“Sign this” said Sanskar throwing a paper in front of Ragini when she was arranging the dining table after the breakfast. She looked at him confused. “What is this?” asked she. “I don’t have so much time to explain you just sign it. If you want you can read it. I want it signed by evening” said he and headed out of the house. She picked it up and realized it is kind of legal paper and as her eyes moved down the two words written in bold made her heart pain “DIVORCE PAPER” she freaked out. Her eyes widened.

She knew he doesn’t like her and want to get rid off her but so much desperate to divorce her she never knew. It was just the third day after the marriage and how can he be so casual about all these? Those seven vows had no meaning at all for him? A tear dropped from her eye. And she closed her eyes and sobbed holding the table. Sanskar watched her from the window for the last time before disappearing. He doesn’t know why her pain pained him. Though he claimed to hate her from the core of his heart but her pain was something which was effecting though slowly it was effecting him. And he was unable to understand why. “I want you to suffer more Ragini. More than my imagination, though I forget my humanity I have to give you pain and only pain” he smirked and disappeared.

“I will take all your hate Sanskar. All your hate” said she as the tears streamed down her cheeks.
“Piyu” called Sujata from the dining hall. “Ayi dadu” screeched Piyu. As she descended from the stairs her one leg slipped and she screamed as she was about to fall but Ragini held her safely. She opened her eyes which she shut due to fear and found Ragini smiling. “Thanks” she said without expression and walked straightening herself. Ragini smiled at least she said a word to her. Other than hate she could see a expressionless face at least. “Piyu your school bus must be coming” said Sujata and headed out with Piyu. Looking at her innocent face Ragini forgot her pain. “Ragu” called Adarsh from his room and she headed to his room.

As she entered his room she burst out laughing. “What happened?” asked Ram standing beside her as he was passing by Adarsh’s room and burst out laughing looking at Adarsh.

Adarsh was pouting looking at them as he was covered with all the Saris across him. Ragini nodded her head and neared him. She made him to come out of the mess and he sat on the bed. “What were you doing AJ?” asked she cleaning the mess. “I was just finding Pari’s haar. She wanted to gift you that when you will get married” said he and Ragini’s face stiffened and she became numb. The marriage which Sanskar broke in the morning her AJ was planning to gift her; for that broken marriage. She composed herself and cleaned the mess. “Let it be AJ. I don’t want anything” said she and placed all the Saris inside the cup board. Ram observed her sadness. “How does she manage to smile even after so much hatred she gets” he thought to himself. “No Ragu. It is very important” said Adarsh with wide open eyes. “Okay okay AJ we will search it ok. Now you play. We will search tomorrow” said Ragini and he nodded his head and continued playing. She looked at him and her gaze turned to Pari’s photo on the wall where she was smiling with her evergreen smile.
Teri muskurahate hai takat meri…..
Mujhko inhi se umeed mili……..
Chahe kare koi sitam yeh jaha…..
Inhi me hai sada hifazat meri…..
Ragini smiled and headed out wiping her tears. Ram headed to his room with null expression.

“What happened Ji?” asked Sujata placing her hand on Ram’s shoulder when he was sitting on the bed and was lost in thoughts. “Nothing Suji” said he and came out of his thoughts. “Won’t you tell me?” asked she. “I don’t know why Suji but I feel Ragini is hiding something. Though she did wrong and is responsible for Sanskar’s pain I feel she is going through something bigger than that” said he. “Shall I tell you something? Even I feel the same. She is so innocent it is visible in her eyes. She claims to love Sanskar but I never saw it in her eyes. If she loves him then why she hesitates and becomes nervous around him? Might be due to his hatred, but if she loves him why is she not trying to reduce the hatred instead she just tolerates it without complaining” said she worried. “And I saw him handing the divorce paper in the morning” said he. “We have to do something Ji. Marriage is not a joke or something which can be broken so easily. They wanted it or not they are in this and they have to be in this forever though they hate each other.” said she. “Haa Suji. And we have to do something” said he and Sujatha placed her head on his shoulder and he rubbed her shoulder. “I have accepted her as my bahu though it is fate” Sujata. “So won’t you do the rituals to welcome your Bahu?” asked he. “She has already started cooking na in which your son always finds problems” said she looking up at him. “That was really hilarious” said he chuckling remembering that day incident. Sujata hit him playfully on his chest and he dragged her close and placed his chin on her head. “Then we can start with Mu dikhayi rasam at least” said he.

