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Sanskar maheshwari…dp n ap ‘s only son…for him his parents are everything…loves betting n a top class flirt…bt never plays with a girl’s dignity…but can do anything for winning bet…

Swara bose shekhar n shomi’s only daughter a scholar…belongs to middle class family….

Both are in same college swara got transferd to his college in mid year…

Swara’s first day at college..
She entered the college n went to her class…sanky n his gang ie. Kavita kavya laksh ranveer n kabir use to make fun of her daily…

Kabir: look at her yr she is a book worm
Kavya:lol ryt yr…i wonder if she recall lectures in sleep too
Sanky: guyz jo b ho..she is different

Everyone together ” u lyk her?”

Sanky: what?!!! Wait no…she is not my type

Ranveer: but guyz she is hard to crack…she won’t give a damn to anyone ..not even to u sanky

This hurts his ego ” no one can ignore sanskar maheshwari got it”

Kavita: so lets bet on this i challange u to make her fall for u …agree?

Sanky:done i bet u guyz…she will fall for me definately….

Kabir: lets see…

A week later swara was going towards her home suddenly some goons strtrd teasing her n sanky came n save her….she was moved with his gesture…
Sanky: are u allright?
Swara: hmm thnx for saving me..
Sanky: koi ldki hoti to i will do this only
Swara:(in mind) wow what a gentle man yr…respects girls…
Sanky:(firwards his hand )hello sanskar maheshwari final year management n u ?
Swara: swara bose final year Final year finance…
**SwaSan both feel smthng with the hand shake**
Sanky: achha come i will drop u home….

He droped her at her home n went to meet some guyz…he gave them a packet full of money n says” well done use sach m lga k tum goons ho”
**sanky actully hired some junior actors to do the that he can save swara n make her fall**

Sanky use to help swara in her small small things…lyk finding a book in library…completing assignmnts…etc…
His tricks really works n swara started falling for him…
Itz almost a couple of monthes n swara has fallen for him completly….she use to call him daily…she use to tell her small things to him…but does he love her???

@ MM
Sanky’s gang come to meet him
Kavita hugs him n says” so u again defeated me haan u make that girl fall for u”
Sanky:(thinks smthng i will tell u later) ya kavita …
Kabir: so when u r gonna break her heart..
Sanky:(shocked) what?
Kavya: obviously yr…u dont love her she was just a thing which u hv to win…
Laksh: n now when will u break will be osm na
Kavya: bt guyz kahi vo sucide vucide na kr le
Ranveer:pgl h kya…why would she do that
Kavya: yr cz she is an idiot for her love is everything…
Sanky:guyz i hv to go smwhere will catch u later….
Sanky went to their favourite place…actully swara’s fav place he closes his eyes n thinks smthng n rembers his n swara’s moments
swara n sanky were sitting together swara put her head on his Shoulder n says”u kno sanky when m with u i feel protected…i luv u so much….i hv never come so close to anyone but u r special…u r my lyf…”
Sanky:what if i die
Swara:i will kill myself i cant live without u…
Sanky kisses her forehead
Sanky:oh god she is innocent n i hv done this much for a bet only(feels guilty)

He was passing from a road n recalled smthng
sanky n swara were going n she suddenly saw a kulfi wala n shouts”stop sanskar”
Sanky:(stops the bike) what happend swara?
Swara:(innocently) i want to eat kulfi
Sanky:(amazed) :O itz cold swara.
Swara:(with puppy face) pleaseeeeee
Sanky:(smiles) ok bt only one ha …

Sanky was restless he was feeling guilty …he calls swara…

Swara: hello sanakar:-)
Sanky: i want to tell u smthng meet me tmrw at 11at our spot
Swara:(in mind) so atlast he is proposing me haan…”ok i will be there”

@ GM
Swara was happy she cant control herself frm being happy..
Aditi:swara what happend y r u so happy?
Swara:bhabhi i hv told h abt sanskar na…
Aditi : ya
Swara: he will be proposing me tmrw…he asked me to meet him at 11
Aditi: congratz then or fir mamaji mami ji kokb btayegi?
Swara: phle propose to krne do use..then i will tell ma baba about him.
Swara was so happy that she reached at 10…kavita n kavya were passing frm there…they saw her happy n go to her
Kavita: swara y r u so happy?
Swara: none of ur business kavita..
Kavya: koi ni be Happy jb tk sanky ki sachhai ni pta chl jati
Swara:(shocked) sachhai kaisi sachhai
Kavita:o baby u believe that sanky luvs u but itz nt lyk that we hv a bet that he will make u fall …n look he won the bet..
Swara:(angry) dont u dare to say anything about him…n vese b aj colg ka last day h so i dont want to talk to u
Kavya:keep waiting baby he willnt come..
Swara:(determined) he will come..
SwRa keeps on waiting fir him itz 8 n itz raining heavyly
Aditi n arjun wers tense as swara did reach home they decide to serch for her at 11 they found her at that point where sanky ask her to meet…she was still waiting…
Aditi: swsra what r u doing here we were so scared…
Swara: he will come..i kno
Arjun: shona get up u r wet u will fall ill
Swara: he will come bhai..he will come i kno
She keeps on repeating her sentense “he will come i kno”
At last arjun slapped her tightly n took her forefully to home…

