My better half (swasan ff) Episode 21 by Mars

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My better half(swasan ff)
Epi 21
Maheshwari house:
Swasan came from hospital after check up.They were very happy after knowing about their twins. Swara entered inside and ran to sujata hugged her tightly.Sanskar shouts
Sanskar(angry): Swara how many times I told you not to run.
Swara: but…
Sujata: yes swara u should not be careless now.
Swara(pout): sorry
Sujata: its ok why are u so happy.
Swara(excited): mom u are going to be grandmother of twins.
Sujata (shocked and happy): reallyyyy
Sanskar: yes mom
Sujata: then I have to prepare everything for two babies.I m sooo happy.
Blabbering all this she went to kitchen.
Swasan were grinning seeing her happy. Then they also left to their room.

Night (9 pm)
Swasan room:
Sanskar is working on laptop sitting with the support of bed while Swara is sitting beside him keeping her head on his shoulder and her arms wrapped around his arm.She is playing with his shirt. Sanskar is taking her glances every now and then.He saw that her eyes are getting heavy and said
Sanskar: swara u sleep I have work.
Swara: no we will sleep together.
Sanskar: it will get late u plzz sleep u r tired.
Swara: u don’t want to sleep with me.
Saying this she started crying buring her face in his arm.
Sanskar got shocked seeing her crying. He keep the laptop on table and engulf her in his embrace.
Sanskar: Swara what happened why are u crying for only this thing.
Swara looked at him with teary eyes and said
Swara: I don’t know but I m feeling to cry.
Sanskar: but why?
Swara(sniffs): I don’t know.
Sanskar understood that it is due to pregnancy.
Sanskar: come we will sleep together.
Swara: your work???
Sanskar: I will do later its not important.
Sanskar made her lie on bed and hugged her.She wrapped her arm around his waist and her head on his hard chest.She is still sniffing.
Sanskar:swara sleep.
Swara: hmm.
Later Sanskar saw that she is sleeping peacefully and some tears are still on her cheeks. He wiped her tears and kiss her forehead and eyes and then slept.

At midnight(1:00 am)
Swasan are sleeping in each others embrace but swara opened her eyes and look at sanskar who is sleeping peacefully. She don’t want to disturb him but she can’t control herself.
So swara slightly jerked him and said
Swara: Sanskar plzz get up.
Sanskar feeling her touch opened his eyes. He instantly sits and asked
Sanskar: Swara u r ok.
Swara nodded.
Sanskar: then why u wake up.
Swara went closer to him and whispered
Swara: mamma and babies want to watch movie.
Sanskar: now?
Swara: hmm. U want to sleep?
Sanskar: no no we will see together.
Swara(happy): okay then we will watch
DDLJ. I want to see raj and simran
Sanskar(chuckles): okay
Sanskar took his laptop and was about to start the movie but then only Swara said
Swara: without popcorn how we will enjoy the movie.
Sanskar stared at her for a second and smiles seeing her expressions.
Sanskar (peck her lips): wait I will make and bring.
Swara: I will also come.
Sanskar: no u take rest.
Swara: plzzzz.
Sanskar: okay fine let’s go.
Swara held his hand and both went to kitchen.
Sanskar: swara sit on chair.
Swara: I want to sit on shelf.
Sanskar signed and gently picked her and made her sit on shelf.
He started preparing while swara was speaking what comes in her mind.
Soon popcorn were ready and Sanskar put them in bowl.He made swara stand down and then both went to their room.

Swasan room:
Swasan were sitting watching movie. Laptop was on Sanskar’s lap and popcorn bowl in swara’s hand. She was keenly watching it.Swara started crying when emotional scene comes.
Sanskar: swara u again started crying.
Swara: I m feeling bad for them.
Sanskar: its just movie.
Swara: I love you. Don’t leave me.
Sanskar: ufff swara what rubbish u r speaking.
Swara: promise me.
Sanskar: okay promise I won’t leave you ever and love u too(kiss her head).
Swara: ok.
Then they again started seeing it.
Sanskar felt that swara is not moving so he looked at her and saw her sleeping on his shoulder.
He closed laptop and then take bowl from her lap and keep on table.She comfortably lie her and soon drifted to sleep.

