Betrayal- Raglak-Swasan FF (Part3)

Hello guyzzz thanks for comment’s. Lets start the episode. Thankyou so much who commented,And silent reader.

Singhania Company:
A big car come infront of Singhania company. And a boy was coming out of car. It was Laksh. He was wearing a Black blazer with White shirt and black jean’s. He was closing the three button of he’s blazer. Suddenly Roshini Managar come.
Man: Good evening mr Maheswari.
Laksh: God evening.
Man: Come in Sir.
Both went toward meeting hall. After some time they start the presentation but ragini was not there. After presentation manager ask laksh to go to Roshini Cabin. Laksh went with manager. After entering the cabin manager left from there. Roshini was sitting in the chair and her back was facing laksh.
Roshini: Plz sit Mr Maheswari.
Laksh sit on the chair.
Laksh: Hello Roshini.
He forward his hand.
Roshini: No need forward your maybe you will betrayal again.
Laksh(Shocked): What……Do…you mean Roshini.
Roshini: Na Na….Call me Miss. Dont need to call Roshini. I dont like lier to say my name.
Laksh: Excuse me Miss. What are you saying. :-/
Roshini: Deep down you now mister Laksh Maheswari.
Suddenly the Chair turn and laksh looked on being Shocked.
While Roshini(Ragini) smirk.
Laksh: RAGINI.
Roshini: I am sorry mr maheswari who is Ragini. I am Roshini.
Laksh: No….nothing…..I will leave now.
Roshini: But we have not talked about the project.
Laksh: Actually….
Roshini: What happened why are u sweating. Take this tissue..
Laksh: No…Thanks.. I will send my Manager to talk about project.
Roshini: But….Mister listen.
But laksh leave in hurry without listening to Roshini(Ragini).
While Ragini was Laughing: Oh my god he was so scared… Dont worry mister Maheswari i will take my revenge at any cost by hook or by crook. Saying this she start to laugh again.

Swara was standing in green room before going out when she felt someome hand on her shoulder she smirk. Amd turn and b-chance she slapped someone. While the person was shocked.
Swara(mind): You deserve it mister Maheswari. It just the start. Wait and watch.
Swara: Ohhhh i am so sorry mister maheswari.
Yes it was sanky aka sanskar.
Sanskar: SWARA.
Surbhi(Swara): What the hell. Who is swara so cheap name.
Sanskar: Ohh noone i dont now well leave swara. Hello i am Sanskar.
Surbhi: Yea a betrayal. A lier.
Sanskar: What do you mean Surbhi.
Surbhi: I mean to say.
Saying this she start to walk around sanskar. Surbhi: I mean last time you said u will come but then you did’t.
Saying this hold her neck. Sanslar was sweating very badly. And he was also scared. Sanskar: Surbhi
Saying this he start to remove her hands from his neck. And turn toward Surbhi.
Sanskar: Hmmm i see. I will go out and wait out for concert to start. See you.
Saying this he leave from there.
Surbhi(Swara): It’s just the start sanskar. Wait and watch i will make your life hell. I will make you suffer like i did. She start to laugh. And went outside.

Stage: Swara was standing there with a boy. The boy start to sing ( Dastaan hai yeh ke ek masoom hasina- Om shanti om)
( Sorry i will not right Song ) 🙂
After when he was finished Surbhi sang Hug me.
Concert was going on while sanskar was looking damn scared and swara was smiling seeing him like that.
After concert sanskar left without saying anything.

Sanskar was coming toward laksh.
Laksh: I am scared.
Sanskar: Me too.
Laksh: What if they will take Revenge.
Sanskar: They cant do that. Dont you remember they both dont even now how to curse someone.
Laksh: Time changes everything.
Sanskar: Lets hope for the best.

Precap: Not decided yet. Any ideas. Do tell.

Thanks for all who commented. Do comment and tell if you have any idea. Love you all alot. Bye.

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