Final chapter. Yoho…….
Pyar hai ya saza…..Ae mere dil bata
tut tha kyu nahi dard ka silsila
Iss pyar me ho kaise kaise inteha
Yeh pyar likhe kaisi kaisi daastan
Ya rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar dilbar peho na dilbar pe ho na koi asar

“He is stable now” doctor’s words calmed Ram and Sanskar a bit. “But…” Ram interrupted Sanskar and spoke “When can we take him home doctor?” Doctor looked at him and spoke “You can take him in two days” “Can we take him today?” asked Ram surprising Sanskar. “Dad” Sanskar looked at him shocked. “We will take care of him doctor” said Ram assuring. “Okay you can take him but you have to be very careful with his health. And I will send a nurse with him to take care of him. He might recover fast in home environment actually” doctor nodded his head. Sanskar was confused with his dad’s behavior.

“Dad tell me at least now” Sanskar held Ram’s hand when they settled Adarsh in his room and walked to the hall. “Come I will tell you” he dragged Sanskar with him. Sujata and Ragini were sitting in the hall worried. They saw Ram walking dragging Sanskar. They both stood up looking at them. “I will just check on AJ and come” Ragini walked towards Adarsh’s room. She felt someone holding her hand. She looked at her elbow and found Ram holding her. “Dad” Sanskar moved towards him. Ram pulled her back and pushed her to the ground.

“Why? To give him poisonous tablet or how about injection this time. Is that your plan” Ram screamed jerking every one. “Papa” she gasped looking at Ram whose eyes were bleeding red. “Dad” Ram stopped Sanskar from his palm. Sanskar looked at his palm and then at his face which had turned red. And it looked like he was burning. Burning with the fire within him. He had not seen his dad ever like this. Never ever. “I’m a ex cop fooling me is not easy. Stay out of it Sanskar” Ram looked into Sanskar’s eyes and spoke and the time stopped.
Ragini looked at Ram horrified for the revelation. “EX Director General of Police Secret Forces Mumbai” Ram spoke and Sanskar widened his eyes shocked. “You never…” Sanskar was interrupted by Ram who spoke. “Only your mom knows about it” Sanskar looked at Sujata who was looking at Ragini shocked. Sanskar composed himself and neared Ragini and made her stand and held her from her shoulders. “But why are you blaming my wife? She will never do this” Sanskar spoke looking into Ram’s eyes. Ram smirked looking at his son’s blind trust.

“I will give him the tablet but” Ragini spoke over the phone looking around standing at the balcony. Ram heard her and kept following her all day without her knowledge. But he missed her when she rushed to Adarsh’s room. “I thought she will not harm Adarsh at least for the bond they share. But no she tried taking his life only and now she is acting like she cares for him a lot” Ram screamed. Ragini stared ground worried.

Sanskar tightened his grip on her shoulder and she looked at him and tears flowing from her eyes continuously. “You are mistaken dad. She loves me and she will never do this” he looked at her and spoke and then turned to Ram and looked into his eyes. Ragini squeezed her hands nervous. “It shouldn’t have been happening like this something is missing. What but?” she thought. “There is nothing of that sort” they heard Swara’s scream. Everyone turned to her when she looked at Sanskar. He looked at her confused. Ragini sighed. “Thank god Shona dee came” she thought. Swara walked up to them and stood with Rohan.

She released Ragini from Sanskar’s hold. “Uncle is right” said Swara and Sanskar looked at her shocked. He stumbled and stood trying to hold himself. “Sanskar” Sujata held him from falling. “No” he gasped. Ragini closed her fist to control herself from rushing to him. He looked at her with painful eyes. “Why?” he whispered. “To take revenge for our sister’s death from your brother” Swara spoke as she knew Ragini was not able to speak.

