“Ragini… Ragini… “ screamed Sanskar from his room. Ragini who was pouring coffee in the mug jerked and the coffee spilled on her hand. She winced in pain and sucked her hand to cool it. “Ragini relax beta” said Sujatha who was watching her helplessly.

“Fine mom I will give a chance to this marriage but on one condition. You will not interfere in this” Sujatha remembered Sanskar’s words few days back when he was threatening Ragini to sign the divorce papers. It had been a month from the time they got married and Sanskar was trying everything to break Ragini. So that she herself backs off from this marriage. In order to hurt her he was even ready to forget his values. So much that Sujatha and Ram were feeling helpless and disgusted about it.

“Ji your coffee” said Ragini entering his room with a tray. She walked nervously and stood near him. “What are you waiting for? Keep the mug on the table” said he without looking at her. She looked at his table which was filled with papers. She found a little space and was about to keep the mug but her hand touched Sanskar’s hand and the coffee mug slipped and all the coffee spilled on his table. His laptop caught a short circuit and it smoked. Ragini looked at it horrified. Sanskar was shocked. He looked at her and fumed. “Can’t you do one thing properly in your life? “ he screamed standing up. She jerked and started shivering.

He neared her and held her from her elbows and pinned her to the glass of the cupboard so forcefully that the glass broke and pierced her skin and she winced in pain. “It’s hurting Sanskar” said she when he still pushed her. “So enjoying being Mrs Maheshwari ha?” asked he smirking. “I’m sorry but it wasn’t my fault” said she with closed eyes. “of course it is your fault. You entered my life it was your fault. You betrayed me that’s your fault. You sat in Swara’s place that’s your fault. And you say it’s not your fault. How can you be so shameless Mrs. Maheshwari? “ asked he and pushed her further. “please Sanskar’s leave me. Its paining” said she pleading him. Tears were continuously streaming down her cheeks. She was nodding her head which she rested back.

“Chachu…” screamed Piyu who was watching them standing at the door. Sanskar who was lost in his revenge came back to sense and looked at the door. He left Ragini when he found Piyu staring him. Ragini collapsed on the floor leaning and wincing with pain. He left the room as he could not meet Piyu’s eyes which were asking him explanation for his act which was so brutal and inhuman. Piyu’s eyes followed him till he disappeared.

She entered the room and sat near Ragini who was still wincing in pain. “Maasi” said she as she wiped Ragini’s tears. Ragini looked at her and hugged her and started sobbing like a small kid. Piyu touched her back which was bleeding.

“Your Ragini maasi is the smallest kid in the world. She won’t even resist if someone is hurting her. Innocent like a small kid. But she never does anything wrong” Piyu remembered Pari’s words. She dragged Ragini out of the hug and wiped her tears. she helped Ragini to stand and walk to the bed. she brought the ointment for the first aid box and started applying on her wounds. Luckily glass piece hadn’t pierced deeply. Ragini winced when the ointment touched her wound. Piyu blew air to cool her pain.

“I’m sorry Ragini mausi this is all due to me na. I forced Chachu to get Swara maa so he is doing all this to send you out. I’m really bad” said she in cracking voice. Ragini wiped her tears and hugged her. “You are my Pari maa’s kid how can you be bad. You are the best kid in the world. Your Chachu is just angry on me. I spoiled his laptop na?” said she cupping her face and kissing her forehead. “I will never ask Chachu to bring Swara maa. You only stay with us. At least Chachu will not hurt you like this” said she in a cracking voice and Ragini covered her in her embrace and closed her eyes letting the tears. Ram who was passing by Sanskar’s room watched them with tears in his eyes.
“Fish” said Sanskar’s banging his hand on the table. He looked at his fingers a bit of Ragini’s blood was there. He remembered how badly he behaved with her in the morning. “what are you making yourself Sanskar. Just for that selfish girl you are forgetting humanity. That’s what she wants and she is succeeding also. No no I will not let her win never” said he to himself.
“You are nobody to me now. And you don’t effect me. And I will prove it” said he gritting his teeth. He remembered Piyu’s scream and it made him shiver. No I can’t let Piyu’s emotion melt towards you. I will protect my family from you Ragini. They are innocent enough to believe your lies. But I’m not. I know your intentions very well and I will get rid off you now but within legal procedure” said he determined.
“Swara” said someone standing behind Swara when she was standing in a park. She turned and hugged the person immediately and burst out crying. “why did you take so much time Rohan? You know of Ragini wasn’t there I would have died by this time….” she was stopped by Rohan who closed her mouth with his palm. (Rohan played by Aamir Ali) He nodded his head painfully. She again hugged him and burst out crying.
“Where is she maa I had told you she will do all the work in this house?” Sanskar sitting on the dining table for dinner. “She is in Piyu’s room making her sleep. Waise she only cooked don’t worry. I’m just serving.” said Sujatha and sat on the chair. “Ragini come beta have dinner” said Ram when he spotted Ragini entering Sanskar’s room. “no uncle I’m not hungry” said she and walked inside. Sanskar observed her pale face. “you are very bad bad bro” said Adarsh. Sanskar’s looked at him confused. “You hurt Ragu again” said he pouting angry. “Adi have food. Your bro doesn’t understand human language”said Sujatha and Ram chuckled listening her. Sanskar’s glared her and had his food.

He entered his room and found her sleeping on the ground already. He lied on his bed and tried sleeping. In midnight he heard some murmuring and woke up. “what is her problem now. Can’t she let me sleep now?” he said annoyed. He observed her as she was shivering very badly. He neared her to check. “Pari maa… Pari maa…” she was murmuring. “Ragini” said he to wake her as he sensed she might be seeing a bad dream.

“Pari maa… I didn’t do anything. Sanskar hurt me… Maa it’s paining…. Very badly…..” she murmured. Sanskar felt bad for her condition which was due to his outburst. As his hand touched her skin he realized she was burning with fever.

“oh god she has high fever. Ragini… Ragini… “ he tried waking her but no use. He turned her and picked in his arms and carried her down. “maa… papa… .” he called them. Sujatha and Ram rushed out of their room. They were shocked looking at Sanskar who was carrying Ragini. “What happened?” asked Sujatha concerned.

“Maa she has high fever” said he helplessly. “How come suddenly?” asked Sujatha. She placed her palm on Ragini’s forehead and found it burning. “Hey Bhagvan ithna fever?” she said worried. They headed out with her to a nearby hospital.

“is she suffering with something? I mean kind of mental problem? “ asked the doctor after analyzing her. “ No doctor nothing like that” said Sujatha. “I have given her blood samples for testing any viral fever. Because on top it doesn’t look like normal fever” said he. “Actually doctor she got married to our son just a month back so we don’t have any idea of her medical condition. If you want I will call her parent for confirming if anything like that” said Ram. “okay better you check with them” said he and walked out. They looked at each other confused.
A/N : Heyya missed me? Okay I know this is small chappy. I will be back soon.

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