my betterhalf (Episode 5)

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My betterhalf
Epi 5
Sanskar came in the hall followed by ragini. He asked ragini to sit.
Sanskar: have seat ragini and kaka where is mom dad?
Kaka: beta they went to temple.
Sanskar: ok (sitting on sofa) yes ragini give me papers.
Ragini who was hell confused and was lost in thoughts came back listening sanskar’s voice.
Ragini(giving papers): yes sir.
Sanskar signed the papers and returned to ragini.

Ragini was about to leave when she saw bouquet she bought for sanskar. Ragini:(giving bouque):Happy birthday sir.
Sanskar: thank you ragini but it is not needed.
Ragini: sir plz take it its request.
Sanskar: thanks(taking bouquet).
Ragini left maheshwari house and sanskar went to his room.

Swasan room
Sanskar entered the room and look at swara who is still sleeping. He kept bouquet on table and went to swara and sit beside her.
Sanskar(caressing her hairs)swara get up see its 10 o clock.
Swara ( holding him from his waist): 5 mins plzz.
Sanskar: swara it’s late u want to sleep whole day.
Swara(opened her eyes):nope

Sanskar: then wake up and get ready.what we are going to do today .
Swara:I had planned.
Sanskar: what??
Swara:first we will go to meet ma papa then academy and at last, place of your wish.
Sanskar:ohhkk.then let’s get ready.
Both got ready. Swara was wearing light pink saree with miminal makeup and sanskar was wearing white shirt black pant and pink coat.
Swara was standing in front of mirror giving last touch up then sanskar came and back hugged her.
Sanskar:looking beautiful.
Swara: thank you and once again happy birthday.

Sanskar: hmm thanks so u specially came for my birthday right.
Swara:yes bcoz I know u would have wasted your special day by working in office if i won’t come.
Sanskar:I love you.
Swara:love u till infinity.let’s go we are already late.
Both came down and saw sujata and ram in the hall.swasan took their blessings.
Sujata: come have your breakfast.

Sanskar: mom breakfast?? its almost 11.
Sujata: ha u both don’t leave each other tho this will happen.
Swara blushed whereas gave ‘what we did’ look.
Swara: mom actually I told ma about my arrival so we will have lunch there only.
Sujata: asha u r going there say hello to shomi ji and rajiv bhai from my side.
Swara: sure mom.
Sanskar: let’s go swara. And mom we will come in evening so don’t worry.
Sujata:ha ha pta hai mujhe(yes yes I know).
Swasan left.

Other side:
As soon as ragini left maheshwari house she was feeling restless. She don’t want to accept what she saw. To some extend she was knowing its true but it hurts her alot just thinking about it.
She took taxi and left to office. She want to clear all her doubt.

Maheshwari industries:
Ragini entered inside the office and went to sweta. Ragini was breathing heavily. Sweta looked at her.
Sweta: u came ragini.sir did the signatures??
Ragini: yes(gives paper to sweta)May I ask u something?
Sweta: yes ask.

Ragini:what is relation between swara mam and sanskar sir.
She most probably knew the answer but wants it to be wrong.
Sweta:they are husband wife.
Ragini felt like the floor slipped under her feet. Tears start forming in her eyes.
Ragini:Sanskar sir is married till when?
Sweta:yes sir is married since two years.sir loves swara mam a lot.
These words broke ragini’s heart into million pieces.she felt like crying loudly.

Ragini(about to broke ): sweta I m going home. I m not feeling well.
Sweta: but what will sir say.
Ragini: plz write a leave application for me.
Saying this ragini ran out of office.
Sweta(confused): what happened to her all of sudden.

Bose house:
Swasan reached their and shomi opened the door.
Shomi(hugging swara): how r u swara?
Swara:I m fine ma.
Sanskar touched shomi’s feet.
Shomi: god bless you.
All came inside.
Swara: where is papa ?

Shomi:he is just coming.
Then rajiv came from his room.
Rajiv: u came swara.
Swara(got up): yes papa.
Rajiv kissed her forehead.sanskar also took his blessing.Rajiv got sitted beside them and started casual talks.
Shomi:let me bring tea.
Swara:no no ma we are hungry we will have lunch only.
Shomi:ok then I will set the dinning table.

Swara: even I will come.
Both shomi and swara went to kitchen.
Shomi:how is everyone at home?
Swara: all good.

Shomi: for how much time u r here?
Swara:,don’t know they will call then I will go for recording.
Shomi : hmm. Swara try to be with sanskar and your family more. You r very lucky that they are supportive so even u should fulfil their wishes.u r understanding na?
Swara:yes ma.
Later all sat for lunch.
Rajiv: swara when u r going to shift in Kolkata.

Swara: papa there are few offers in my hand. I will finish them in 2 months then I will take long break.
Rajiv: good. Now u r married so have some responsibilities towards your family also.
Swara: ji papa.
Sanskar knew very well what is going in Swara’s mind but for that time he kept quite.
After spending some time together there swasan left.

In car:
Swara was silent and sanskar had observed it.
Sanskar: swara what r u thinking?
Swara: hmm.nothing.
Sanskar(chuckled):don’t lie.
Swara(looked at him): sanskar what ma papa said is right. I m not good daughter in law. See how much u, mom dad are doing for me and inturn I just come as guest.
Sanskar:u again started talking rubbish. And ma papa said that bcoz they are worried that no one should point finger on their daughter for not fulfilling her duties but swara its not always we have to live together.

(To cheer the atmosphere) and u know I got very excited whenever u come but if u will live with me then I will get bore.
Swara(narrowed her eyes): u will get bored with me??
Sanskar(sad face): yea.

Swara (hit his shoulder): I won’t talk to u.
Sanskar(laughing): I was kidding dear. You know if u just sit in front of me I can spend my whole admiring you.
Swara: bas bas Jada dialogue mat maro(leave it don’t speak impressive dialogue).
Sanskar: really I m saying true.
Swara: asha g.

Gododia house:
Ragini entered inside the house crying and went to her room. Janki saw her crying and got worried. Ragini had locked the door.janki went after her.
Janki(knocking the door): ragini beta open the door. What happened?
Ragini(crying): ma plz leave me alone.
Janki don’t know what to do, so she called shekar and he said he will come in some time.

To be continued…

Precap:swara have to leave urgently for Mumbai and gododia family’s drama.

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    1. I m extremely sorryyyy dear don’t get upset actually many want ragini to know the truth so i revealed but don’t I will try to fulfil your wish and now the main drama will start n ragini will definitely suffer for keeping eye on swara’s sanskar.once again sorry.

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