my betterhalf (Episode 4)

Hi guys! Thank you for for comments .it means a lot to me.firstly let me clear your some doubts.
Swasan are married since 2 years and they had not publically declared it as only near ones knew about it. And in office everyone behaves normally with swara bcoz she is their another boss i n office not singer
Swara lives in Mumbai maximum time and come to Kolkata after months.
Still if some doubts persist than ask me.
Let’s begin with story

My better half
Epi 4
Swasan room—
Sanskar was sitting on bed using her mobile then only swara came after changing. She went and sitted beside him. Sanskar kept the mobile on the side table and took swara into side hug.There was comfortable silence between them.To start talking sanskar asked
Sanskar: when r u going back?
Swara:don’t know when everything will be ready for recording they will call me.
Sanskar:okh.(he tightened the hug).
Swara :u didn’t informed me u change ur PA.
Sanskar: is this a thing which should be informed?
Swara: yes!and sweta told me about your new rule that only my songs will be played in office. What is that?

Sanskar: so what’s wrong. I like to listen them bcoz it make me feel your presence around me.
A layer of guilt covered swara’s heart as she is not living with him and her family bcoz of her career. Sanskar never said to her but she knew how much he wants her beside himself all the time.
Seeing swara not responding.
Sanskar:swara u slept?
Swara:nope.( Swara sit straight in front of him)sanskar I was thinking I should permanently come here as I had already Gained alot…
Sanskar(cutted her):u again started swara. Think practically u just can’t leave everything and come na and don’t be sad we are one soul so it doesn’t matters where our bodies live. Stop thinking all this.
Sanskar made her lay down and hugged her. Swara just loved him the way he understands her. Both slept peacefully in each other embrace.But when Sanskar slept swara got up and went downstairs.

At 12 am
Sanskar’s sleep got disturbed Becoz of some noise. He woke up and it took few seconds to him to know what is happening
Swara,sujata,ram were standing and clapping and singing happy birthday song. Then sanskar remembered that tomorrow is his birthday oops today only as its 12.
Swara(hugged him tightly): happy birthday sanskar.(she kissed his cheek)
Sanskar: (kissing her forehead):thank you dear.
Sujata and ram: happy birthday sanskar.
Sanskar: thanks mom dad.
Swara: ok come on cut the cake.
Swara picked cake from table and put on the bed.
Sanskar cutted the cake and feed everyone. After some time ram and sujata went to their room and Swara went to keep remaining cake in fridge.
Swara came and saw sanskar sitting on the bed.
Swara:u didn’t slept.
Sanskar: no(Swara sit beside him)Hmm where is my gift?
Swara: what do u want?
Sanskar bend and said slowly in her ear

Sanskar:I want you. U disturb my sleep and now I won’t let u sleep (said naughtily).
Swara looked in his eyes.Both share eyelock. Swara closed her eyes in anticipation. Sanskar bend and kissed her closed eyes and said
Sanskar :come on sleep now it’s already late.
Swara opened her eyes and saw sanskar lying on the bed.
Swara knew how much they both are craving for each other. No doubt there love is far beyond any physical relation but one can’t neglect it also. Swara layed on sanskar’s chest.
Swara: even I want you.
Sanskar: (looked at her):see your eyes u r tired .
Swara: no I m not.
Both looked at each other and then sanskar roll her beneath him and both kissed each other gently. Sanskar whispered in her ear.
Sanskar:I love you.
Swara(hugging him):love u too.
Aftersome time both were sweating profusely proving their passionate love for each other. Sanskar took her in his embrace and both slept peacefully.

At about 1 am
Gododia house—
Janki saw ragini’s room light on so she went to see her.janki entered her and saw ragini sitting on the bed. A pen and notebook was present in front of her as if she is writing something .janki went near her
Janki: u didn’t slept ragini.what r u doing ?
Ragini: nothing ma I m not getting sleep.
Janki: so u will lie to me also.
Ragini: no ma.
Janki took the notebook and saw she had written about decoration material and other some things.
Janki:what is this ragini?
Ragini(blushing): actually tomorrow is sanskar sir’s birthday so I planned a small surprise for him.
Janki: ohho so this is the matter.
(Janki and shekar are very frank with ragini so she had told them about her love for Sanskar and even they have accepted him[stupid people])
Ragini: what should I give as a gift to sir?
Janki: anything u like but now sleep its very late.
Ragini : ok ma.good night.
Janki: good night.
Janki left the room and ragini slept thinking about…..who else swara’s sanskar.

