My better half, Naughty Billo, Uncontrollable Feelings Promos by Mars

Hlooooo peepss!!! This is Mars here with not any update but promos of my stories. Actually I was not getting the reason that why comments on my updates are decreasing and shan di told me that there is no twist in my stories and I completely agree with her.
Thank you for telling me di.
Readers can loose interest if there will be no drama and twist.As a reader i also look for something interesting so here I m giving u the promos of future stories.Hope so u like it.

My better half(swasan ff)Promo

After 5 years:
Swara came in the park with a little boy of about 4.5 years holding her hand.
She is waiting for someone.
Boy looked at Swara and asked
Boy: mom when dad and sanu will come?
Swara: they will come baby just wait.

Soon after few mins,a car stops out of the park and sanskar came out and then opened the other side of car and picked a girl of about 4.5 years.She throw her arms around his neck.
They came inside the park near the bench where swara and boy was sitting. Sanskar put the girl down and she ran to them. Swara smiled brightly with tears in her eyes seeing little girl.She hugged the girl tightly.
Swara: how is my sanu baby.
Girl: I m fine mumma.

Swara kissed her forehead.
Sanskar picked the boy and kissed his cheeks.
Sanskar: how r u adi?
Adi: I m fine papa.
Sanu: adi bhai u forget me(pouts)
Adi(hug her); I can not forget my siso.
Sanu kissed adi’s cheeks and he kissed her forehead.

Swasan saw their children with teary eyes.
Adi and sanu got busy with each other.
Sanskar looked at swara who was admiring their babies.
Sanskar: how are u?
Swara(blank face): fine.
Sanskar signed and took deep breathe.
They didn’t utter single word after that.
As after their DIVORCE they always felt unknown awkwardness between each other.

So what can be the reason for the divorce of such a heavenly couple?????
How they will be living without each other???
Wait to know……

Naughty Billo(swasan ff)Promo

Maheshwari house:
Sujata fell down on the floor getting fainted. Sanskar ram and swara got shocked and ran to her.
Sanskar:mom(rub her hand) mom plzz get up.
Sujata did not responded.
Sanskar: swara call doctor.
Sanskar picked sujata in his arms and went to room.
Later doctor came and checked her and told that she has taken expired medicine. After giving injection to sujata doctor left.

Doctor warned them not to do this mistake again as it could have staked her life.
Sanskar(angrily to Swara): swara u had given medicine to mom??
Swara:yes sanskar but..
Sanskar(shouted): what but??? Bcoz of your little stupidity I could have lost my mother.
Swara(scared but still said): Sanskar listen…
Sanskar:just shut up. I don’t want to listen your any lame excuse. U know only how to enjoy do fun. Why can’t u be serious swara?? I m fed up with your childishness.
Tears where flowing from swara’s eyes. Her eyes, nose got red due to excessive crying but sanskar was not effected.
Then only sujata did some movement.

Swara was about to go near sujata when sanskar shouted
Sanskar:don’t u dare to come near my mom swara.
Ram:sanskar …
Sanskar: dad plzz don’t speak.
Sanskar: swara get lost.
Swara:I m s..sorry
Sanskar: I said go.
Swara shivered listening her roar.
She ran out of the room crying profusely.

Stay turned to Naughty billo to know further.

Uncontrollable Feelings(swasan ff)

Swara was crying and back hugging sanskar while he has closed his eyes tightly.
Swara:sanskar plzz don’t do this?
Sanskar turned and departed swara.
Sanskar: are u mad Swara?? How can u even think I will love u.
Swara(crying): but u confessed Sanskar. U yourself told me that u love me now how can u back off.
Sanskar(held her shoulder): just shut up swara. I m going to marry kavita and don’t u dare to come between us and spoil our relation.
Swara: but…
Sabdkar: u r just my friend so don’t cross the limits otherwise I have to think over our friendship also.
Saying this he left leaving behind shattered swara.

So what do u think why sanskar refused swara when he already confessed!????
Guess it and wait for it…..

So guys, these are the teasers of my ffs. Plzzz give me your views regarding them.
And I will bring these twist after seeing your interest and tell me whether u would like to see the stories moulding in these forms.
Plzz leave your comments if u want full episodes soon and don’t be silent.
Thank you
Take care.

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  1. Too much shocks at a time

  2. Awsm I was also waiting for a twist in ur stories I just want to say that don’t show that it all happened cause of sanskar I know ur helly fan but pls I don’t want sanskar at fault pls it should be both

  3. omg this mch shocks intrsting post soon

  4. Hmm…. Hmm.. Ok so first.. I m soo sorry.. As I could not comment on last part as I was so busy with my exams n all…
    My better half…
    First expression was ???????????????????????
    Second one was????????????????????????
    Third one ?❤?❤?❤??❤??❤?❤?❤??❤?❤????❤
    Forth one like ?????????????????????????

    Naughty billo
    First one ???????????????????????????
    Second one ??????????????????????????
    Third one ??????????????????????????

