crying.
Swara: I will not be able to go sanskar if u will behave like this.
Sanskar broke the hug and both shared an eyelock which was broken by announcement of Swara’s flight.

Sanskar(kisses her forehead): bye and take care. Plz lift my calls and don’t ignore.
Swara (nodded): ok n u too don’t get angry without any reason.
Both hugged and swara went inside.
Sanskar left for home.when he reached home he was feeling lonely but he got fresh up and slept after having dinner.
To be continued…..

Precap: OMG
Sanskar and ragini in sanskar’s cabin hugging each other.
How many of u think sanskar will betray swara till now u had known his character?

Thank you. Plz do comments that really motivate me to write and plz give your views.
Bye take care.

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  1. Neptune

    omg the precap is interesting don’t tell me that sanskaar is betraying swara eagerly waiting for next part dear. btw how many years old are you?

    1. Thank you dear and will post next part soon and I m 18 years old

  2. If we go according to ur story line then he won’t betray swara.
    But wt if his loneliness make him get attached to ragini.
    Bcoz after all sanskar is satisfied his need. He he can betray swara.
    I don’t understand y does shekar got anger without any reason. Sanskar didn’t love rag nor he ask rags to love him.
    Plz post the next part soon.

    1. Thank you dear and will post next part soon.

    2. And dear u r right about shekar. He is stupid and gododia family is living in imaginary world.

  3. awesome dear……update next soon…… NO NO…… I know san wont betray swara….. Maybe its dream of ragini…. Or fr some other reason he is hugging her….

    1. Thank you dear and I appreciate your trust on sanskar.

    2. I think he will. Let the writer think

  4. Mahavir

    awesome yaar mars nd that precap horrified but after that hugging i want slap scene i m sure Sanskar cant betray his Swara for that nagini..!! awesome dear post soon…!!

    1. Thank you dear and don’t take tension ragini will get what she deserve u know what I mean

  5. Amazing…..may be it’s ragini dream but sanskar can’t betray swara

    1. Thank you dear

    1. Thank you dear

  6. Nagamanasa

    Amazing chappy dear…I don’t think Sanskar will betray swara…Afterall he loves her so much…post next one soon dear

    1. Thank you dear n will post next part soon.

  7. I don’t think sanskar ever cheat swara.. Distance never matter for soulmates… Still if they don’t mean to be true lovers then their can’t b better half…hope swasan ll b true better half for each other..

    1. Thank you dear and your POV is absolutely right

  8. Phoniex

    No he can’t he loves her if he need her he can have her betraying someone for your need when you can have that person is most disgusting thing

    1. Thank you dear n u are right.

    1. Thank you dear

  9. Rachna

    Awsm… Update soon next part

    1. Thank you dear n will post next part soon.

  10. Rosey

    no sanskaar willnot betray her and there must be any other reason behind there hggiiing

    1. Thank you dear

  11. awesome i want more swasan scenes.. coming to precap its purely my guessing..
    i dont think sanskaar will betray swara may there is another reason or it can be ragini dream or shekar or swara dream. bcz in one episode when she came she asked shweta abt ragini who is she and she said sanskaar new pa she is like what?
    is shekar got mad without listening and knowing how can can he be angry on our sanskaar ?
    update next part soon..

    1. Thank you dear and I am glad that how deeply u remembere the story and coming to shekar he was insane in serial also n in my story also

    1. Thank you dear

  12. Awesome. Waiting for next part

    1. Thank you dear

  13. Parulkashyap

    awesome omg i cant wait 2 read next part n hope sanskar is not cheating i think he is nt and as usual grt shekhar he is insane

    1. Thank you dear and I will post next part soon

    1. Thank you dear

  14. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing part….! Mad Gadodias…huh!! Asusual Shekhar proves his stupidity. No… betrays Swara, its not possible. Not even in dream also. I feel it must be Swara’s dream!! Can’t wait for next part dear…

    1. Thank you dear and will post next part soon

  15. San willn’t betray swara

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    waiting for next part
    continue soon

    1. Thank youyou dear and will post next part soon.

  17. Neha_01

    awesome..i don’t think Sanskar will betray swara.
    Update next part soon…Waiting!!

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    1. Thank you dear

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      Thank you dear

  20. Kakali

    Lemme punch that Shekhar!! Moron man! huh! About precap, hmmm according to me Sanskar can’t betray Swara! But I duno about the naughty writer..!! She can make him do that, Loved it dear..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Mars

      Thank you dear and shekar really deserves a punch and hoooooo I m naughty! I also think so. And I will post next part soon.

  21. Simi

    Amazing dear…
    I don’t think sanskar will betray Swara… Swasan ❤️

    1. Mars

      Thank you dear

  22. Vyshu10

    Superb….swasan r so cute n adorable

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