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Hello guys, this is Harshi, I’m not new to this page, I’m here since this website started but I never commented much nor uploaded anything. But because of many wonderful stories here, I got inspired to write. This is my first ever story I wrote other than in exams……..

It is better Late than Never
The Award for the best Business man of the year goes to …. A man with a lot of attitude is shown getting up… It goes to Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari for the 7th consecutive year… The man about to get up gets shocked and sits back in his place, He is revealed to be Sahil Singhania (don’t worry guys he has nothing to do in this story). Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari please get on the stage to receive this award … He is shown to be a very simple person with no attitude, but only a very sweet smile on his face. He wore a Black suit, beautifully matching his fair complexion….After receiving, he thanks God, his parents and all the staff of his Karma Industries.
When he about to leave for home he hears people talking about him. “I want to know what Mr. SM will do to his whole property”, “ Everyone knows he’s a 40 year old orphan”, “he isn’t married and doesn’t have an heir”, “God knows what will happen to all those people who are dependent on him for their bread”……
All these made him sad. He sat in his car and went into deep thinking… He was an orphan. He used to live in an orphanage, he had no friends there and was always lonely. One fine day a couple came to the orphanage and adopted him, they were AP and DP Maheshwari…. They were rich but had no children. All the people in their family was against their decision of adoption but they still adopted him, a boy of 8 years. Sanskar was always mistreated by the members of the family. So DP decided to move to another place with AP and Sanskar. They moved to Kolkata from Delhi .He was very happy in this new life.
Years passed. It was all fine till one day when his parents were killed in a road accident when he was of 20 years, he became an orphan once again. All their property was looted by their so called family members. He then started his own company ‘Karma Industries’ with some help from his friend Laksh Taneja. Laksh was a Lawyer by proffesion. After that Laksh became his family. He got a brother through him. His company did really well and became a very well-known company of Kolkata.
His thoughts were broken down due to a sudden jerk. His driver has applied a sudden brake as an accident just took place there. Suddenly a girl, looking worried, came near Sanskar’s car and pleaded him to let her take that man to the hospital in his car. Sanskar being kind enough, allowed her. Once she entered he enquired if the injured person was her brother/friend/ relative. To which she declined and said ‘He is not related to me in any way and to help a dying person it not at all required to know him.’ He was very much impressed by her. Before he could ask her name, the hospital arrived and she went inside to do the necessary formalities. He gave her his card through his driver and asked her to come to his office if possible. She took the card.
Sanskar waited for her all the day, but she didn’t turn up. He was a bit disappointed, but let it go.
Later that day Sanskar met Laksh and told him all about the previous day’s happenings. Laksh suggested him to get married, for which Sanskar denied. Then Sanskar told Laksh that he wants to have a baby but not get married. Laksh was confused.
Sanskar went on- I have recently read on the internet about having a baby through Surrogation I want to opt for it’. But why? Questioned Laksh. ‘As I don’t want to get married but have an heir who can take care of the staff members as their family and no one in my company would have to lose their livelihood, as I could not find anyone so much worthy to replace me. If I have a child, I would train him or her for the welfare of many.’ Concluded Sanskar.
But still Laksh wasn’t totally convinced. Later he talked to Ragini, Laksh’s wife, regarding this and asked her to convince him. At the end Laksh was agreed.
Then Sanskar started consulting Doctors, who suggested him to find someone who would agree to be a surrogate mother. He requested many, but none agreed.

