My better half( swasan ff) episode 24 by Mars

My betterhalf(swasan ff)
Epi 24:
Swasan room:
Swara is sleeping in Sanskar’s embrace then only she opened her eyes as she was having urge to eat raw mango.
She slightly jerked Sanskar. He opened his eyes and saw swara awake.
Sanskar: swara what happened u want something?
Swara(puppy face): I m feeling to eat raw mango.
Sanskar: hmm where we will get it?
Swara: I don’t know.
Sanskar: may I ask from mom?
Swara:she will be knowing??
Sanskar:yes she must have also eaten when she was pregnant.
Swara:okay. I will also come.
Sanskar: no u just sit here. I will ask and come.

Ramta room:
Sanskar knock at the door and sujata opened the door soon.
Sanskar: woo mom swara want to eat raw mango. So from where I can get ?
Sujata(smiles): come I had bought them. I was knowing she will ask for them.
Sanskar: ohhh thank god. Otherwise was thinking from where to get them.
Sujata after giving mangoes to Sanskar left while he cut them and then properly keep on the plate.Then he went to his room.

Swasan room:
Sanskar came inside with the plate and swara smiles at him.
Sanskar: so here come raw mangoes for my lovely wife.
Swara: u got them so fast?
Sanskar:yes bcoz mom has already bought them.
Swara: okay.
Sanskar: so now taste and tell me how’s it?
Swara tasted mangoes and said
Swara: delicious . u also try once.
Sanskar: okay let me taste.
Sanskar just put one piece in mouth. He made weird faces as it is very sour for him. Swara laughs seeing his expressions.
Sanskar: yukk how u are eating them.
Swara (giggles): bcoz I m pregnant not you.
Sanskar: ohh yes.
Later, when Swara had eaten Sanskar took the plate and put it on the table then switched off the lights and both slept hugging each other.

Next evening:
Swasan room:
Sanskar is sitting on couch working on laptop. He is observing from long time that swara is lost in deep thoughts. She is sitting on bed.Little later, he got up and went to her, sit beside her in side hug position.
Sanskar: where are u lost?
Swara: I was thinking about our college days.
Sanskar: ohhh
Swara(excited): Sanskar if I ask u something u will do?
Sanskar: ofcouse when I denied you.
Swara: I wish to write a diary on our story before marriage.
Sanskar: good idea but why all of sudden.
Swara: then we will show that to our children and it will be fun to remember our college life again.
Sanskar: okay I will write and u will speak.
Swara:but handwriting should be good one.
Sanskar: yeah sure.
Sanskar Bought the diary and both sit on the bed.
Sanskar: how to start?
Swara: first give main title
Sanskar: hmm done then?
Swara: then give first heading under that” First Meeting”.
Sanskar: okay.
Then swara start narrating and sanskar is writing.

Calcutta University:
A boy of about twenties is standing in front of notice board and trying to search his class as its his first day.
While he was busy in finding her class then only she felt someone stood beside him. The strong fragrance of the person’s perfume forced the boy to look at the person.
(The boy is sanskar and the person who came is swara)
Sanskar slightly smile at her even she reciprocated with warm smile.
Then both got busy in finding their class. As they are freshers.
Later, sanskar asked
Sanskar: which department??
Swara: music and you?
Sanskar: commerce.
Swara: okay nice.
Sanskar: tell me your name I will find your class.
Swara: no no I will manage.
Sanskar: its okay your department list is on my side.
Swara: Swara Bose.
Soon Sanskar found her class and informed Swara
Swara: thank you.
Sanskar: its okay.
Swara: may I also help u to find yours??
Sanskar: no I got it.
Swara: okay bye.
Sanskar(smiles): bye.
Soon swasan left to their classes.

Break time:
Swara is coming from library with great difficulty as she is having 5 big reference books in her hands. Sanskar who was passing from there saw her and went near her.
Sanskar: hey swara let me help you.
Swara: but..
Before she could say anything, sanskar took the 4 books from her.
Sanskar: u carry this one book and I will bring this.
Swara(smiles): once again thanks.
Sanskar: don’t say it plzz.
Swara: BTW u didn’t told me your name.
Sanskar: its Sanskar maheshwari.
Swara: ohh so u are Maheshwari’s son.
Sanskar (surprised): u know me?
Swara: no I had heard about maheshwari industries.
Sanskar: okay that is run by my father.
Swara: so that’s why u choosed commerce to become next head of maheshwari industries.
Sanskar (smiles): hopefully.
Swara: we reached sanskar.
Sanskar keep all books on table.
Sanskar: okay then I should go.
Swara: thank….
Sanskar: (cut her)not again.
Swara(laughs): okay.
Sanskar left from there and Swara got busy with books.
Flashback ends.

