Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se Rishta Purana Hai
“Ragu bacha see I have prepared your favorite Poha today. Come down fast” screamed Pari from the dining table. “Pari maa” said a girl of 16 years (Aditi Bhatia) running down. “Ragu what is this Chidiya ka ghosla?” asked a girl (Jannat Zubair) of almost of her age standing behind her and burst out laughing. Ragini looked at her and she was at the verge of crying. “Shona bad manners. She is your sister na. You have to be with her not laugh on her” said Pari glaring her and fixed Ragini’s hair.

“Not fair Di you always take her side” said Swara sad and pouting. “Shona. Ragini is new here na she needs time to adjust right. So instead of making fun of her help her to get along” said Pari holding Swara from her shoulder as they reached dining table. “What are we?” asked Pari. “Awesome Threesome” said Ragini struggling. “Di she said it correctly today” screeched Swara happy. Pari and Swara hugged Ragini and drooled happy. Ragini smiled biting her lower lip and placed her hand on both of their hands.

“Pari maa… Pari maa….”fumbled Ragini in her sleep. Sanskar who was sitting beside her and resting his head near her hand woke up due to her movements. He rubbed his eyes and looked at her. “Pari ma… Don’t go….” she fumbled in sleep. “Ragini” he whispered in her ears. She did not wake up. He neared her more and started calling her calmly. She held his hand. He looked at her confused. “Pari maa… no… don’t go… I need you. Shona dee and me we both…” she spoke and tears rolled down her eyes. Sanskar looked at her confused and looked at her hand with which she was holding him. He sensed she was shivering uncontrollably. He hesitantly moved his right hand to her forehead and touched it and started caressing her hair. She relaxed as he touched her and started cooling down. He sighed when she left his hand and sat back. “Why did she say Pari maa and Shona dee? Swara is younger to her” thought he. Then he brushed his thought and looked at her.

Ragini struggled to sleep when the sun rays touched her face. Sanskar who woke due to her movements again looked at her and found her struggling shrinking her eye brows. He swiftly moved to the window and covered it with curtains. He sighed and turned and found her sleeping peacefully and a smile on her lips. Her smile soothed him more than her painful face. “What is wrong with me?” he said to himself.

“She is alright now. You can take her home” said the doctor after analyzing Ragini as she woke up. “Thank you doctor” said Sanskar as the doctor moved out of the room. He looked back at Ragini who was looking at him blank. He lowered his head and neared her. “Let’s leave” said he and she nodded her head. As she was about to step down from the bed Sanskar forwarded his left hand to hold looking at the other direction.

She looked up at him confused. She held it and tried standing but stumbled and was about to fall but he held her on time and she was standing very near to him as her hands were on his chest and his hands on her bare waist sending butterflies through her abdomen. They both were lost looking at each other. He tightened his grip on her waist which brought her out to the real world and she lowered her head not able to meet his eyes. He looked at her and in next moment picked her and walked out to the parking. Ragini who was shocked due to his action looked at him with wide open eyes. “I… I… can walk” she struggled to say. “Did I say you cannot?” asked he and continued walking to the parking. He made her sit in the car and pulled the seat belt and tucked it. She just kept looking at him. He drove the car to Maheshwari Mansion

He lifted her again when they reached home and walked inside. Ragini had no option. She wasn’t strong enough to resist him. He climbed the stairs and reached his room and placed her on the bed and covered her with the bed sheet. She still looked at him blankly. He placed the medicines on the side table near her and was about to leave. She held his wrist and he turned and asked her what through eyes. “Thank you” said she. “If any stranger was there in your place also I would have done the same. After all you are Pari bhabi’s sister” said he and removed his wrist from her hold and walked out and Ragini just kept staring in his direction.

“Maasi” screeched Piyu entering the room and bringing her to reality. Ragini smiled looking at her and hugged her as she sat beside her. “You did not go to school?” asked Ragini. “Medical leave” said Piyu and chuckled. “What happened to you Piyu are you okay?” asked Ragini concerned. “ohho Maasi nothing like that. You were not well na so” said she. “But why did you take medical leave?” asked she concerned. “Leave na maasi. See you will be bored sitting here on the bed all day so I want to give you company so medical leave” said she bending her head. “But this is the last time. You wont tell lies anymore” said Ragini glaring her. “Okay” said she shaking her head. “Promise?” asked she forwarding her hand and Piyu placed her little palm on it and said “Pakka Promise” Ragini hugged her and looked at the door where Sanskar was smiling looking at them. He hid his smile and stood straight. “Piyu maasi has to eat food. So stay in your room for sometime. I will call you” said he. “I will feed maasi today” said she smiling widely. “Okay” said Sanskar pulling a chair near to the bed and sat. He held Piyu’s hand and helped her to feed Ragini. She smiled through her tears. Sanskar asked her what happened? She just nodded her head.

