My better half( swasan ff) episode 25 by Mars

My betterhalf(swasan ff)
Epi: 25
Maheshwari house:
Sanskar came from office and look for swara. He didn’t find her in hall so thought she must be in room. But then only she heard some noise from kitchen and went there.

Sanskar stood at the door and look at swara. She is wearing loose plazo with loose long suit. Her petite figure was like hanging in it. She is pregnant but as its her initial months so its not visible.. Her long hairs are tied in loose bun. He admire her and went close to her.
Sanskar back hug her and his one hand crawl around her waist and other one he place on her hand which was busy in stirring something in bowl. Swara jerked feeling sudden touch.
Sanskar (kiss her cheek): hmmm

Swara:what are u doing mom will come anytime.
Sanskar(huskily): I don’t care.
He removes her suit from shoulder and started kissing there and said
Sanskar:what are u wearing?
Swara:mom gave this she said its loose so will be comfortable.
Sanskar: okay
Swara:why its not looking good?
Sanskar: u look beautiful in every dress and most beautiful without any dress
Swara(hit her elbow to him):shut up.
Sanskar laughs.

Sanskar turn her and look straight in her eyes. She lower her shades feeling his intense gaze.
Sanskar moved his hand to her hairs and removed the clutcher and let her long hairs fall down.
He lean and started kissing her neck. Swara’s hands move in his hairs and she fisted them. Swara is breathing heavily unable to bear the pleasure.
They both were busy with each other then only swara heard voice of foot steps.
Swara: sanskar mom is coming.
Swara pushed him slightly.He give her irritated look while she was trying to stabilize her uneven breathe.
Sujata entered inside and saw them standing.

Sujata (raise her eyebrow): sanskar what are u doing here??
Sanskar got speechless that what to say he is romancing??
Sanskar(stammer): wo I drink water thirsty was…

Swara look at him like what are u speaking??!
Swara:mom he came to drink water.
Sanskar sign in relief and mumbled love u to swara making her blush.
Sujata:well it is know fact that when wife is in kitchen husband often get thirsty.
Sujata said smirking making swasan embrace.
Sanskar:I have work I will leave.
Sanskar ran from there. Sujata smiles and Swara is looking down doing her work silently to avoid any awkwardness.

Swasan room:
Swasan already had dinner. Sanskar is sitting on bed. Swara came from washroom and sit on bed
Swara (excitedly): Sanskar lets start writing diary
Sanskar:take breathe firstly we will write.
Sanskar opened the diary and said
Sanskar: today’s heading??
Sanskar: okay.

Calcutta University:
Swara is sitting on stairs as it’s break time. She is making some notes.
Sanskar who came out saw her sitting alone so went to her.
Sanskar:hi Swara.
Swara looked at him.
Swara:ohh hello plzz sit.
Sanskar sit beside her and peep in her notebook.
Sanskar:what r u writing??

Swara:just making notes.
Sanskar: okkk had your lunch??
Swara:no I don’t eat lunch.
Sanskar: why?? Dieting but I think u r already slim.
Swara(laughs): no no I m not habitual of eating in afternoon so only in morning and night.
Sanskar:in short u r not foodie like me.u know i was waiting from first lecture when break will be there.
Swara(smiles): it means u eat a lot.
Sanskar:tooo much u know my mom make very tasty food so I can’t control.
Swara: that’s good.

Sanskar:swara may I ask u something if u don’t mind?
Swara:yeah sure.
Sanskar(hesitate): I was saying like we met many times so can we become friends?
Swara look at him.
Sanskar: only if don’t have any problem.
Swara: omg Sanskar why are u hesitating. Ofcouse we can be friends.
Sanskar(relief): ohh thanks.
Swasan shake their hands.

They started taking casually.
Later, a girl came in short dress towards swasan. She ignored swara and said to sanskar
Girl:hey!! Sanskar u r here I was finding u in class.
As soon as sanskar listened her voice he made sucking face as if he is not at all interested in the person.
Sanskar (turn to her): why sandy u have some work?

Sandy: no I just want to spend time with you.
Swara look at her and then asked sanskar slowly
Swara :she is your girlfriend?
Sanskar (shouted instantly): nooooo
Swara and sandy got shocked. Sanskar realizes and said
Sanskar:swara meet her she is my school friend and is now in my stream only (mumble) unfortunately.And sandy she is swara my new found friend.
Swara:ohhh hi.