“Hmm nice idea. Finally I can introduce my daughter in law to our community” said Suji smiling. “And do her mu dikhayi rasam when your son is at home” said he. “Why?” asked she confused. “You do it. You will realize later” said he and she nodded her head.
“Sanskar tomorrow stay at home” said Sujata when he finished his dinner and was about to go to his room. “Why mom?” asked he. “Ragini’s mu dhikayi tomorrow so I want you to stay” said she and the glass in Ragini’s hand slipped and broke into pieces and a piece pierced her leg. “Ouch” said she as the blood oozed out of her toe. “Ragini” screamed Sujatha approaching her worried. Ragini bent and held her leg. Ram rushed to her. “Ragu what happened?” asked Adarsh as he approached her and tried touching the wound kneeling in front of her. Sanskar was looking at them shocked. “Did she manipulate all of them so soon?” he thought in his mind.

Ragini held Adarsh’s shoulder for support and winced in pain. “Sanky” called out Adarsh bringing him out of his thoughts. “What drama she is doing now?” asked Sanskar approaching her. “Behave Sanskar she is your wife” said Sujata. “That is what I’m not understanding mom. She cheated me and how can you even consider her as my wife. Only Swara has that right alright. Don’t address her as my wife” said he annoyed. “You first take her to room” said Ram and Sanskar looked at him shocked. “Which room? She doesn’t have any room here. It is my courtesy that I let her stay in this house” said he. “Will you stop all this nonsense now. Her toe is bleeding for God sake. Take her to your room. And she will stay there only from now” said Sujata glaring him. “But mom” said he. “Adarsh take her to Sanky’s room. This idiot is not gonna listen to me” said she and Adarsh complied and lifted her and headed to Sanskar’s room and placed her on the bed.

Ram dressed her wound after convincing her a lot. “Aunty that’s okay I will stay in hall only” said Ragini worried. “No Ragini you will stay in this room and with Sanskar” said she and Sanskar looked at her shocked. “And it is my final decision” said she. “Mom you cannot force me into this relation. I have already thought of divorcing her so all your antics are not gonna work on me” said he annoyed. “Marriage isn’t joke Sanskar. You cannot run out of it” said she. “Exactly tell this to her. Marriage isn’t a joke. Without love she cannot be in my life and she or you cannot force me into this” said he furious. “We aren’t forcing you Sanskar. We are just asking you to give a chance to this relation” said Ram. “I don’t want to give a blo*dy chance to this dad. I love Swara and I will always and this lady can expect only one emotion from me and that is my hatred nothing else” said he. “Swara is not in your fate Sanskar but Ragini is. You have to accept it” said Sujata.

“And you cannot force me to do it mom. I will bring Swara in my life” said he. “And I will not let it happen” they all heard Ragini’s cracking voice and when they all turned to her they found her fuming and looking at Sanskar. “You think you can stop me?” asked he. “I have already stopped you once and I will do it all my life” said she and met his eyes with her fierce eyes. “You are challenging me?” asked he. “I’m warning you” said she and he had no reply. He could sense her anger growing inside her. Sometimes back she was all calm and now suddenly she became so dangerous. Can someone have such diverse personalities within? Did he really knew Ragini? Then who is she who was sitting in front of him?

Ragini spread the bed sheet on the floor and lied. Sanskar lied on his bed and watched her. She covered herself with her Sari but as she was lying on the floor the cold was intolerable. After few hours when Sanskar opened his eyes and he found her shivering. He couldn’t control himself and threw the bed sheet to her. She pulled it over her and slept covering herself completely. He closed his eyes and dozed off.
“She is really beautiful” said a lady who lifted Ragini’s ghungat. Ragini smiled at her and took blessings from the lady. The lady gifted her a box and she received it. “Swara na her name?” asked the lady standing beside Sujatha. “No” said Sujatha. She looked at Ragini whose eyes were teary. “Ragini” said she and the lady looked at her confused. “That was the girl’s sister name na. Your bahu’s name was Swara” said she. “Wo wo” Sujata struggled to say. “Mom give her the answer” said Sanskar mocking. Sujata became helpless. Sanskar sensed her embarrassment. Whatever the situation was she was his mom, he couldn’t leave her in this state.

