My better half (swasan ff) Episode 28 by Marsuu Symbol Of Pious Love

Hlo guys!!! I m back. Thank you for your response on last part.

My better half(swasan ff)
[Symbol of pious love]
Epi 28:
Maheshwari house:
Swara is in her last days of pregnancy. Doctor told that one member should always be with her. So from last one week Sanskar had not left swara alone not for a second also.
Swasan are sitting in hall and sujata is in kitchen. Ram is in his room. Swara’s head is resting on sanskar’s shoulder
and his hand around her waist. From half an hour swara is feeling sharp pain sometimes but then it become normal. She didn’t told sanskar as he got panicked very soon.
Sanskar: swara u want to eat something?
Swara: no
Swara clutched Sanskar’s hand tightly as she felt pain in stomach. Sanskar look at her
Sanskar(cups her face): Swara u are okay??
Swara’s eyes are getting closed. She managed to speak.
Swara:i m feeling pain
Her one hand was on her belly.
Sanskar(Panicked): mom
Sujata came running listening him.
Sanskar:mom swara is feeling pain.
Sujata: we should go to hospital.
Sanskar picked swara in his arms and went to car and sit on back seat while ram and sujata in front.
Sanskar (teary eyes): swara plz don’t close your eyes.
Soon they reached at hospital.

Swara was taken inside OT while sujata ram and sanskar were waiting outside. Even shomi and rajesh came as sujata informed them.
Sanskar’s hands are shivering and tears are flowing from his eyes. First time he saw swara in this condition.
Sujata: sanskar cool down.
Sanskar(sniffs): swara was in pain.
Sujata: its common in pregnancy don’t worry.
Sanskar nodded.
Time was not passing for sanskar. His nose has turned red, messy hairs.
He just want to see his swara.

After hours:
Doctor came out. Sanskar ran to him and asked
Sanskar(stammering): swara is ..fine?
Doctor: yes she is fine and congratulations you are blessed with twins baby girl and baby boy.
Sanskar got numb. He don’t know how to react at this situation.
Sujata: thank you doctor.
Doctor went from there.

Later, when swara got conscious all went inside. As soon as Sanskar entered inside, he ran and hugged swara.
Sanskar: u r fine it still paining?
She broke the hug.
Swara (wipe his tears): no its not paining. Why are I crying??
Sanskar: I don’t know.
Swara laughs slightly.
Sanskar: swara I became papa. Where are our babies?
Swara pointed towards side. One baby is with sujata and other is with shomi.
They came near swasan. Sanskar is sitting beside swara.
Sujata: how are u swara??
Swara:I m fine mom.
Sujata give baby boy to swara and shomi was giving baby girl to sanskar but he was nervous.
Swara:Sanskar take her.
Sanskar:she is so soft.
Shomi place baby in sanskar’s lap.
Swasan saw their creation,their symbol of love, their eyes got filled with tears of happiness. They had always dreamed of this day and finally they are having their own babies in hand.
Sujata:swara sanskar I and shomi Ji will bring needed things here.
Swara nodded
Four of them went leaving swasan with babies.
Sanskar stare at baby in his lap. She has closed her eyes and tiny hands joined at her chest. Sanskar smiles seeing her.
Then he saw baby in swara’s lap who looks very active and looking here and there.
Sanskar: I told u my princess will he innocent and your Prince naughty. See him he is all ready to jump and she is sleeping.
Swara(laughs): yeah.
Baby boy saw that both are staring he push his leg and shouted.
Bcoz of sudden noise baby girl got scared and started crying.
Sanskar: ohhh baby don’t cry. He is going to be very naughty swara.
Swara:yeah see he is smiling after making her cry.
Baby girl look at sanskar with her small eyes. Sanskar pat her chest softly and she stopped crying.
They were enjoying with their babies alot.
Later, nurse came inside..
Nurse:Mr maheshwari doctor is calling you.
Sanskar: okay I will come.
Sanskar look at baby and she again slept.
Swara:what would have happened??
Sanskar: don’t worry he just have to tell about precautions.
Sanskar: may I place baby in cradle.
Swara: no make her lie beside me.
Sanskar: u will manage both of them.
Sanskar place baby girl near swara and place pillows on other side. Swara placed her hand on her chest gently.
Sanskar went to meet doctor.

Doctor’s cabin:
After knocking, Sanskar entered inside.
Doctor: take your seat.
Sanskar sit in front of her.
Doc: I will give u reports of swara and babies.
Sanskar nodded.
Doctor: firstly baby boy is absolutely fine and healthy just good diet is enough and baby girl is little week so u have to take proper care of her. And swara is also not so strong as she delivered two babies.
Sanskar:what can be done?
Doc: nothing to worry. I will tell what all diet u should give to swara and babies just don’t miss that. I will give you all that.
Doc: and swara should not work at all for a month.
Sanskar nodded.
Doc: else is fine. Will inform if anything will be needed.
Sanskar went to swara’s cabin.

Swara’s cabin:
Sanskar came near Swara
Swara: what doctor said??
Sanskar:she was just telling about diet and all.
Both babies are awaken now and are looking here and there trying to find out where they had came.
Swasan are smiling seeing them.
Swara: sanskar I want to use washroom.
Sanskar: okay.
Sanskar took boy from her and made him lie beside baby girl and all around placed pillows. Bed is big enough to accommodate them.
Sanskar slowing remove drip from her hand and made her stand. He wrap his one hand around her waist and with otherhand held her hand.He took her till door.
Sanskar; call me when u will have to come back.
Swara slowly went inside.
Sanskar came to babies and sit near them. Babies stare at him. He moved his hand infront of them.Sanskar take out his tongue. Baby boy giggles while baby girl was blinking her eyes innocently.
Sanskar: okay call me papa. Let’s see who will call me first.
Babies were just staring at him.

Swara has came from washroom and stood near bed.
Sanskar saw her and made her lie comfortably.
Sanskar:u should have called me.
Swara: u were busy with babies so doesn’t wished to disturb. And seriously Sanskar u are asking them to call papa. Sanskar(pout): I want to listen.
Swara:they are just fews hours old.
Sanskar: I know.
Swara: Sanskar go out.
Sanskar: why??
Swara(roll her eyes): i have to feed them.
Sanskar: sooo??
Swara: plz go
Sanskar: seriously u r feeling shy form me. (Whisper): I had already seen (winks)
Swara: shut up.
Sanskar: I m not going anywhere.
Swara signed and feed the babies first girl then boy.
Later,sanskar went to bring medicine from store while coming back he saw vendor with balloons. He bought few for babies.
Swara’s cabin:
Sanskar came with balloons and place near babies on bed.
Swara; from where u bought this??
Sanskar: outside.
Finally baby girl smile first time seeing colourful balloons.
Sanskar: wow my princess smiles.
Swara:yeah and see him(boy) he is giggling only since he has arrived on earth.
Sanskar made vedio of babies playing with balloons.
Baby boy clutched the balloon in excitement as a result it burst creating loud noise. Both babies got scared and started crying. Swara picked baby boy and Sanskar baby girl. Both were making them quite and pacifying them.
Soon babies slept.
To be continued…..

Precap: Babies naming ceremony and entry of villain(present)

Thank u to all those who suggested names. I had thought two. Hope so u will like it.
Will continue flashback after 1-2 episodes.
Now it will be worth seeing how swasan are going to manage both babies????
And I made boy naughty and girl will be innocent I think it will be nice combo what u say??
And coming to villain as I think story will get boring without villian so get ready for it.
Thank you
Take care

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