Better Half…(Part 4)

Hey everyone…! I’m really sorry….fa the extremely late post…..I’m in my native….so I can’t upload the epi…as my cousins didn’t allow me. Pls…forgive me….I just excused me from them to post this epi….after a long time…! So may be this might be a short one…r I don’t know….bcas…I don’t know when I’m gonna end this epi till now….so let me start the epi now…

Part 4
The sun dawned disturbing the couple from their slumber. Dev woke up first and saw his wife still sleeping peacefully ignoring the sun rise. Later, sonakshi woke up frowning her brows and mumming, “ Ma, coffee…”, dev just admires her while she sits on the bed scrunching her eyes and looks around and realised that she can’t get a coffee from her mother here after. The mere thought brought tears in her eyes, and she looked at dev whose smile, due to his wife’s antics at early morning, faded away seeing tears. Sona looked away wiping tears while dev understood the situation. He tried to modify the atmosphere and spoke about the last night, “sonakshi, I’m sorry…actually yesterday…”, “Mr Dixit, pls don’t be sorry, rather I should thank you.” “ Y did u need to thank me”. “ Thank you because u cared for me”. “ R u thanking me for scolding u.” “ No, its different, Mr Dixit”. “Fine, then r u thanking me for taking care of my own wife. This is not fair, Ms Bose”. Sonakshi smiled at him and uttered, “everything is fair in lov…..” she stopped midway sensing what she is about to say.

Dev smirked and said, “ complete ur sentence Ms Bose”. “ Wo….WO….actually…Mr Dixit, I think its time to fresh up so let me..” she said and got off the bed when dev held her hand. “ Complete it…I said”… “ Mr Dixit, hath chod dho..”. “Complete it”. Dev said while he came close to her. Sona couldn’t control the proximity between them and she stepped back.
Dev held her hand tight not letting her go off. He smirked to himself still not letting her go. Sona bends her head down as shy covered up her face making her all more restricting to face him. Dev makes her look into his eyes pulling her chin. Both had a long eye lock when dev started again, “Complete it” “ Mr Dixit, I didn’t mean anything” “I know…but for now…say”. Sona stammers yet again. Her throat failing to spill the word LOVE in front of her hubby who doesn’t seem to be more than a friend to her.

Sona again tried a lot completing the sentence but in vain. Its not that she is afraid or being shy… Its just her inner turmoil refusing to utter the word considering dev only to be her friend. It really seems too much for her but she doesn’t care. She had although mentioned about LOVE to her friends a lot more times. But to her hubby, its really difficult for her to mention it and its all about her pointing out to be his love who doesn’t seem to accept the relation. But little did she know, he was trying all possible ways to accept their relation.
Dev had been dev….he never let sona win over him. Finally, “ Everything is fair in love and war” she said gathering all her courage making her eyes not let to meet his. Dev smiled a lot better to say he smirked. And sona tried to free herself from his hold but in vain, again and again. He held her tight not letting her go off. “ So u mentioned itself as lo..” … “ Mr Dixit, pls let me go off” But dev was dev. He did not let her. Disturbing them, came a knock on the door. Dev still mot letting her asked her to open the door later he let her go off.

Nikki stood there grinning at the couples. She asked both dev and sona to get ready as fast as they could since the remaining rituals were fixed to be conducted on that day itself. Sona nodded and closed the door, and was heading to washroom. To stop her, “ So, Ms Bose is completely ready to be Mrs Dixit now, ryt “ dev commented. This shocked sona. She ran to the washroom and closed the latch of it blushing hard still. Dev guessed she was blushing and confirmed when closing the door. After few minutes, she peeped out in the room with her bathrobe when dev was seen combing his hair all fresh. Dev looked at her reflection in the mirror and tried playing with her once again. He turned back when she closed the door in fear. He went to the washroom door and started knocking it hard, sona who realised his intension decided to give in and screw him up more. She opened the door. When dev realised the washroom latch clicking open he was stunned but yet made him up to face her in her bathrobe for the first time after all she was his wife.

Sona came out sternly but dev stood rooted up. Sona tried utilising the situation and took her saree from the cup board and entered the washroom when she felt a hold on her hand. Dev was stunned to see her at beginning when he saw her with bathrobe for the first time which is held up to her knees alone. But later he was snapped out and held to her. “Such bold Ms Bose” “Mr Dixit, I need to change…so leave me” Sona was there with fear and shy half dressed in front of her hubby. Her hair left open water droplets spilling around making the atmosphere wet under legs. Dev held her hand tight and proceeded towards her seen lost in her eyes. She felt helpless and stared equally at him. Dev moved the strands of hair locking between her forehead and eyes and cupped her face with one hand still helding her hand tight indeed more. Sona closed her eyes while saying his name, “Mr Dixit”. She pushed him away with her tiny little hand and he fell on the bed grabbing sona too on himself.
Sona, firstly couldn’t decipher the situation but later tried getting off him. Dev just stared at her but their first ever unexpected romantic moment was disturbed by a phone call. They came out of their dream world when dev attended the call. Sona ran fast to the washroom and closed the door hard. “Sona, what have u done now. What would Mr Dixit, thought about u. Why did u gave in romancing with him. Just last night, u decided u need time but now… My god” sona thought and cursed herself. Dev thought the same and both were embarrassed with the situation. Later, sona came out when dev sat on the bed confused. Sona thought to have no conversation with him and headed down.
Within hour, every rituals were held and completed with a happy note. Later, Sona made her first meal and was appreciated by all. Dev was amused by her cooking. Sona and everyone were happy. (Note that Radharani and Vicky were quite opposite here compared to serial)
Later, dev said “ sonakshi, let’s go to meet ur mom and dad”…this shocked all but later he clarified, “u were sad ryt, get ready now”….all were amused and happy at the same time….and blessed the both with great future. Sonakshi was over happy and thought that dev had very well know her…..she gave her 1000 watts smile and ran upstairs getting ready…!
Hey guys….! Thank you everyone, I’m really sorry fa not replying to u all in the promo. As I’m in native, I seriously couldn’t check TU as my cousins didn’t allow me and also the network connection is slow here. So pls forgive, I would try to reply to everyone hereafter. I’m sorry, but thank you so much guys….!
And I know this episode is little boring, as I have very less time to think over this….. I just gave u the update so that u won’t forget the plot.
And the promo track is yet to come so soon. Thank you so much guys…!
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