Better Half…(Promo)

Hey everyone. …! Thank you so much guys…! Fa ur valuable cmnts…! It was really overwhelming. ….keep supporting guys…thanks again…!
So here is a short promo fa the ff..!

A house is shown in the outskirts of the city where the conversation is headed between a lady and her daughter.
Lady: what are you going to do now.?!
Daughter: I don’t know Ma….but I’m sure ….I will never let them in peace.
Ma: tum kya karne wale ho?
Daughter: Wait and watch Ma. He would always be mine. I will never leave him. How dare he marry someone. He is mine Ma.
Ma: Par beta. He is married now. Let him live his life.
Daughter: No…never. I will never let someone ruin my love. I love him Ma. I love him from my childhood. I don’t know when I realised. But I do love him still. And will forever.
Ma: His mother will not allow that to happen.
Daughter: (smirking) Haha..! Ma u know right that I’m always her favourite too.
The lady and the daughter’s convo ended with the discussion of landing them into Dixit mansion a week later.

There was another man in the same city who was weeping continuously fa his lost love. His friend was there to pacify him but in vain.
Frnd: Why do u cry like this? It would be better if u proposed before her marriage. But now everything is over.
The frnd was enraged as his bestie’s love had been drowned without even giving a try once.
Man: I don’t want her to be worried fa me.
Frnd: Then wat abt ur love, idiot?
Man: Pls, let her be happy with her new life. I want her to be happy.
The man was continuously weeping while the frnd had a cunning smile.
Frnd(POV): I will never leave her now. How dare she to marry someone when my frnd is in madly love with her. Ms Bose, ur fate was with me now. Your married life would never succeed. U can’t be happy making my frnd to complete pathetic condition. My frnd is more important to me. U r finish.
Man: Promise me that u will never try to plot against sona. I need her to be happy. Pls.
The frnd smirks while the man puts his hands in air to gain a promise from his frnd ensuring nothing happens to his love…oh sorry lost love.

Dev: sonakshi, are u sure …u wanna come with me.?
Sona: Yea Mr Dixit, I don’t have any problem. I will be there with u but don’t mind u do ur work.
Dev: Thank you. Then, alright, let’s go.

So guys….that’s it fa the promo. How was it..?
Hope it wasn’t boring. OK pls give ur views..
Wat do u think..?
Who was the person mentioning the protagonists.
I’m sure, u would have found that it was none other about dev and sona. But who was the one oh…sorry two…plotting against them.?
Will dev sona became devakshi amid all this.
To know more….stay tuned to the ff, Better half…
Thank you guys…!
U liked it.?????
If yes….give ur reviews…r suggestions….if wanted..any..!
With love..

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  1. Darshini

    Dear,…it’s too good…
    Eagerly waiting for the next update…
    Post it soon…tke cre…

  2. Aarti32

    It’s awesome..But sirf promo se hamara kya hoga..Jaldi se episode post krdo?

  3. Aamu

    Amazing heshine…
    Dat girl will b dev’s love ofcourse but whose dis who love sona..n his frnd..? Huh…he is mad….
    Here natasha plan karegi udhar wo pagla ladka…i think plan will backfire to dem..n devakshi will b safe(mann ki kahaniyaan??)
    I donno wat ur plot is..keep continuing..n oosting..n sorry i’ll not b able to read till 12 date..reason read in my promo..kyuki sab ko alag alag kehte kehte ab me thak gayi?

  4. V.V.harshita

    Vry big Twist is Going to cm…God man….
    Hey plzs dont do this …but i knw tht a Story cant be interesting without Twist but…still they did nt even realise their love….God …
    Or maybe becoz of them they vil realise their love ….wht Ever it May be
    Plzs Post soon ???????

  5. well so good….post soon..

  6. Priya12

    Arey, oly promo…
    Update soon ma…
    And y r u making devakshi suffer…
    They r soo poor…
    Don’t make evil plans on them…
    Post asap…

  7. Awesome

  8. well…another shock for devakshi fans..huh…new enteries & major twists…intersting….but this is only a promo…waiting for ur next episode…post soon dear

  9. Niki645

    Woah…., this is really exciting!
    I’m sure I’m gonna love this twist!

    Pls post soon!

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