“Even I want to feed Ragu” said Adarsh stamping his foot standing at the door. “Adi bhai come come” said Sanskar and Adi ran to him clapping his hands. He sat on the bed and took the soup bowl and forwarded the spoon full of soup to her. She looked at him teary eyed and had the soup smiling. “What about us?” said Sujatha and Ram standing at the door. She smiled at them and nodded her head and signed them to come and join. They both sat on the other side of the bed and started feeding her one by one. “Ragini what happened beta?” asked Sujata wiping her tears. Ragini leaned and hugged her and started sobbing. She looked at Ram and Sanskar confused. Sanskar pouted signing he don’t know. “Ragini” said Ram. “Pari maa ki yaad aagayi” said she as she sat straight and wiped her tears. Somewhere her tears made Sanskar restless. Sujata caressed her cheek and said “Mai hu na tumhari maa” Ragini looked at her and burst out crying. Sanskar was confused. Even Piyu doesn’t remember Pari so much and get emotional. As far as he knows Ragini was grown up in London major part of her life time. And there was less possibility her getting attached to Pari so much. She wasn’t even here when Pari got married.

“Maa Rohan is back” said Swara hugging Sumi from back. She turned and cupped Swara’s face and said “Really?” Swara nodded her head smiling through her tears. “Thank God. But we did very wrong with Ladoo. She has to go through so much for us” said she and tears rolled down her cheeks. “Ha maa. I don’t know how she is surviving there? Sanskar must be treating her badly. As far as I know him he can’t tolerate back stabbing people. He will show hell to them. And only because of me she is going through all this” said Swara and hugged Sumi. “Now we cannot talk to her Shona. We have to wait till she initiates contact otherwise everything will go in vain” said Sumi caressing her hair. Swara nodded her head still in her embrace. “She is just like you Janaki. She sacrificed her life her dreams for her sister Swara the same way you did” said she looking at Janaki’s portrait which was covered with a garland.

“Maa I’m hungry” screamed Vikram from dining hall. “Ayi be bhukkad” screamed Sumi and smiled through her tears dragging Swara out of the hug. “Eat now chimpanzee” said Swara serving him the food. “Chipkali you are not doing any favor on me okay” said he(Rohan Mehra) folding his sleeves and started eating. “Vikky. She is elder to you. Behave” said Sumi glaring him. “Just 10 minutes mom. You should have told the doctor to take me the smartest kid out instead of half mental kid” said he showing his tongue to her. “First you have food I will show you who is smart” said Swara smirking. “Shut up you both. Without Ragini I can’t handle you both” said she and placed her palm on her forehead. Vikram stopped eating and left the dining table. “Vikky you should not leave food in between” said Sumi worried. “Unless you stop taking her name I can’t live in this house peacefully maa” said he throwing his hand in air frustrated. “She is your sister Vikram” said she. “She was mom. The moment she snatched Shona’s happiness she is dead to me” said he and started moving furious. “But bhai” said Swara and tried stopping him but Sumi held her hand and nodded her head when she turned. “We can’t share it with him. You remember what Ragini told. Even if it is risky to her life nobody should know this truth” said Sumi and Swara nodded her head painfully. “Always she has to bear the consequences because of me. Starting from her birth maa I have been responsible for everything happened with her” said Swara. “Shona don’t fall weak this is our fight and we have to win this battle. By hook or by crook” said Sumi caressing her cheek and Swara hugged her.
“What are you doing?” asked Sanskar when Ragini was trying to get down from the bed. He stopped her by kneeling beside her. She looked at him surprised. “Wo I was just preparing for sleeping” said she and he moved and said “You sleep on the bed. I will sleep on couch” said he and got up. “No it’s okay I will manage” said she. “Can’t you understand if I tell you once?” he almost screamed and Ragini jerked to his voice and sat breathing heavily.

As he turned and looked at her he found her sitting horrified. He knelt beside her swiftly and held her hand and said “I’m sorry… sorry. I just over reacted” said he and Ragini cooled down as his hands held her hands. They had a strange connection. Though he hated her and she wanted him to hate her his touch had the healing power to cool her anxiety. She just took a deep breath. Sanskar made her drink the water from the glass and made her lie on the bed. He covered her with the bed sheet and patted her head to make her sleep and she dozed off after some time. He got up and headed to couch and lied on it and started looking at her

“You have to be very careful with her. I think she has gone through some trauma. She is very reserved kind of personality. She will never tell you her problem but you have to understand her and be calm. I know fights are common in a married life but she has to be handled with care” he remembered Doctor’s advice. “I can’t believe something is bothering you. You said you love me and that’s why you sat in Swara’s place. When your wish has fulfilled what is bothering you Ragini. From the day we met for the first time from then only I can’t see your pain. I thought you will try to get close to me but you run away from me before I do so. I really can’t understand you” thought he and closed his eyes facing the ceiling and tried sleeping.

