Bol do na zara……
“Ragini….. Ragini………….” Sujata nodded her head when she heard Sanskar screaming. “Ragini beta see your husband again lost his feeder I guess. Just check” she looked at Ragini and signed her to go to him when they were working in kitchen. Ragini tucked her hair embarrassed and ran to the room. “Can’t believe he is the same Sanskar who just wanted Ragini out of his life at any cost and now he cant survive a minute without her. How many times in a day he calls her though he is in office” she nodded her head arranging the kitchen.

“Maasi” Piyu rushed inside the kitchen. “Dadu where is Maasi?” asked Piyu standing near Sujata. “You came to the wrong place. Can you imagine your maasi without your chachu? So first see where your chachu is there you will find your Maasi too” Sujata smiled at Piyu. Piyu smiled widely and rushed out. “Don’t forget to knock the door Piyu” Sujata screamed.

“Sanskar leave me na. For this you called me?” Ragini was struggling in Sanskar’s hold when he was back hugging her. “Hmmm biwi ji I don’t know today I don’t feel like going to office only. You know I couldn’t concentrate on my work in London so finished the meeting in two days and came running to you” he inhaled her fragrance and tightened his grip across her. “Sanskar someone will come” before she could complete Piyu rushed inside the room and as she saw them she turned back and closed her eyes. Sanskar jerked and left Ragini and both stood composing themselves. “Ohho why don’t I listen to Dadu ever” Piyu cursed herself.

Sanskar walked out embarrassed taking his bag. “Piyu bacha you needed anything” Ragini neared Piyu and knelt in front of her. Piyu opened her eyes and hugged her. “Kya hua bacha?” asked Ragini worried. “Maasi you forgot?” asked she cupping Ragini’s face. She looked at Piyu confused. “Ohho Maasi so stupid you are. Today is mother’s day. Happy mother’s day” Piyu kissed Ragini’s cheek. Ragini who was shocked held her cheek and looked at Piyu with tears in her eyes.

“What happened Maasi?” asked Piyu wiping her tears. “You are wishing me on mother’s day na so” Ragini smiled. “Awww Maasi you are so cute and innocent. See Maasi means you know Maa jaisi. My maa tho is not there but you are my maa jaisi maasi so I can wish you on mothers day” Piyu bent her head. Ragini dragged her into a bear hug and burst out crying silently. “How will I break your little heart Piyu. How will I? I’m doing sin over sin and I don’t know what punishment will I get for this. But I’m ready to face anything to keep you safe my life. I will go through anything” Ragini wiped her tears and brought Piyu out of the hug and kissed her forehead. “Thank you” her eyes reflected the gratitude. “Thank you?” Piyu looked at her confused. “For coming in my life” Ragini smiled through her tears

“Ragu bacha” Pari called Ragini who was standing at the door of the hospital room. Pari signed her to walk inside. Adarsh helped her to sit and handed the baby to her. “See baby your Ragu maasi” Pari spoke to the baby which smiled instantly when Ragini sat beside Pari. “Awwww see now only she loves her maasi more than her maa” Pari smiled and looked at Adarsh. “Dee I’m elder than Shona na so I should hold her first” Vikram came forward. “Oye hello even I’m of the same age I should hold the baby first” Swara stood beside him. “Waise if you consider age Sanskar should be the first to hold the baby” Adarsh spoke trying to calm the situation. “Me?” Sanskar looked at Adarsh shocked. “Ya is there anyone of same name?” asked Sujata who got glares in return when everyone burst out laughing.

“Come Sanky” Pari called him forwarding the baby. “Bhabi I’m terrible in handling kids. Please” he pleaded. “No arguments. You will be holding her first means you only. And waise you have to practice all this as next is you in the list to get married and you should know all this” Pari ordered. Sanskar looked at Swara who was fighting with Vikram and he blushed at his Bhabi’s statement. He walked to Pari and held the baby but it’s head was about to fall which Ragini supported as she got up and stood beside him. When their hands touched they looked at each other and lost in the moment.