“I can’t believe AJ is behind the accident” Ragini spoke when they were analyzing the proofs. “That’s the fact Juliet you have to accept it” spoke Rohan placing his hand over her shoulder and consoling her. “No my AJ can’t do this” she looked at him with tearful eyes. “This all points to him only Ragu. And I’m sure he is acting that he has lost his mental balance” Rohan rubbed her shoulder. “I won’t leave him” Swara spoke closing her fist. “What can we do?” Ragini spoke dull. “You have to enter MM to expose him Ragini” Swara held her shoulders. “But why me dee. Proposal has come for you” Ragini looked at her confused. “Because he trusts you Ragini and you only can punish him for his deeds”

“So this was all plan to kill my son” Sujata approached Ragini and held her from her elbow. “Why did you do this Ragini we trusted you so much. Why” she screamed jerking Ragini. “Mom don’t scream at her she…” Sanskar stopped his words and looked at Ragini painfully. “She panics maa” he said and collapsed on the sofa.

“No my Ragini maasi can’t do like this” Piyu ran and hugged Ragini from her legs. Ram dragged Piyu away from Ragini. Ragini closed her eyes painfully.

“Swara is your elder sister?” Ragini jerked to Sanskar’s voice. “What are you talking Sanskar?” Ragini looked at him trying to cover her expressions. “What are you trying to hide Ragini” Sanskar cupped her face. “I’m not hiding anything Sanskar” she jerked his hands and walked from there. He held her hand and dragged her to him. “Please Ragini share it with me we will sort it out together” he kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes painfully. “I wish I could tell you” whispered she. “Share it with me and see I will never let anything bother you” he dragged her more close to him. “I can’t. But one thing. Whatever I’m doing is for our family” hot tears rushed down her cheeks. “Shhh” Sanskar wiped her tears. “Okay fine I will wait until you tell me on your own. I promise. Now can we move we have to reach the venue on time and I have a surprise for you” he kissed her forehead. “What surprise is Ghajni Maheshwari is talking about. Not my birthday at least he can’t remember birthdays for sure” Ragini thought in her mind when he dragged her out with him.

“No no” Sanskar got up from his place and approached Ragini. “Tell me the truth Ragini. You are still hiding something from me” he held her from her shoulders. She looked at him helplessly. “What truth you want to know Sanskar still ha? She never loved you get that in your mind. She just played with your feelings for her own benefit” Ram screamed. “No” Sanskar screamed. He dragged and hugged her. “She is falling weak” Rohan whispered in Swara’s ears. She looked at Ragini who was struggling to control herself from hugging him back

“I can’t live without him dee. I don’t know how will I do that. But I don’t want to hurt him with my words Dee. Because he senses my silence dee and he will catch me if I speak a word” Ragini sobbed in Swara’s hold. “But you have to do this Lado” Sumi caressed her hair. “But maa he will break maa if I tell him all this” she looked up at Sumi helplessly. “I agree I promised I will not confess my love to him but maa how will I deny my feelings for him. We have moved very far in our relationship. I’m… I’m pregnant maa” she held Sumi. Swara closed her mouth shocked. “No” gasped Sumi collapsing on the bed.

“Why did you?” Swara held her head annoyed. “You can’t tell Sanskar this Ragu. He is already on his way and I’m sure he is keeping a track on you and at this stage if you tell this to Sanskar everything will be spoiled” Swara whispered. Ragini held her stomach. “But he has right to know this” Sumi spoke. “Maa why don’t you understand if this truth comes out that she has fallen for him. It will be impossible to save him from that devil. Gradually if that devil comes to know about Ragini’s pregnancy also we will have finished our mission by then. But if we tell this to Sanskar then it will break him more when Ragini will have to leave him” Swara tried convincing Sumi.

“I can’t even tell you that you are going to be dad Sanskar” Ragini looked up sitting on her bed in Swaragini room. Swara placed her hand on Ragini’s shoulder. Ragini turned and hugged her sobbing. “You trust him na?” asked Swara. “I do” she said. “So be tension free. He will not let anything happen to you and your kid. He will bring you out from there soon” Swara caressed her hair consoling her. “Now tomorrow he will call you take this phone” Swara handed her a small phone. “It will stop working after the call. Even if they want to trace they can’t trace the number. Don’t worry” Swara kissed Ragini’s hair.