Itz been 15 days bt swara is still saying that he will come i kno…they tried alot to make her normal bt all in vain…arjun n aditi called her parents…they counsulted a psychaterist(sry for spelling)….they sent her to mumbai for her betterment…she stays with her cousion ragini…
An year has passed bt sanky doesnt contact her she was all broken but still believes that he will come…
Ragini: shona u hv to come with me..
Swara:no ragu they are u in laws i dont want to come…
Ragini: i will not go if u will not come n that’s final
@ragini’s sasural

Swara n ragini along with ragini’s to be in laws were sitting in hall then a guy came down from stairs n swara’s eyes filled with teards she stood up n ran towards the guy n hugged him tightly…everyone was shocked to see her action…
Swara keeps on hugging that guy bt he doesnt respond to hug n make her stand away..
Swara:(happly) i knew it k tum aoge u cant betray me sanskar..
Ragini was shocked to hear this”swara he is that sanakar”
Swara: yup ragu he is my sanskar
Ragini’s in laws were shocked to hear the name”swara”
Sanskar: look mam u hv mistaken i dont kno u…m meeting u for the first tym…now please excuse me i hv lots of work to do…

Swara sit on ground with a thud n cry her heart out …then a lady came n hold her n ask her “u r swara bose”
Swara nodded yes
Lady: m annapurna sanskar’s mum…thnku beta thnku for everything
Swara n ragini were shocked then ap tell her everything
1 year ago…
Sanky: ma i want to tell u smthng
Ap: ha beta bolo
Sanky: mum m in love
Ap:(surprised) what???
Sanky: yes mum bt ( tells everythng about bet n all)
Ap: beta itz wrong ..go n tell her everything about bet n ur luv m sure she will accept u
Sanky:thnku ma luv u…
He was leaving then ap called him
Sanky: ji ma
Ap: meri bahu ka naam to btata ja
Sanky:(blushes) ma vo swara bose
Next day on the way to meet swara he met an accident..n went into coma for 7 mnths when he gained conciousness he had forgotten his some memories…he doesnt rember his Frnds his luv…n his childhood too….he doesnt rember anything cmpletly


Swara:dont worry aunty he will rember everything

Sanky:(in mind) yr that girl who was she y i feel loved when she hugged me…n that name.swara it sounds familiar to me…but why?

Swara strted visiting MM oftenly this makes sanky confused….he felt that he kno her …..

***he strted getting glimples of a girl but they were not clear itz been a months n he cant get oved it …he was also taking medecines but all in vain***

Ragini’s engagement party at MM only family members were there as it was a private function ragini was getting engaged to sanky’s cousion …everyone ask swara to sing n she sang “haan hasi ban gaye…”
Sanky was in his room working on lapy he felt smthng..he recognise her voice n came down satir n say “M sry n I luv u will u be mine forever….i want to live my life with u SWARA” he opens his arms n swara ran n hugged him this tym he hugged her more tightly…

Ap: beta do u?
Sanky: haa ma ab swara ki awaz sun k kis ko apna past yaad ni ayega….swara m(interled by swara)”itz ok yr…i luv u soooo much n ya i kno everything about ur bet too…
Sanky: feels guilty
Swara: nxt tym bet with me (winks)

Sanky: ma can i make swara mine today only
Everyone was shocked
Ap: bt beta
Shomi: itz ok ap ji u can make her ur fiance today…

SWaSan exchanged rings….

I hv to break her heart no…i cant but why..why i feel bad …when she hv tears in her eyes….oh god jin aankho m aanso nhi dekh skta unhe aankho m aanso ka karan(reason) mujhe banna hoga….no i cant hurt her cz..i…no….yes…i…i luv her m in luv with her…i luv my swara…


γ€ŠTheir story strts from a game …lyf is not a game…emotions n hearts r not things to bet on….the worst thing u can do to anybody is playing with their feelings ….》

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