Betrayal- Raglak-Swasan FF (Part2)

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A big Company os shown. A girl is talking while signing some papes and scolding her manager.
Girl: How can it be possible. Why are you all so irresponsible. Thanks to Swara. Now listen next time i don’t want this kind of problem. Send my PA.
Managar: Yes Roshini madam.
Yess it shown that it our RAGINI. but wait..wait why is she looking angrliy at manager.
Man: Sorry…. I mean Madam.
Ragini: What are you looking at now go.
The manager leave from there.
Suddenly a girl enter inside ragini cabin anf shout: RAGINI.
Ragini: What the hell man…. Dont shout i am not deaf.
Girl: Opps. Sorry 🙁
Ragini: No problem.
Ragini: SWARA…???????
Yes the girl is SWARA.
Swara: Dont shout and Dont worry. I am not that swara anymore. Not that stupid, Innocent swara. I am brave like you. And you now i have waited for this day. My revenge is waiting. And i am 100% sure they forgot our’s faces also. That why that stupid sanskar is ready to meet me.
Ragini: I know even laksh msheswari is coming here.
Swara: Then why didt told me.
Ragini: I didt wanted to spoil your mood by this news.
Swara: Awwww. No problem.
Both hug eschother.
Ragini: Who are we.
Swara: Gadodia.
Ragini hit swara on her head.
Ragini: Singhania.
Swara: Yessss.
Ragini: What our name.
Swara: I remember this: You: Roshini Me: Surbhi.
Ragini: You dont now who much a have waited for this day. Being a richest business women. I could have called them and asked to come here but i wanted them to come to hell by there self. Now my Revenge is waiting.
Both laugh.

At airpot:
Too boys is coming toward outside the airpot. Walking with attitude. Wear sunglasses. Seeing them whole media run there.
Repoter: Look finally Mr Sanskar and Laksh maheswari come here. Lets ask them some questions.
Rep: Hello sir.
But look our sanlak goes from there without answering something. So much of attitude.

Swaragini was watching tv and looked at Sanlak. Ragini eyes were fulled of anger. Swara was looking at ragini with now what will happen, Look. Ragini pick a glass and throw and tv. And swara looked at ragini with cool. Swara knew its will happen because it not new for her. Whenever ragini see them she react like this. But she is scared what will happen if they come in front of. Though swara control easliy but not always but ragini cant control her anger over sanlak.
Ragini: So much of attitudd. But dont worry i will break this so called attiude and there’s ego. Poor people dont now what we have planned for them.
Swara: Ragini dont worry but will be able to control your anger.
Ragini: Dont worry.
Ragini PA come inside and said: Roshini madam.
Ragini turn.
Ragini: Yess Kish.
PA: Mam maheswari are arrived here in delhi. Only two hours left to mr laksh will come here. I was saying if you can come and check the presentation.
Ragini: Ok you go kish i will come.
PA leave from there.
Ragini: Swara you go and prepare for concert. I will go anf check.
Swara nod and both hug eachother and then she leave from there. While ragini goes to check the powerpoint.

Sanlak were sitting in the car. When laksh said: Again back to this place.
Sanskar: Yess. After whatever happened 2 year ago. Alot of things is changed.
Laksh: Both SWARAGINI. Its have been two year i dont even remeber their faces.
Sanskar: I remember but not full vision.
Laksh: Well i am going to have a Meeting with Roshini Singhania.
Sanskar: Well i am going to a concert of Surbhi Singhania. I heared both are sister’s.
Laksh: We will be able to remember swaragini face if we saw them.
Sanskar: Just in one second.
Both smile.

The END.

Precap: Face to face. Slap’s.

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  6. WOW, amazing update. Ragini and Swara sure are angry after this betrayal. Laksh and Sanskar will have to face their wrath now Lool. Can’t wait to read more xx

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  9. Superb dr.. It’s really very interesting to see their revenge story… Those guys doesn’t even remember their faces jerks..

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