Betrayal- Raglak-Swasan FF (Intro)

Hello guyzzz i am new here. Actually i have joined this site from long ago i mean one week. Well let me introduce myself. I am maddy my mom kept this name because she imagined me as a naughty girl. Well i was watching swaragini from start and just joined this site because roshini and anny told me to do. Well anny forced me to well she is chipkali i dont now who became she my sister. LOL. Well leave it. Enough of my bak bak so lets start. Hope you all will support me.

A girl is shown running like a mad outside a mansion in a garden she was wearing a red bridal dress. Her tensed eyebrow are shown. Her eyes which have cryed alot. Her lips which are shivering. Finally her face was shown it’s RAGINI.

Inside a room:
Everything is messed up. Almost everything was broken. A girl was sitting in a corner putting her head on her bed. She was wearing a pink bridal dress.. She was crying making a loud voice. Her eyes were shown where the tear’s were rolling down. Her lips which have became pale due to crying. Her eyebrow were shown making a angry move. Finally her face is shown it’s SWARA.

On the other side:
Two boys were running one was wearing a white sherwani, And other was wearing blue. Both was running like they have robbed any place. Are they have bretyaled someone. Both was running to catch the train. When suddenly one of them eyes or shown making a gulity face and eyebrow. His lips were shivering. His head was sweating. Finally his face is shown. Its LAKSH. And the other boy is running. His eyes or shown like he have cryed like never before. Forehead was sweating. His lips were mumring something. His eyes were having guilt. But still running. His face shown its SANSKAR.


Why is Ragini running like a mad?
What happened to Swara why she is crying?
Why is Sanlak eyes having gulit?
What happened which make them cry?

To Know More Read This FanFiction.


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