“Hello Sumi ji” said Sujata over the phone. “Nahi aunty mumma left her phone while going outside” said Swara. “Oh Swara beta how are you?” asked Sujata as she was feeling awkward to talk to Swara who seemed as the victim of the situation. “I’m good aunty. What happened? Anything important? Tell me I will pass the message to maa” said Swara. “How to tell her about Ragini’s condition? What if she feels bad as we accepted Ragini?” said Sujata to herself. “Nothing beta just tell her…” she was interrupted by Swara who said “Wait aunty maa came back I will give the phone to her” and handed the phone to Sumi signing Sujata. She looked at Swara confused and took the phone and spoke “Haa Sujata ji tell me” “Wo actually Sumi ji.

We just wanted to talk about Ragini” said Sujata and Sumi’s heart skipped a beat. She struggled a bit and spoke “What about her Sujata ji? That day only I told she is dead for me” Tears roll down her cheeks. She looked at Janaki’s photo and whispered a sorry. “Ji wo just wanted to know did she had any problem regarding her health earlier?” asked Sujata hesitantly. Sumi widened her eyes shocked. “How did she know?” she thought. “Ji what happened why are you asking me all this?” asked she hiding her concern. “Yesterday we had been to hospital as she had high fever suddenly to check so doctor was asking if she had suffered any mental problem. So just wanted to know” said Sujata nervous. Sumi sat on the sofa with a thud. Swara sat beside her worried and Sumi signed her not to talk. And she nodded her head. “Ji nothing of that sort. Please Sujatha ji I don’t want to talk about her. Namaste” said she and disconnected the call and pressed her lips to control her cry. “Maa what happened?” asked Swara worried. “Ragu bacha” said she and burst out crying.

“She won’t stay there anymore. I’m getting her back” said Swara getting up after Sumi shared her worry about Ragini might have fainted due to fever. “No shona. She has come so far. Please don’t spoil her hard work. Please control your emotions” said Sumi stopping her. “Maa she is suffering. I had promised Pari dee that I will take care of her and now I can’t let her to suffer like this. I’m sure that Sanskar might have done something with her. You know she gets frightened when someone screams at her and she will suffer high fever due to it.

And I’m damn sure he might have behaved very rudely with her. And I cannot let her suffer more maa. I can’t” said she and wiped her tears. “Shona listen to me” said Sumi. “Let her go aunty. Let her put Ragini’s life at risk.” said Rohan who entered the Gadodia Mansion just then. “Rohan I don’t have any interest in arguing over it please” said Swara and started moving. He held her from her elbow to stop her. He leaned and his nose touched her head. He closed his eyes letting tears flow. “She has done so much for us Shona. Please don’t risk her life. You agree or not she is safe only with Sanskar. Even if he tortures her at least her life will not be at risk” said he and sobbed. Swara closed her eyes letting the tears. She turned and hugged him and he placed his chin over her head enclosing her in his embrace. “She is my sister Rohan” said she. “Have you forgotten she is my life” said he and she nodded her head. Sumi wiped her tears looking at them.
“You got up?” asked Sanskar as he saw Ragini opening her eyes through the mirror(It was fixed that day itself :p) She looked at him rubbing her eyes. He fixed his tie and said “Go get freshen up. Maa has made breakfast come down” and walked out. She stared his direction shocked. “What is wrong with him today?” she said to herself. She walked to the washroom and freshened up and walked down. “What are you waiting for?” asked Sanskar when Ragini stood near the dining table. She looked at him and asked “Hmmm?”. “Sit” said he. Ram who was drinking water choked and coughed badly. “Uncle” said Ragini concerned nearing him. She patted his head and he relaxed. “What happened?” asked Sujata who came out of Kitchen worried.

“Tell your son to behave normal. He gives me shocks” said Ram relaxing. “What did I do now?” asked Sanskar confused. “You told Ragu to sit” said Adarsh biting his lower lip and smiling. “Arrey maasi when chachu told you to sit then sit” said Piyu pushing her and made her sit. She smiled and went back to her chair. Ragini was sitting beside Sanskar and was shivering. “What happened?” asked he as he observed her and she jerked suddenly and smiled weakly and nodded her head.