Next day
Dining area:
Swasan are sitting beside each other and ram in front while sujata was serving all especially Swara. Swara was looking at her plate which was overflowing with food.She gulp thinking how she is going to eat this much.
Swara: mom this much food for me.
Sujata: Ofcouse u are not going to eat alone two babies are also there.come on finish fast.
Swara: Ji mom
Swara give pleading look to sanskar sitting beside her.But he shrugged his shoulder like what he can do.
Swara(pout and whisper): I will not talk to you.
Sanskar looked at her and signed seeing her childish acts .
Sanskar: mom can u bring juice.
Sujata saw that there is no juice on table and said
Sujata: wait I will bring.
She went to kitchen.As soon as she left swara instantly changed her plate with sanskar’s plate which hardly had food.
Sanskar glare her and she smiles sheepily at him.He can’t stop smiling seeing her antics.He put half food in bowl before sujata came and started eating.One person was seeing their drama from long time and he is ram. He smiles looking at them.
Sujata came and saw swara’s plate almost empty
Sujata: good Swara u had your food I will give more.
Swara(shouted at the top): noooooooo
Sanskar and ram chuckles.

After few weeks:
The time is passing very fast and swara is two month pregnant. All have become possessive about her especially Sanskar.He remain maximum time with her.
Sanskar is in Hall and swara is in room. She was also sitting in hall only but then to use washroom she went to her room.
Sanskar asked her to come with her but she said that she will manage.

Swasan room:
Swara came out from washroom.She is feeling pain in her stomach since afternoon but she ignored and didn’t told anyone as pain was slight but now that pain was becoming unbearable. She was not able to move.She clutches her stomach and with great difficulty she moved to bed.But before she reach there, her hand hit flower vase on table and it falls and break.Swara was whispering Sanskar’s name as her eyes were getting closed. She falls on floor.
Sanskar who listened vase sound ran to their room only to see Swara lying on floor.Ram and sujata also came.
Sanskar ran to Swara and keep her head on his lap
Sanskar(tap her cheeks): swara swara get up plzzz.
Seeing no response from her, he started crying
Sanskar(pleading): plzz swara don’t do ask her to get up.
Sujata: swara what happened wait I will give water.
Sujata forward water to Sanskar.He sprinkle water on her eyes. Swara slightly opened her eyes sensing water.
Sanskar felt like he got his life back.He joined his forehead with her.She felt his tears flowing on her face.
Swara(whispers): Sans…kar.
Sanskar looked at her and cups her face.
Sanskar: what happened how u fell down.
Swara closed her eyes tightly feeling extreme pain in her stomach.
She hardly said slowly
Swara(tears flowing from her eyes); its paining Sanskar.
She put hand on her belly.
Sanskar: u r feeling pain in stomach.
Swara nodded.
Sanskar: don’t worry we will go to doctor.Dad plz take out the car.
Ram went to take car. Sanskar carried swara in his arms while she has closed her eyes.
Sanskar (teary eyes): swara plzz don’t close your eyes.
He said feeling scared.
Swara: hmm.
Soon. They reached hospital.
Sanskar took swara to kiran’s cabin(doctor) directly and lie on hospital bed.
Sanskar: doctor see swara is feeling pain. Plzz check her.
Kiran: don’t worry I will see.
Then kiran checked her and said
Kiran: don’t worry its common in pregnancy, mother can feel pain.
Sanskar signed in relief.
Kiran give her injection and prescribed medicine.
Kiran: I want to do swara’s test to know exact reason of sudden pain.
Sanskar nodded.
Later, kiran took swara’s test and asked her to leave.
Kiran: u can take her home. she is fine now. And collect reports in evening.
Sanskar nodded. Even swara’s pain had also reduced due to injection.
Then they left to house.
To be continued….

Precap: Sanskar went to take swara’s reports and got shocked listening to what doctor said.

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