“You are thinking same what I’m thinking Jaan” Adarsh whispered in Pari’s ear when they both watched Ragini and Sanskar. “Haa Pati ji. They look adorable. Let Swara’s marriage get fixed I will take my devar’s shagun for Ragini next day only” Pari rested her head on Adarsh’s shoulder. “But before that I have to send her to London for the last time. She has to finish that and come back” Adarsh looked at Pari with puppy eyes.

“Ahhh Adarsh. I said after her studies only waise Rohan has to return from Australia for Shona’s marriage to be fixed, So literally we have 5 years for all this” said Pari and chuckled. “I know my biwi is very good future planner. Don’t you think you plan a lot” Adarsh giggled. “And that planning only saves you everytime remember” said Pari huffing. “Ya Biwi ji I know. But I’m scared what if it doesn’t happen the way we want?” he looked into her eyes. “It will surely” she pecked his lips and looked at Sanskar and Ragini who were playing with the baby and smiled. “It will surely happen” she smiled widely thinking.
“Maasi” Piyu shook Ragini bringing her to present. “Pari maa ki yaad aagayi” said Ragini smiling through her tears. Piyu wiped her tears and kissed her cheek. “Maa used to say when we remember someone we should not cry it seems. It will pain them. You want maa to feel bad?” asked Piyu holding Ragini’s chin. Ragini nodded her head like a small kid. “So smile whenever you remember maa. You know na how much maa loves your smile? More than my smile” said Piyu and Ragini nodded her head and Piyu hugged her and Ragini smiled through her tears.

“Happy mothers day maa” Ragini hugged Sujata and Sanskar choked. “You again forgot?” whispered Piyu in Sanskar’s ear. “Cachu why do you hate numbers so much? Now see dadu will make a hungama of it. You remembered maasi’s birthday and you forgot mothers day” she gritted her teeth. Sanskar pouted cutely. “Fine I’m helping you for the last time” she forwarded a gift box to Sanskar. “Awww you are the best niece in the world” he whispered kissing her forehead. “I don’t do anything for free” she smirked and Sanskar gulped scared thinking what must be running inside the mind of the little devil.

“What’s happening?” Sujata asked when she found them gossiping. “Nothing mom I was just taking your gift from the bag” Sanskar smiled at her. “But bag is on your right why are you bending left?” she narrowed her eyes. Sanskar closed his eyes and bit his tongue. “Wo na dadu the box fell down and rolled to the left so” Piyu smiled cutely. “Aww my Pothi is smartest. Thank god you are not like these Maheshwari males but Gadodia female just like my bahus” said Sujata proud. “Mom you are also Gadodia before marriage kya?” asked Sanskar. Sujata’s face expressions changed. “She was a Somany before marriage” Ram spoke and Sujata looked at him and he signed her to control her emotions and she nodded her head weakly. Ragini smirked hearing Sanskar and observing the changes in Sujata’s face and Ram’s sign language. “Finally layers are unfolding” she thought in her mind.

“Time to initiate last stage of phase 2” Rohan heard from the other side of the phone and smirked. He disconnected the call and looked at Swara who was tensed. “Shona” he held her shoulders. She hugged him immediately. “I can’t even imagine how much pain my Lado has to go through now. She has moved forward Rohan. She has moved a lot forward. At this stage I don’t know what and all is going to happen with her. I’m scared Rohan. I’m hell scared” she sobbed.

He brought her out of the hug and kissed her forehead as he wiped her tears. “It was bound to happen Shona. I had told her. I met her in the party also for that purpose only na so that he misunderstands us but his anger is dangerous which worsened her condition and instead of getting angry his heart softened towards her. You know na they were meant for each other always. How much ever they denied it. Finally they only are together. His attraction towards you was also due to Ragini only. He never loved you. He actually loved her only. But circumstances made him to think that he loved you but finally he recognized his true love. We try whatever they are meant to be together and they only will be together” he looked at her and she nodded her head. “But this mission. I’m scared Rohan” he placed his finger on her lips and she looked at him lost. “Nothing will happen. They will be together always” he dragged her and hugged her and patted her head and she smiled a bit. “I just wish that to happen. I still can’t forgive myself for coming in between them once” she closed her eyes thinking.
“Sanskar” Ragini cuddled in his embrace. “Hmmm Ghonchu” he kissed her bare shoulder. “How did you remember my birthday. You always forget the dates na? But how did you remember my birthday?” asked she confused. “So you heard mine and Piyu’s conversation. Bad manners ya Ragu how can you invade my privacy?” asked he with fake anger. “Oh hello Ghajni Maheshwari have you forgotten I’m your wife and what privacy are you speaking about ha? There are no secrets between us right?” she spoke and realized what she was talking. Sanskar turned her face to face him when she tried avoiding eye contact with him. “Are you sure there are no secrets between us?” asked he.

