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Why, Why and until when we will have to live in a society that discriminates against girls so openly, a society that forces a girl child to accept herself as inferior and weak as compared to the male counterparts.
India and many other countries continue to discriminate on gender basis even in the 21st century.
It is always taught in schools that “all are equal and should be treated equally”. Friends do you feel that in today’s time do we stand on this? Well I don’t feel like.
Rich or poor, no matter what background one belongs to, the believe has remained the same and might always remain so.
What do we expect from our society and our governments to do for equality in reality has no sense until unless the families don’t change their mindset and unfortunately it is not the male members but mostly the females of a family who makes the girl child feel inferior to her brothers. The mothers and the grandmothers who do so doesn’t even realise that they themselves are girls and perhaps they must have hated the time when they were seen as a burden.
Despite all this the mothers and grandmothers continue supporting and loving the male child more than the girl child, may be perhaps in the hope that he is the HIER of the family line.
There are many questions which we as girls can surely ask ourselves and try to find its answers, which I’m sure we won’t get so easily.
Why is that no one ever wish to have a girl child. Moreover the girl’s birth not celebrated and rather mourned. While the birth of a boy is always celebrated. Newly married girls are always given blessings for having a boy(Putra vati ho) and not a girl. This kind of blessings are usually given by females(Not realising that they themselves are girls).
Why is that the girl child always has to sacrifice with everything? She is always taught and ask to put her brother above herself. The father and the brother(No matter if he is elder or an younger than her)acts as her guardian even when she is grown as an adult. She is always made to realise that the family in which she is born is not her real family and that she has to go to her husband’s house soon.
On educational front, if the girl child could not get seat in any government college, she is asked to rather do a non professional course or stay at home. On the other hand if a male child fails to secure a seat in a government institution, the family gets the child a seat in a private institution by giving lakhs of rupees.
I often think that why is then the girl child always has to hear about the rupees which her father has to give in her marriage. Why is the boy never been taunted for the money which his father has spent in sending him to a private college.
Why is so that the guy is always asked to relax and served with whatever he asks when he comes back from school, college or work while on the other hand the girl is always asked to help her mother in kitchen even if she is equally tired as her brother.
Why is that the girl mostly been taught or asked to do well in life professionally so that she can be married off in a good family, why can’t she be independent?
Why is that after marriage the girl and not the boy is asked to leave her job and focus on family? Why is that the girl’s family never or rarely supports her in a situation where is chose her profession above family. Is it that the girl puts less time and effort to achieve something in life while the boy puts more of everything to achieve something?
After marriage and after having a family why is that the same girl who has gone through so much of discrimination and trouble starts treating her daughter the same way which she always hated.
When will be the time when we will actually celebrate a girl child and her life? All we need is equal treatment which comes from HEART and not from RESERVATIONS and QUOTAS.
Let’s come together and be a voice for our own selves and promise ourselves to treat and love our daughters and sons equally in the best possible ways.
Thank you for reading this article.
Let us all be a kind of a woman our parents, husband and our daughters and sons be proud off..
Love you all ?

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