    Uncontrollable feeling
    Second one ??????????????????????????
    Fourth one ??????????????????????????
    So much twist.. Handle na ho payega… Koi nai kar le aapni man marzi… Bt last me swasan ko Milna hi hoga…. Samji……

    Masti kar rahi hu….
    Waiting for the twist…..
    Update soon

    1. Kuch zyada hi comment bada Ho gaya.. Bt kya kare.. Yeh sab padne ke bad me Apne expression ko Sambhal na payi.. Aur bas express kar diya ?????

  5. Loved all of the promos..continue

  6. Independent

    Awesome dear plz continue ur stories

  7. Simin

    What is this
    All the ffs have such a big twist
    Cant wait

  8. Awesome twists dr

  9. i hate this promos better-half-naughty-billo-uncontrollable-feelings-promos-mars.
    seriously it is bakawas.

    1. Mars fan from earth

      Here comes the nalla naglak nag…san fan…bashing becoz of jealousy so that u stop writing mars….such dirty tricks by equally rascals have been in the past too like bhumija who was very popular and a lot of others too…so mars hope u getting my point…..think mars the basher has mentioned all stories as bad without mentioning cause that means…..something fishy!

      If u have haters then it means u r doing great….haters are good for health…mars smile ur wish is granted since by bashing unknowingly he has commented and added the number…. Hahaha!

      1. I just wanna knw is bhumija writing any new story.. N is this bhumija is the one who used to write previously bt then went to break… Plz if u can inform me…

    2. If it’s bakwas.. Then plz don’t read.. U r free to go.. Bt atleast don’t taunt her….its very easy to say bakwas.. Bt difficult to think n write….

      1. iam not saying bakwas for this story. iam saying for seperating swasan. first think while you speak anythg worng about others.

      2. I m really very sorry dear.. I really misunderstood u….. It’s my mistake.. I should have not told u like this.. Really sorry…. ?????

    3. Mars fan from earth

      Oh! Got it
      I am sorry
      Actually all the bashing hatred and all made me think like that and hurt a fellow swasanian…..sorry but yaa have seen bashing by nallas on swasanian writers .
      Hope my words will be forgiven if not forgotten
      And yaar don’t mind but ur comment gave half picture as I was unable to distinguish what actually u didn’t like!
      So sorry

    4. Mars fan from earth

      Nd vidhi dearest,
      No bhumija did not come back after ENTANGLED LOVE ….but we all can message her to come and write again…can’t we?
      Also I wish to see that perfect story on wattpad so waiting for her to show her skills again!

  10. Phoniex

    What was that ???

  11. Tamil

    Omg….Amazing teasers…….Eagerly waiting for teaser part in your 3 ffs……

  12. Pnap

    can’t wait
    plzzzzzzzzzzzz post soon

  13. Simi

    Too much shocks at a time?? Continue soon

  14. What is this my better half me SwaSan ka divorce ? ? ? ? ? are dear twist hi lana tha to Acha twist lati like separation ignorance etc but divorce ye k h I’m not liking this divorce separation drama I want my SwaSan bk ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Naughty billo…. Sanskar misunderstood Swara thodi problem h but thik ho jayegi pyar me thodi fight jaruri h ye twist Acha h but SwaSan ki MU jaldi dur karke unko mila dena

    Uncomfortable filling… This story twist is also good I know Sanskar loves Swara but baba se kiya promised h ki kavita se shadi karni h vo promised nhi you sakta ab to only baba or kavita hi kuch karege but I know SwaSan milege hi

    Ur two stories twist nice but better half worst SwaSan divorce like really ye twist h ????change this twist add separation with strong power ke saath but no divorce

    I read ur all ffs all r fabulous ????? but BH Ka twist worst

  15. Mars fan from earth

    Perfect ! Just loved it be it billo or any one else …best thing about ur stories is ur portrayal of characters!

  16. Mars fan from earth

    Mars be ready for the comments like ‘don’t separate our swasan!’
    Some our swasanian pals are really possessive regarding them…I tellu!

  17. NDSG

    Kya hai yeh ???????

    Mars u gave me 440 volt shock…㊙⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
    Now curiosity level is too high. Mostly better half and uncontrollable feelings…
    But be Frank thank you SHAN di even I don’t know her….

    SwaSan has great understanding then how they separated ?????

    And sanskar confessed love when how????
    Post soon

  18. Raina

    wwwwwoooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! *taking a deep breathe*
    better half.. i just can’t believe that.. i was just too too toooooooooo shocked but then naughty billo brought tears in my eyes…..
    uncontrollable feelings is also making me sad..
    i just can’t wait!! i am crying..