“Actually aunty she is my wife and you should not bother much about her name. She is now Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari and that’s what is most important” said Sanskar and Sujata looked at him blank and Ragini looked at him shocked. He accepted her as his wife in front of the world though he did not considered her as his wife. Sujata looked at Ram who was smirking. He exactly knew this will happen that is why he told her to make Sanskar attend the function. Sujata stood beside Sanskar and whispered “Thank you” “I did this to avoid your embarrassment nothing else” said he and watched forward where ladies were lifting Ragini’s ghungat and she smiling and greeting them and receiving the gifts. Her half covered face made his eyes fixed to her face. Her long nose ring covering her lips. Some unknown feelings were creeping inside him.

When her lips stretched to smile those tiny wrinkles on them made his heart race. His lips shivered and he folded them and continued staring her. When she moved her head to him their eyes met and did not wanted to move. It felt strange. It felt new. There was no second thought that Ragini was beautiful but will his attraction to her is so strong that it can overcome his love for Swara? He wasn’t sure what exactly he was feeling. She moved her eyes not able to tolerate his intense gaze and it brought him to reality and he left a lump of breath and moved his gaze away from her but again within seconds his eyes moved back to her face. It wasn’t attraction it was something stronger than that. “Ragini go take rest in your room” said Sujata as the ritual finished and she got busy in serving the guests. Ragini smiled at her and got up to head back to room. As her leg was still paining she was struggling to watch and stumbled and was about to fall but Sanskar held her on time. He held her shoulder with one hand and with other hand held her hand. As she sensed his strong grip she looked up and met his eyes again. It didn’t had the hatred but a confusion today. A confusion about his own feelings. He lifted her and headed to room. “When they love each other so much then obviously nothing else matters” said one lady to Sujatha who was watching them shocked. She smiled at the lady. Ragini kept staring him and he walked without meeting her eyes. Her heart was racing uncontrollably. His grip on her waist made her shiver. “Concentrate Ragini you cannot lose to him” she thought to herself and composed her melting emotions.
“Swara your phone is ringing” said Sumi. Swara smiled at her weakly and silenced her phone. “You are only meant for me” Sanskar’s words flashed in her mind and she closed her eyes. “Shona” said Sumi sitting beside her. She leaned to her and burst out crying. “I know beta you cannot come out of it immediately. But you have to try at least” said Sumi caressing her hair. Swara tightened her grip on Sumi’s shoulder and shut her eyes tightly. Her phone ringed and both of their gaze shifted to it. Swara disconnected the call. “I’m happy that you decided this. It’s for your own good” said Sumi and kissed Swara’s forehead. She closed her eyes and let the tears flow. Sumi hugged her and patted her head.

“Why is she not picking my call” said Sanskar looking at his phone. “Stop trying Sanskar” said Ragini who was sitting on the bed. He looked at her and found her fuming. “What?” asked he confused. “I said forget about Swara” said she. “You think I will listen to you?” asked he smirking. “How much ever you try she is not gonna come in your life” said Ragini. “You don’t know me that’s why you are talking like this. My love is not that weak. You cannot get me with these cheap tricks of yours” said he. She smirked looking at him. “Your love has already failed. And about me getting you. Have you forgotten I have already got you. And I will not let you move out. Not now not ever” said she. He held her shoulders and made her stand.

“Don’t be over smart with me Ragini. Your innocent face and these adarsh bahu antics will not work with me” said he. She looked at him blank and her eyes struggled as his grip tightened more and more making her shoulder pain. She winced in pain and his grip loosened but his eyes could not move away from her eyes and he moved more close to her. Ragini sensed his moves and avoided eye contact which broke his trance. And she jerked his hand and sat on the bed again. “What is wrong with me?” he thought and headed out pulling his hair frustrated. “No Ragini control yourself. You cannot loose. You cannot” she held the bed edge as tight as she could and closed her eyes.

Special Credit for the cover pic to my lovely sister Joona who edited it specially for my story. Thank you so so much sweetheart. Lots and lots of love

Hope you people liked the chappy. Important thing I’m taking a break from writing. I actually did not wanted to start this new story so early but somehow the thought came in my mind. But I need time to develop this because I know you have high expectations from my stories so I don’t want to give less importance to any story so I need time to draft. I will be back soon but not sure when. Take care and if I find something new I will publish it. I can see the readers are reducing already but I know there are many silent readers also and most of the people are having their exams and are on a break from the site. I don’t compel anyone to comment but the thing is I need time to develop this story hope you will understand. Bye take care. Hope you will remember my story. Love you all.

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