“I’m feeling sleepy Sanskar can we talk tomorrow?” she pleaded him. “Again you are trying to avoid the topic” he stopped her. “I’m not Sanskar. I’m feeling sleepy” she jerked his hand and turned other side. “I’m sorry sorry Jaan. I will wait till you tell me. I had promised you na. I’m such Ghajni seriously I forgot. Don’t be upset please. You know na I can’t see you upset” he placed his chin over her shoulder and hugged her tight as she tried getting out of his hold. He turned her and looked at her. She twisted her lips with fake anger. “Awww you want a kiss you should have told me. Why so much nakhra?” he leaned to her lips and kissed her passionately and she stroked his hair responding to the kiss.

“Ragu….Ragu……” Ragini heard Adarsh’s voice. “Aayi AJ” she screamed and rushed to his room. “AJ” Ragini entered his room worried when she found him on the bed. “What happened AJ?” she asked him sitting beside him on the bed. “I’m not feeling good” he pouted and coughed a bit. She checked his temperature. “OMG AJ you are burning with fever” she widened her eyes shocked. She looked around for his tablet box. She looked at the table. “How did it go there” she thought and walked to the table and took a tablet and gave it to Adarsh. He gulped it and drank the water.

“Sleep for sometime AJ. I will wake you up during tea time” she patted his head. He nodded his head and she smiled kissing his forehead and walked out of the room.

“Ragu…… Ragu……” Ragini got worried hearing Adarsh’s scream. “What happened to him?” Sujata came out of the kitchen worried. “Don’t know maa” she said and both of them rushed to Adarsh’s room worried. “Ragu…” Adarsh lifted his head and Ragini’s eyes popped out when she found his nose bleeding. “AJ” “Adi” Ragini and Sujata rushed inside his room. “Hey bhagwan. What happened to my kid. Why is he bleeding like this?” Sujata panicked. “AJ how did this happen?” asked Ragini cupping his face. “I…. I don’t know Ragu… I was feeling pain in my head and when I woke up I saw blood.” he sobbed looking at Ragini. “Ragini beta go call your dad and also inform Sanskar. We have to take him to hospital” Ragini got up and rushed out of the room to call Ram.

“Sanskar.. Sanskar wo wo” Ragini spoke over the phone. “Oh Jaan you are missing me today oh what? You called me at this time” Sanskar leaned to his chair. “Behave serious sometimes at least Sanskar” she screamed over the phone frustrated. “Hey Ragini what happened?” he asked concerned. “AJ… AJ…” she sobbed. “What happened to Adi bhai” he got up from his chair instantly. The phone slipped from his hand when he heard whatever Ragini spoke.

“Adi bhai…What happened to Adi bhai?” asked Sanskar collapsing in front of Sujata who was sobbing sitting outside the ICU. “Don’t know beta. Afternoon suddenly he started screaming. When me and Ragini rushed to his room… his nose was bleeding. We brought him here and doctor is checking him from an hour. They are not saying anything” she sobbed and Ram who was sitting beside her and consoled her. Sanskar who looked at her shocked got up and approached the ICU door and looked inside through the glass opening. Tears flooded from his eyes. Ragini who was leaning to the wall walked to him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

He burst out crying. “Adi bhai” a whisper escaped his mouth. “Nothing will happen to AJ Sanskar” Ragini held his shoulder more tightly. He turned and placed his head on her shoulder and burst out crying. “I can’t lose him Ragini. I can’t” he sobbed. She cupped his face and wiped his tears. “You will not lose him” she touched his forehead with hers. That touch had the magic to heal all his worries and calm him and it did that wonder. He relaxed a bit holding her hand.

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