Betrayal- Raglak-Swasan FF (Part 4)


Hello guyzzz maddy is back….as you all now i am hyper so lets start. Well i am sorry i didt post ff….but now i did it……actually as you all now….it was eid….and maddy love festival… i get mad so thought to do something on this eid…..i am just mad as my name madddy. Ok i hope u all missed me……don’t forget to comment…..and maddy love you all…lets start.

Ragini: I cant tell i was so happy….did you looked at them.
Swara: He was in front of me i wanted to press his neck…..but wait he will suffer not little but much.
Ragini: I know…..Laksh need to learn a lesson in his life…..but u now i felt so happy to see him in that condition.
Swara: Dont worry……they will suffer alot.
Both laugh.
Swara: Well i must say u make him so tensed that he start to sweat and run away….
Ragini: What else can he do……always running away from things.
Swara: Hmmmm…i know….
Ragini: Even you were not less you just pressed sanskar neck proud of you.
Swara laugh: You now i have beared to much so now its his turn…..i will make her suffer……that will ask me for death but i will not let him die easy.
Ragini: Hmmmm……i am thinking to kill laksh but i dont want his dirty blood on me……so i am silent or else you now when i get violent i dont listen to anyone not even myself..
Swara: Hope to see them tommorow.
Ragini: Hey Swara as you now both Brothers are coming tommrow for deal. Just be here.
Swara: Great. 😉
Both went from there.

Next Morning:
Ragini was waiting for sanlak when she saw them…..she sit down with cool.
Both brother enter the cabin.
Roshini: Come in…..Mister Maheswari…..plz sit.
Both sanlak sat down.
San: Great to meet you Roshini.
Roshini: Hmmm. I see so lets talk about the project…… I am very serious with my work…..and the clauses…..yes if you want to now then let me tell you….for one month u both have to stay here in this city. Secondly if you try to reject the deal after project is start then u have to pay half prosent amount. Is that clear.
San: But…. If we did not like the project and think that you did a fraud with us then.
Voice: Then you pay the halv amount.
Sanlak look back while roshini(ragini) smile evily.
San: Surbhi what u doing here.
Surbhi: Only if you remember my last name then.
San: Oh i am sorry i thought you have no interest in business.
Surbhi: Time changes everything.
Laksh: Hmmm we are ready to have this project so deal is….
Roshini: Done…..welll come have lunch with us.
San: No…
Roshini: No….u have to guyzzz… is a big day for us why not to celebrate it.
Surbhi: Throw a party.
Roshini: Yesss…..come have lunch.
Sanlak nod with no option.

All four were eating. When sanlak were abput to eat mushroom salad and swaragini stop them.
Swaragini: Guyzzz you have allergi with mushroom.
Sanlak look at eachother then mushroom and then swaragini.
Sanlak: How do you now.
Surbhi: Woh…
Roshini: Ofcourse media. sreach on google you will find it…. Well actually i have habbit to now about my cilents… that everything in perfect… You low what i mean…..and that one of my secret to keep cilent happy.
Sanlak nod. Swaragini blth relief.
After lunch swaragini invite sanlak for the party.

San: I dont want to go.
Lak: Comeone bhai its just a party.
San: Laksh there is something fishy….Roshini and Surbhi i mean…..
Lak: Bhai chill…. Even i thought but
San: No laksh…..I feel there is something fishy…..and more over you agreed for the project.
Lak: Bhai chill…..its just about one month.
San: Hmmmm…..ok…..see you at night.
Laksh look at sanskar worried face and hug him.
Lak: Chill bro….nothing bad will happen.
Sanskar give a smile and both went to there room.

Precap: Party.

See you all soon….dont forget to comment. Love you all i missed you all did you missed me…..mauhhhh love you.

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