“Hey Juliet all set to leave” asked Rohan standing at the door smiling. “This Ghanchakkar never takes anything serious na dee. I’m just thinking how did you fall for this dumb” Ragini smiled through her tears. Rohan frowned looking at her. “Exactly being serious is so boring” Rohan made faces. “Awwww Romeo babu. Your Juliet is all ready to board. Hope your tinker bell reaches there on time” Ragini ruffled his hair. “You know he and time are like born enemies like filmy Police never on time” Rohan remarked. Ragini’s face fell. “I know Juliet you are worried for Sanskar. But trust me I will handle him” Rohan cupped her face. She smiled at him. “Haa if you want shall I bring Snow white she will not let him miss you” Ragini frowned at his words. “Dare you be a match maker for my husband I’m gonna kick your ass and you will land in Egypt” Ragini chased him all over.

“He will be here anytime” Rohan looked at his cellphone. He signed Ragini. She nodded her head and closed her eyes painfully.
“Chachu you are right. Maasi is hiding something” Piyu approached them freeing herself from Ram. Sanskar dragged her out of the hug and cupped her face. “Please tell it once Ragini. This is not true. I will fight the world for you” he touched her forehead with his. It looked like they communicated everything just with that touch.

“Don’t be blind Sanskar. She is silent because this is all her deeds” Ram spoke standing in front of them. Sanskar held her from her shoulder and turned to Ram. “No dad I know her more than anybody. She can’t do all this. She loves me and she loves this family like her own”

A man pushed the Maheshwari Mansion gate. “Sir” the watchman asked him. “I’m here to meet Ms. Ragini” he said to the watchman. “Ragini madam. So you are…..” the watchman spoke and he let him inside. He smirked and walked inside.

“Why is she silent then? Let her confess her feelings then. Tell her to confess her feelings for you now and speak the truth” Ram demanded. Sanskar looked at him determined. He cupped Ragini’s face and neared her face and pecked her lips. “Say Ragini. You love me na? Tell it today that you love me Ragini” he asked her helplessly. “I never needed your confession but today all are blaming you for something which you can never do. You cannot betray me. You are not a betrayer. Tell me you love me” tears rushed down his cheeks. Ragini looked at him helplessly. She did not expected this.

“No she loves me” a voice spoke and jerked her. Sanskar’s heart stopped beating when he realized that he wasn’t dreaming but whatever was happening around him was reality. His hands dropped from her cheeks and she looked at him painfully. “Just look into my eyes once Sanskar just once” she prayed in her heart. But he was lost and was looking around to recollect himself. She did not had lot of time to convey her feelings to him. He felt his world collapsed around him.

She moved her eyes to meet his who was standing at the door. Her heart started sinking. Now she cannot let him discover what she had for Sanskar. She composed herself and controlled her emotions from depicting. He shrank his eyebrows and looked at her through his shades and his lips smirked when he found love. Love for someone who was not him. He closed his fist. “Your time starts now angel” he thought and took a deep breath. “Escaping me is gonna cost you something you can’t even imagine. Escaping a devil hun?” his mind laughed evilly.

***************************************THE END****************************************

Finally aagaya. I’m so damn excited due to his arrival. So how was the chappy and how was the glimpse of the Devil. Confusions confusions and confusions. Uff I’m so evil. What to do this devil had made me so. So finally the betrayer is in front of you. Let us discover the Devil in next book. I would say it is not going to be romantic or happy family saga anymore. You will see a lot of action and mysterious plot in the next book, Phew let me take a break now. Ping back to new season cum book The Devil(RAGSAN FF) which will be airing from next week. You will hardly get any RagSan scenes as it is all about the Devil in the beginning and later RagSan. I know it isn’t usual but hope you people will give importance to the plot. You will see the devil in the display picture of the chapter. *evil smirk. I know I’m crazy but what to do he is so impressive you can’t stop admiring him and that’s my personal opinion again

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