Days passed.
One day while coming to the office he saw his watchman not letting a girl enter inside. When he saw that girl, he was surprised to find the same girl whom he once helped. He let her in. She was a prettygirl. She introduced herself as Swara, and told that she has come to meet him. He led her inside his cabin. Both sat down and started talking.
Swara- Actually I wanted to come the very next day to thank u, but I became too busy in other works and couldn’t meet you.
Sanskar-No problem. May I know more about you?
Swara- I am an orphan. I work in a school as a teacher. I am trying to start an NGO, but it isn’t being possible. That’s it.
Sanskar- Would you mind if I ask u to be my friend?
Swara- No surely not…
They became good friends. They used to spend some time with each other even in busy schedules and got to know more about each other. Sanskar helped her in setting up an NGO.
Swara even became friends with Ragini and Laksh.
Soon she came to know about Sanskar’s idea of having a baby through surrogacy for the welfare of others. She was highly impressed by his thought.
She decided to become the surrogate mother for Sanskar. She discussed it with Ragini and Laksh. They were really happy with her decision.
The next day she went to Sanskar.
Swara- Sanskar if u don’t mind, I want to tell u something.
Sanskar- Haa Swara Go ahead.
Swara- I got to know about your problem of not getting a surrogate mother, so I have decided to be the one.
Sanskar- Swara you are still too young, you are just 25 years. You have a lot to do in your life. You can’t spoil your life for me and my ambition.
Swara- I have thought very well about it and took my decision. Please I really want to do this.
Sanskar was not satisfied with her decision, but at last she convinced him.
They went to the doctor and talked about it. Within a few days, the baby was planted in her womb.
Sanskar insisted her to stay with him during this course as he wanted to ensure the safety of both the Mother and the Kid.
The time gradually passed on….
Swara began to fall for him, not only him but each and every atom of him.
Sanskar took the best care of Swara. He made sure Swara was healthy. He took her for daily checkups. He used to make sure that every craving of Swara was satisfied. This made her love him even more.
Even Sanskar was liking her company, Her behavior, her mannerisms, her childishness and everything…
Swara was now in her 8th month…
She couldn’t wait anymore and decided to confess him.
She talked to Raglak and confessed her love for him infront them. They were very happy for Swasan. They asked her to confess ASAP.
When sanskar came back from the office, she asked him to come to her room.
She confessed- Sanskar I don’t know how and when I fell in love with you, but surely it is the best thing ever happened to me. I wont get cheesy- I LOVE YOU SANSKAR… I don’t know why you don’t want to get married, but still I want to ask you… Will you marry me Sanskar? Wouldn’t u not want this child to have a mother too….
Sanskar became very angry on her and shouted- you want to know why I don’t want to get married, right?? So let me answer you I am already MARRIED.
Swara was shocked to her core…
Sanskar took her to his room and showed some photos, He began-‘ The girl in this photo is my wife Kavitha. Don’t u want to know who is Kavitha? Then listen she is none other than Laksh’s sister and only because of her I came to know Laksh . I saw her at a temple and instantly fell in love with her. I started persuading her for the marriage. After taking a lot of time she agreed. Even her brother agreed. We were happily married, but we hadn’t announced about our marriage as I wanted to announce it on her birthday. But on that very next day she died while saving a little girl from an accident. I loved her the most and will still love her.’
“sorry but I cant give u her place.’- He couldn’t understand why he was getting an unknown pain while telling her.
Saying that he left from there. Swara was crying like hell.
All this was witnessed by Laksh. He got angry on Sanskar. He confronted him-
‘Why did you leave her Sanskar… Whyyy??? I was very happy that finally you got a companion in your life. Why are you still not moving on, You hav…
Sanskar interrupted – No, I cant forget Kavitha and cheat her by marrying again…
Laksh- Do you think that Kavitha will be happy seeing you not moving on in your life? Huh? Tell me Sanskar…
Sanskar was silent.
Laksh continued- You didn’t realize but have already fallen in love with Swara… You are not able to accept it… You better accept it before it becomes late.
Sanskar became emotional and started remembering all the moments spent with Swara…. A smile came on his face..
‘Yes Laksh I love her, I really love her’ saying this he hugged Laksh.
Suddenly they heard screams from Swara’s room. Swara had fallen down and was bleeding. Sanskar took her into his arms and took her to the hospital.
She became critical. The doctors were trying their level best to rescue her and the child.
Outside Sanskar was crying and talking to an Idol of God-“ Why God, why always me… you always snatch the people whom I love, You took away my biological parents, then the ones who adopted me, then Kavitha- whom I loved more than anything else and now Swara…. Please god don’t let anything happen to her. She is my life. I cant live without her… God pleaseeeee….”
His prayers were heard…
The doctor came to him- Mr.Maheshwari congratulations your wife gave to a baby boy. Both mother and baby are safe.
Sanskar was very happy, then he enquired about swara. He told that she was in the room, and he could meet her.
He runningly went to her.
He said- “Sorry Swara, I couldn’t realize my feelings. But now I have realized.
Would you like to be the mother of my baby and be called as Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari?
Swara had tears in her eyes. She happily nodded her head in approval. They shared a sweet hug.
After she got discharged, they had a simple court marriage. They began to live happily ever after with their small bundle of happiness, their Swayam Sanskar Maheshwari….

That’s it guys… Hope you liked it… I would like to mention that a few parts are inspired by a telugu movie…

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