My better half, Naughty Billo, Uncontrollable Feelings Promos by Mars

Hloo guys!! Firstly a big round of applause for all swasanians and hellu fans who voted breathlessly yesterday.
It proves we all can do anything for our doll and congratulations to all for her victory. It doesn’t matters who win bcoz we know hellu is THE BEST for us but still endless efforts made were outstanding.
Here I m giving promos of upcoming story. Hope these will not be that shocking like previous one.

My better half(swasan ff): promo
Past story:
Scene 1
Calcutta University:
Sanskar is sitting on his knees with rose in his hands in front of Swara
Sanskar; swara I will say directly that I love you and I don’t want you to be my girlfriend but my wife, my life partner, my soulmate. So will u give me chance and become my betterhalf.
Swara smiles with teary eyes as her love is proposing her.
Swara(whispers): yes.
Sanskar stood and both hug each other. All the students clap while one girl fisted her hand in anger.

Scene 2:
In a classroom:
A girl is pleading sanskar.
Girl: plzz Sanskar accept me I love you.
Sanskar: why u r not understanding I m already in relation with swara.
Girl: I don’t care and if you will not accept me then I have to do this.
Sanskar: no plzz don’t do that, okay I agree to be in relation with you.
Sanskar took ring from her hand and made her wear.

So who is the girl in second scene???
Why sanskar accepted her???
Will Sanskar betray swara??
To know plzzz wait for further story.

Naughty billo(swasan ff):
Swara and ramta are tensed as sanskar has not still came home from university. Even his phone is not reachable. They had called in university and they told he left at usual time.
Swara is almost crying.
Sujata: don’t worry swara he will come.
Swara:(sniffs): he always say me that I m careless now what is he?? I will not leave once he come.
Sujata: yeah we will scold nicely to him.
Then only there comes call on landline.
Ram received it .
Ram:hello this is Ram maheshwari.
Op: we are speaking from hope hospital. Your son had met with accident and is admitted her. So plzz come and fulfil the formalities.
Ram: hello is he ok.
But the call was already cut.
Swara: what happened dad?
Ram:sanskar had met with accident.

Swara and sujata got shocked.

Till now u had seen sanskar’s care for Swara now u will witness swara’s care for sanskar in her naughty way.
Wait to know further.

Uncontrollable Feelings (swasan ff)
Scene 1:
Swara is leaving for kolkata. All are present in Hall except Sanskar.
Kavita: where is sanskar?Today u r going and he is in his room. Let me call him.
Swara’s eyes got filled with tears listening sanskar’s name.
Kavita called me so he came.

Sanskar looked at swara and sadness can be clearly seen on her face.
Sanskar went close to her.
Their heart was beating very fast.
Sanskar:okay bye swara. All the best for your future.
He said with some unsheded tears in his eyes.
Swara (fake smile): hmm thanks.
Then she left with Daffy.

Scene 2:
Kavita and a boy is in one room.
Boy: I want that we should marry soon as I need to forget some things.
Kavita: I don’t have any problem but…
Boy: don’t worry I know what u r thinking. Nothing will happen.
Kavita nodded and hugged him.

So is this the end of swasan story???
Will sanskar go to swara or she will come back or being helpless they will accept their fate?
Who is the boy in second scene??
Wait to know further Story.

Well guys!! This is the glimpse of coming stories.
Now like my silent readers, I m also going to be silent. So I won’t be posting my stories for some days bcoz really don’t feel like writing after seeing the response.
Sooooo relax and I won’t disturb u all.

Till then take care.
Good bye.

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    Lots of love
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