As they were having food Sanskar observed her hands shaking. “What happened to her?” he thought to himself. She finished her food and headed to kitchen to help Sujata in cleaning. “Maa tell her to take rest” said Sanskar standing at the Kitchen door. Sujata smiled and turned to him. “Why your tongue has stopped working?” asked she. He glared her and she chuckled and turned back. “Waise she is your wife she doesn’t listen to us” said she as she arranged the food. Ragini pleaded her through eyes and she smirked. “Ragini” he called her and she jerked again. He looked at her confused. “Go take rest” said he and watched her she stood unmoved. “I said go take rest” said he a bit strict.

She jerked again. Sujata turned and glared him. She signed what are you doing. He looked at her helplessly. She sighed and signed him to take her and he nodded his head and she glared him. He pouted and walked inside. He lifted her and was walking. “I just told to take her didn’t mean to carry” said she and chuckled. Sanskar’s face flushed with embarrassment. “My wife. You have any problem?” asked he and Ragini looked at him shocked. “Why will I have any problem” said she and turned and chuckled silently. He sighed and walked to his room. “I… I…” she fumbled and when he looked at her she stopped and avoided eye contact. “I have to find out why is she behaving so strange?” he thought to himself when he continued walking lifting her and looking at her. Sujata gave high five to Ram. “Finally things are getting back to normal, let them take time to fall in place” said Sujata placing her head on Ram’s shoulder and both of them watched Sanskar entering his room with Ragini.

“My wife you have any problem?” his voice ringed in her mind when she was turning her sides on the bed not able to sleep in the night. “Ragini what happened?” asked he still with closed eyes. “N.. nothing” said she. “Then why are you turning sides?” asked he with closed eyes. “How do you know?” she asked confused as she got up from the bed with shock. “Your anklets” said he. She looked at her legs and then at him and lied back. She kept staring him. His recent change in behavior, his care everything flashed in front of her. “How cute he looks cutipie” she thought in her mind and smiled looking at his cute face. As he moved she got scared and turned swiftly. Sanskar opened his eyes and looked at her. He closed his eyes again and tried sleeping. “Ragini concentrate for what you are here. Nobody should distract you. Not even he. You have to control yourself from losing to him. For you most important is your mission for which you have come here. Nothing else nothing else” said she in her mind and closed her eyes and tried sleeping.
“Adi bhai what mess you have created?” asked Sanskar entering Adarsh’s room which was messed up. “I want my box” said he pouting. “Which box Adi bhai tell me” asked Sanskar. “Pari’s box. She had given me necklace to gift Ragini on her wedding. We bought it in Darjeeling. Ragini selected it” said he and looked around. “Ragini selected it?” he looked at Adarsh confused. “Adi bhai knew Ragini from that time?” he thought to himself.

“Wait wait Adi bhai. I will search it” said Sanskar stopping him and made him sit on the bed. Adarsh pouted and sat on the bed folding his legs up. Sanskar searched his cupboard and did not find anything. “He must be hallucinating” thought he. “Search there” said Adarsh and Sanskar followed his hand direction and looked up. He found a old box which was pushed back making it invisible. He wiped the dust on it and as the dust entered his nostrils he sneezed and coughed. Finally he cleaned it a bit and Adarsh grabbed it from his hand smiling and opened it. “This is the one” said he taking a Jwellery box from inside and threw the box down. Sanskar smiled looking at Adarsh’s happiness looking at the necklace and turned to leave but his steps stopped when he discovered a book inside the box. He bent and picked it up. It was a beautiful pink dairy with a cute book mark. He wiped the dust on it and looked at it.
A/N: Didn’t expected me updating this early isn’t it. Now I will update next week but not sure when. Happy reading

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    swara, sumi and rohan trying to hide and lied many things from sanskar. even pari’s character is also increasing suspense. entire story is revolving around ragini.
    eagerly waiting for the next…. update soon

    1. Sally_blr

      You commented yippiee partying. I hope to not to disappoint your thirst for mystery. Thank you so much

  35. Omg. What an amazing story dr. It’s awesome. I loved the whole concept. Whole story is different from guilt except Ragu’s stubborness and her childishness with her closed ones. A little bit of fb gave some understanding but as a whole the mission they are speaking is unknown. Very happy to see Vikram back that too swara nd Vikram bond remains same but feeling bad for ragu. She has to suffer a lot from her childhood. Sanky’s care for her is something soothing, yet mysteries are yet to unfold. Who’s rohan, didn’t swara loved Sanky, is adi really not well or he’s also acting, is any threat for Ragu’s life???? So many questions. Waiting for ur update. Take care

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