Betrayal- Raglak-Swasan FF (Part1)

Hello guyzz thanks for your comments. So lets start.

The episode start with:

Two boys is running in the station. They are coming down from the stairs. Look a like they have did something big. They reached the train. And stop in front of the train. They looked back for last time. And yea its shown they are SANLAK. Both are sweating. After lookinh at the entrance both sat inside the train.

A girl running in her bridal dress with lots of jewellery heavy jewellery. Eyes have cryed a lot and are still crying. The only thing she said was a name “LAKSH”. She ran outside the house to the garden to the road. She was waiting for a taxi when suddenly she saw a cab coming jere. She stop the cab and sith in it. And asked the driver to drivd the cab toward railway station. She went from there in hurry.

A girl is shown entering in a room wearing a bridal dress. She locked the door. And throwed everything on the floor. Everything which was in the room. And finally after getting tired she fell on the floor. She put her head on the bed while she was stilling on the floor. Tear were rolling down from her eyes like a Ocean. The word she sayed was ‘SANSKAR’ And finally girl shown its was swara.

A girl run toward the bombay train but before she could reach there the train started in a high speed while she was coming down from the stairs. And when camed down the traim was going inside the tunnel. She fell down and start crying making a loud voice, People were looking her. But she was still in that position. Crying like a mad. She is shown it was Ragini.

Sanlak were sitting.
Sanky: I hope they will understan problem we can’t love them.
Lucky: I also hope. But i am shocked who can they think we most richest business man will love them. And secondly they trusted us blindly.
Sanky: Well. I hope so they will forgive us. Lets forget it.
Lucky: Hmmmm. Good night.
Both slept after thinking about whatever happened today.

Precap: 2 Year leap. Everything changed.

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  1. Fats

    Great start, Awww poor Swara and Ragini ?. Can’t wait for the leap and the reunion of SwaSan and RagLak.

  2. LovelyAliya


    |Registered Member

    feeling bad for both Swaragini! Sanlak are a jerk, how could they do something like this! I hope in theses two years Swaragini will close their heart and don’t forgive them :p

    • Maddy_02



      Lovelyaliya first of all i will call you alyu if you dont have any problem. And secondly thanks for comment. Ans third sanlak are not jerk but other boys are total jerk. Hate them. Well love and your name :-):-):-)

  3. Roshini

    Nice dear loved it maddy. Love you baby ?. Post next one soon or Else i will come in your dream’s to irritate you. ???

  4. Anny

    Maddy. Look you torture have made me too comment here. So its was beautiful. I will not say anything Else because you now i am lazy.?

  5. Unknow

    Amazing…..Love you…. post next one soon. Or me and Anny,roshini,unknow,Aania will kill you in sleep…. hold on just kidding.??????

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