  19. Waahhh… so many twists… cant wait 2 read…..
    Plz plz post soooon

  20. AnuAnn

    Sissy interesting promos.. And also abt one more rsn for decrease in comment may be that u r posting in watpadd too. U know naa most of swasan readers left tu and now in watpad .before u started posting your ff in watpad they may comment here in your stories and most of all other stories r posting there before itself and now u too.. So there r chances that ppl read from there.. Now me too in watpad so less active in tu

  21. Mars

    I never thought will get all sorts of reaction some are happy some are sad and some are not liking at all.
    I know I had written something and i was expecting this reaction only.
    I m happy u all told your views.
    I had given these promos as a try that such twist can b there.
    I just want to request don’t come to conclusion plzzz give a try to the stories.
    I will individually reply soon but seeing sudden I thought to calm u all little.
    One thing I love swasan to core so will never do wrong with them. So plzz have faith and patience.
    Thank you
    Take care all.
    Lots of love.

  22. Kyun heart attack theriyo mujhe.
    mbh divorce drama noooooo.nb misunderstanding.and last my fav uncontrollable feelings confession

  23. Tweety_SwaSan

    Hey Mars dear.. This is my second comment here in TU.. That to because of SwaSan.. I love your stories and read them all.. Thank you so much for such wonderful stories on SwaSan.. Your twist for NB & UF is awesome.. But for BH…nooo plz.. No divorce n no separation that to after kids for 5 years.. Plz dear don’t do this..Title itself suggests no matter what may be the situation, they are better half for each other.. Bring any twists other than separation, divorce & death.. I am sorry if I hurt you.. And sorry for long comment.. Please update all your stories soon..

    1. Mars fan from earth

      Yaa I too agree with this fact that in prologue itself u mentioned THAT THEY WILL SUPPORT EACH OTHER WHEN WHOLE WORLD IS AGAINST THEM…so I think five year leap will be too much for this particular story, just a thought rest ur wish….all the best

  24. Wow loved it tooo manyyy shocks at a time as i live in Switzerland we have different timings we are 3 hours behind soo i can’t read youre ff on time but i read it when im free and i was veryy happy that you postet teasers but this is shock ke uper shock ?? but i loveeeeeeeeee your ff alot soo abhi kui baath nahi as i know youii will obviously make them together soo plz post soon ❤️

  25. Divorce??? how can u do that???? Sab promo extreme sad wale h?….for the 1st tym I sooooo upset with u?? But still I have a faith on u dat u will make it up good with upcoming!!! I really don’t want sad chapter more den 4 please…I hope stories doesn’t lose its charm!! Well still u r good?

  26. Bhavya Srivastav

    Plzzz…don’t seperate them…..i request u….don’t plzzzz:(
    Happy happy wali story is good…..

  27. Bhavya Srivastav

    Plzz …don’t give to tragic turn…….please………….. 🙁

  28. Abirsha

    Ha ha mars all are going to scold me!!!!??? see i told there is no twist for that u gave me a big shock!!!! But still i believe u and don’t want to come into conclusion as i had done this mistake already!!!! Waiting for all the stories!!!! Post uncontrollable as its been many days….waiting

  29. Pramudi

    Shocking.. ?
    In better half,why they got divorced? ?

  30. Mars

    Firstly Veryyyyyy sorry bcoz I think I won’t be able to reply individually but will try for sure. So here I m collectively tell u what all your queries are as I had read all the comments.
    Coming to my betterhalf
    Most of u didn’t liked the idea of swasan divorce alright. Honestly saying even I m still not knowing how there divorce will be there bcoz it really need very strong reason to separate them as per the relation I had shown till now. Soooo I m dropping the idea of divorce. I will be giving another twist but not divorce. So just relax and wait for the story. You all can ignore the promo of my betterhalf.

    Next one is naughty billo
    Its not any big twist bcoz anyone can shout in anger but don’t worry I won’t disappoint u people with the further story so wait for it.

    Now uncontrollable feelings
    This twist is the main base of the story. The real story will start after this so just wait and trust me u will enjoy it.

    Soooo I will post the stories soon then u can give your views regarding them.

    1. superb and thank you for dropping the idea of divorce…….eagerly waiting for episodes

    2. Gayathri.visu

      Thank god Marsssuuu…..really NB n UF promos are good. But MB……such a shocking promo!! Thanks for dropping that idea dear…..

  31. Scooby

    Haha superb mars?

  32. Prashasti7

    What ws that this is really toooooooooo much ????

  33. Brilliant

  34. Kojagorimalik

    Mars I think I got a heart attack…..
    Get back at u later

  35. marsu ur giving bahuth bada jatka to me.. update all ffs soon loved promos but swasan ko bahuth thin akele mat rahne de.. hehehe

  36. Kanha

    ☹️???????????? Siso aise na tadpaao. Tune mujhe rula diya sisoooo????? Eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes. Lovee youuuuuuuuuuuuu yaaaaaarrrrrrrrr♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  37. Vyshu10

    Uncontrollable feelings??
    Naughty billo??
    My better half??????

  38. Sumayyah

    marsuuu buhut maza aaayga dear
    plz continue soon
    will love to see it
    with love!!!!
    beast soulmate soon!!!

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