Morning 8 am
Swasan were sleeping hugging each other when sanskar’s phone rang.
Swara(sleepy voice):sanskar pick up your phone.
Sanskar(sleepy and hugging swara more tightly): u pick up plz….
Swara(irked): it’s your.pick up its disturbing me.
Sanskar opened his eyes and picked up without seeing caller id
Sanskar. Yes who is this?
Sweta: Sir its sweta here actually I want to ask when u r coming to office.
Sanskar: why what happened?
Sweta: we have to send the contract papers to khanna co. Limited so it need your sign.
Sanskar looked at watch hanging on the wall and saw time.
Sanskar: OK I will be there after one hour.
Swara listened this and said
Swara(whispered): u r not going anywhere today.
Sanskar smiles and replied ok(said slowly)
Sanskar (on call): sweta I m not coming today so plz u send papers with someone to my house I will sign.
Sweta: ok sir.
Sanskar cut the call and again slept.

Maheshwari industries–
After some time
Sweta went to sanskar’s cabin to get the papers but she got shocked to see his cabin decorated with balloon and in the centre it was written HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANSKAR SIR.
Sweta looked at ragini who is decorating.
Sweta: what is all this ragini?
Ragini (saw sweta):actually as today is sir’s birthday so thought to give Sir surprise from all of us.
Sweta: ragini sir don’t like all this and moreover he is not coming.
Ragini : what? But why?
Sweta: its his personal matter and may be wants to spend time with his family.
Leave all this (sweta picked papers from table) and go to sir’s house and get his sign.
Ragini was sad that his all planning got wasted and even can’t see him and wish him but after listening to sweta she got happy and thought at least she can meet him.
Ragini(said happily):ok.
Sweta:and plz clear all this otherwise sir will be angry tomorrow.
Ragini nodded and later asked peon to clean the cabin and herself took the papers and left to sanskar’s house.

Maheshwari house—
Ragini entered the gate and rang the door bell.a servant opened the door.
Servant: who r u?
Ragini: I m ragini sanskar sir’s pa I need his sign on papers.
Servant : ok come inside.
Ragini looked around the hall. There was pin drop silence. Servant was about to go to sanskar’s room when landline phone rang so he went to pick that but said to ragini who was still standing with papers and bouque for Sanskar.
Servant:beta u go to that room sanskar sir is there only(pointed towards swasan room).
Ragini: ok
She went and knocked the door of swasan room.
Inside the room swasan were still sleeping (they were tired na).
Listening to knock swara said
Swara: Sanskar someone is there at door.
Sanskar: hmm ok.
Swara: what ok see whose there.
Sanskar got sitted on bed and looked at swara who was again drifted to sleep. Sanskar got up and wore his pant only and covered blanket properly on Swara.
Sanskar opened the door and he was shocked to see ragini there as he was expecting someone from family( tabi tho bechare ne shirt b nahi pehni) but ragini was lost to see him without shirt.
Sanskar: ragini u here?
Ragini(came back from her dreamland):,woo sir u have to sign papers and servant told me to come here.
Sanskar: ohk just wait.
Sanskar went inside the room to get his shirt as the door was opened ragini looked at a girl sleeping on sanskar’s bed. She looked carefully and was shocked to see swara.
Ragini(shocked): swara mam.
Many questions were running in her mind but her thoughts were broken by Sanskar.
Sanskar: lets go downstairs.
Sanskar moved towards stairs but ragini once again slightly opened the door to see is it true.yes it was true swara was in Sanskar’s room.
Ragini(mumbled):what is swara mam doing here.(dhakan!!uski biwi hai)
She was feeling reatless but went down.
To be continued….

Precap: ragini shattered to know that swasan are married. Swasan spend time with each other.

Thank you everyone. In next epi ragini will get to know about swasan marriage. Thanks for your views.
Lots of love
Take care

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