Swara make faces seeing her attitude.
Sandy: let’s go Sanskar why are u wasting time with such people.
She said pointing to swara. Swara also got angry.
Swara:excuse me u r insulting me.
Sandy: then??

Sanskar:Sandy plzz behave properly.
Then only one professor called Sanskar so he went.
Swara and sandy are alone now. Swara got busy in work while sandy move closer to her and said
Sandy:ehh u girl stay away from Sanskar he is mine.
Swara got startled as she could see dangerous obsession in her eyes for Sanskar.
Swara:its nothing like that as u r thinking he is just my friend.
Sandy:better be friends only no need to drool on him.

Swara(angry): just shut up. Don’t show your cheap mentality to me.
Swara picked her books and left from there leaving behind fuming sandy.

After college was over, swara is going out when sanskar came running to her.
Sanskar:listen swara
Swara(turn): yes Sanskar
Sanskar: I didn’t met u after break. I m so sorry for Sandy’s behaviour. Plzz don’t mind she is like that only.
Swara;no need to say sorry it’s OK.

Sanskar: now u r my friend so this Sunday u r coming to my house.
Swara(confused): why?.

Sanskar:it’s my birthday and I m inviting all my friends just for a small party.
Sanskar:plzz don’t deny. I will come to pick u up and will drop u plzz
Swara:okay OK I will come.

Swara(smiles): bye. I should go now.
Sanskar: good bye.
Swara left from there. Sanskar got happy as swara will come to his house.
Flashback ends

Sanskar closed the dairy and saw swara sleeping on his shoulder. He smiles and gently made her lie on pillow.
Sanskar kept the diary on side table, switch off the lights and took swara in his embrace and slept.

To be continued…

Precap: past: swara went to maheshwari house for the first time.
Present: Sanskar’s possessiveness towards swara.

Sorry for short one.
Thank you.


  1. Reethu


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    awesome dear .but why is sanskar is possesive about swara is he is going to have jealousy fever or possesive about babies.anyway why to stress my brain .you are there to tell na .
    bye.take care

  2. Simi


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    Amazing update dear… Sanskar is already Possessive 😝😝😝
    Congratulations for 25th chapter

  3. Neptune


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    marsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu congrats for completing silver jublie…… awesome and cute chappy marsuuu..
    waiting to see how their love story unfolds…
    continue soon..
    bye take care..

    • Mars



      Thank you so much nepuuu and congratulations to u too for being a part of it.i will post next part soon

  4. Chaitu

    Dear congrats for 25 celebration all the best for further part and keep writing about this chapter what to say super she uper walla tha

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    waaa.. congo for silver jubilee, and awesome part ! huh! now i came to know why my BIL always thirsty when my sister in the kitchen πŸ˜€

  6. anu

    congrats mars for completing 25 episodes love you more to come..
    awesome part update next part soon

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    Awesome siso. Congrats for the 25th episode. Best wishes for your future life siso. Waiting for the next update. Loveeee youuuu yaaaaaaaaar😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. kat

    loved it so much…i’m waiting for past story…it is so interesting..congrats for silver jubliee

  9. Nisha

    Hiiiiiiii… I just completed the 25 chapters… and I am in love with it.. ❀️❀️❀️❀️.. Just awesome.. the trust and the love Swara and sanskaar have for each other is written beautifully and so wonderfully.. The way Ragini threatened their relation so much but still it didn’t shake was sooo good and awesome.. 😍😍😍.. Loveddddd Swasan in the story.. Their romance is also sweet, their relation with each other and Swara’s relation with ram and sujata is sooooo sweet.. love sujata and Swara together in ur stories.. 😊😊.. Just amazing.. Loving the story and now Swara is pregnant so would love to see how the story will shape up from here.. ❀️❀️❀️.. Waiting for the next part eagerly… You are an awesome writer.. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ».. Thank you for such wonderful updates… 😊😊😍😍

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      Awwwww firstly love u for writing such beautiful comment. Ur comment always make me feel the happiest.
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    Congratulations Marsuuuuuuu for Silver Jubilee!!
    Amazing….loved it. This sandy….is she any attitude queen or what?? So much attitude….huhhh!!

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