Betrayal (a lakshen ff)

Hey babes it’s Pushpa the queen! My ff is better than everyone’s please enjoy and comment.

Swara is seen wearing booty shorts and a crop top…

Lakshya: Hey babe, how is you?
Swara: darling I missed you so much
Swara walks towards Lakshya and hugs him tightly.
Lakshya: I missed you too babes
Lakshs phone starts going of and plays ‘wickedskengman 4 by stormzy’
Suck your mum, yeah, go and do that
My name’s Michael, Big Stormz
I like peng tings, I like p*rn
I’ve got a 16 bar full of corn
I breathe fire every time I yawn
Stormzy’s this, Stormzy’s that
Stormzy’s blick, Stormzy’s black
Stormzy’s hairline’s going way…
Lakshya grabs his phone out of his back pocket, turns round and picks it up.
Loren: hey babe I’m missing you so much, I want you back here now.
Lakshya: Ummm Mike I’ll call you back l8r Yh my g
Swara looks on confused, as Lakshya ends the call and turns around
Swara: Lucky who was that?
Lakshya: oh nobody babes it was just one of my roommates from uni.
Swara: ok let’s go home it’s freezing
Lakshya in his head. ‘ yeah cuz look at you, wearing a crop top and shorts in the middle of December, you’re such a hoe’
Lakshya: aww babe here’s my jacket
Swara: no babes I’m alright
Swara in her head. ‘ I wore a crop top and shorts to show off my great bid why would I hide it?

Precap… Swara is seen sneaking out of her room in the middle of the night.

I know its awesome and please comment and I hope you like it. It’s kinda short but it’s my first episode so

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  1. pushpa theeeeeeeeeeeeeee queen ur saying it awesome we should say it ok over confidence is not good ok

  2. Vanity queen actually what i will title you and making a fff modern and mature does not make it best

  3. wat tha hell ur saying ur ff awesome its nice only for that ur telling like this so funny

  4. Awesome! Seriously Push, your FF is better than the other ones, such as Sorry….. Chand Ka whatsoever…. Heart needs what it needs and so on?! Love your FF Pushpa—– I’ll call you Push, okay?

    1. gina u know hw chand ka and that heart needs what it needs ff are so awesome compared to this ff
      (i will call u push) plz read this in irritating manner it will be nice

      1. Oh please…… Have you read it?? Sorry is such an attention seeking story, she keeps on saying ‘it’s boring….ill think about it’ she can’t even spell right, she made a mistake…. She is thirsty for comments! God! Even I’m not a despo like her!!!

      2. Thanks Swaragini….. Gina…. You can’t judge a book without the cover!

      3. Sorry knowing he cover!

    2. i think u r the writer of this ff

  5. plz stop telling about urself as a queen and ur ff is good compared to others .

  6. This comment is deleted.

  7. oh my God????.. yar sach me koi aapne baare me aisa khte h kiya.. itna over confidence.. m really sry dr.. bt thnk about othrs ff.. bht sarre bst ff h yaha pe… n itna modern v accha nhi..

  8. So much confidence…on your ff..that u yourself is praising your ff….confidence hai ya over confidence?

  9. hi ur ff is nice but chand ka and heart needs what it want r far better and best when tocompared to ur once let see in future what would be story and that will decide…………….

    1. Thanks Crystal…. Gina, you have no right to criticise!

  10. I don’t y…u are saying the best..u have no right to say u r the best….it is not good….not even nice…& u Mr.Gina…u gave u right to comment on other writers ff …had ever read it….I think u didn’t read it…chand ka is a awesome.. I was eagerly waited to read it daily….u have no know right to bash…it…if u don’t like it..then keep u r mouth shut….I make nuisanse bashing or hurting others feelings…

  11. Even heart needs is too gud…today only I started reading it

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