Sanskar: so enough for today.
Swara: okay vase Sanskar what u felt when u saw me first time.
Sanskar: honestly saying my heart flutter when u smiled at me.Bcoz in school I never talked to any girl and on the very first day of college i got such a smile.
Swara(blushes): stop teasing me Sanskar.
Sanskar (pout): I m saying truth.
Swara: okay fine.
Then they closed the diary and kept in the cupboard.

Swasan came to the hall. When they saw sujata came running from outside with arti plate in her hand. Swasan looked confusedly at her while ram signed seeing his wife.
Sujata(seriously): Sanskar u sit on sofa and swara u stand in front of me.
Sanskar: but mom…
Sujata(loudly): do what I said.
Within a second sanskar was on sofa with finger on his lips. Swara laughs seeing him.
Sujata: swara concentrate here.
Swara nodded. Sujata start revolving arti plate in front of Swara quickly and was mumbling something.
Sanskar and ram were looking at them with open mouth seeing the speed with which sujata is going.
Later,she placed plate on table and tied sacred thread on swara’s wrist.
Sujata: this thread will protect u and babies from all black magic. Don’t remove it. I had especially bought it from pandit Ji.
Swara nodded while sanskar roll his eyes and said
Sanskar: mom how much money u had given to pandit Ji.
Sujata:5000 why?
Sanskar:hmm thread is quite expensive.
Ram giggles while Swara glare at sanskar.
Sujata: u keep your mouth shut sanskar u don’t know all this.
Later, swara went to sanskar and said
Swara:what were u saying to mom?
Sanskar: swara I don’t believe in all this.
Swara: see sanskar if mom feel happy and satisfied with it then why shouldn’t I wear it.
Sanskar: yeah that’s also right.
Swara: hmm now come let’s have dinner.
Sanskar(Peck her lips): okay.
Swara looked around and signed in relief that no one saw.Sanskar chuckles seeing her nervous.
To be continued…..

Precap: past: swasan friendship. Present: swasan romance.

Hey guys!! I will give past and present simultaneously otherwise the present story will lag behind.
Kindly leave your comments if it was worth reading.
Thank you
Take care


  1. anu

    awesome loved it past and present its good to see like this in ff.. waiting for naughty billo update it soon

  2. ArpitaKrish


    |Registered Member

    Now a days I waits for only two ff my better half and A danger game of love (Kanchi ff). Both are my fav.
    Exellent yaar.
    My fav scene is their 1st meeting. I imagined them so cute. Love you three (SwaSanMars)

  3. Darlzz002

    Once again a best epi…
    Di… Everyday I eagerly wait for ur ff’s…
    Im a biggest fan for ur works…
    Its a great pleasure 2 read ur ff’s…
    Waiting for Naughty Billo to see Swara’s change…
    This update is also awesome😍😍

  4. Piyu

    Wow 😍😍😍😍 post soooooonnnn please…. I love to read ur stories….especially this it always awe my mind….Grt job dear😘😘😘

  5. Kanha


    |Registered Member

    Nice and fun-filled episode siso. Haaye Sujatha ko kitna pyaar aa raha hai apni bahu par😍😍 Sanskar bhi bahut caring husband hai. Eagerly waiting for their college days. Post soon dear. Love you sisooooooπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜—πŸ˜™πŸ˜š

  6. Darlzz002

    Once again a fabulous epi..
    Di… Everyday I wait for ur ff’s… I have become a biggest fan of ur works…
    Really they are mind blowing…
    Next waiting for Naughty billo to see Swara’s new shade….
    Luv u di….

  7. Gayathri.visu


    |Registered Member

    Awesome dear… So sweet n caring Suju! Ram n Sanskaar’s expressions are funny. Finally Swasan’s love story…..nice start!!

  8. Niharika

    Mars I loved the part.Day by day u r becoming so so creative and unique in ur own style. I just luv it. I want that u make swara naughty in past.

  9. Sus

    its really so light hearted again
    i also like how they met in past and liked the way sanskar told the truth as he never talked to girls and he feels sooo good when Swara talked to him
    the thing i love most no first sight love type thing in this, slowly and gradually they are going to fall in love, may be after knowing each other

  10. cutegirl

    Its osam part and first meeting is outstanding but i am worried about the promo ypi gave in whic my swasan is. Separate plss dpn separate them in serial they are separate now also you do same plss font do that . they are my cutipiws

    • Mars



      Thank you so much dear and just don’t think about promo as I had dropped that idea so there will be no divorce and separation.

  11. Neptune


    |Registered Member

    hey marsuuu sorry for being late…
    awesome epi dear..
    i found it rather cute…
    do update the next part soon..
    am loving the way story is proceeding

  12. kat

    loved it…the way you are taking every story is just brilliant dear…good that you are showing swasan’s past love story…i hope it will be more..don’t want any divorce type tracks..i like this ff bcs of swasan love..loved it

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