hey guys i m #shubhi here its my first time with OS so pardon me for any mistakes.

note- contains mature content too so read at ur own risk

sanskar maheshwari – a rich spoilt brat, flirty guy yet handsome nd charming can do anything for winning bet.

sanskar was in pub with his friends drinking nd staring at girls.
a girl comes towards him
girl- hey sanky, how r u.

sanskar – hey sheena darling.
girl(furious) – my name is reena not sheena, nd who is this sheena
sanskar – no one babes, i was talking about u only
girl- but u even didn’t remember my name
sanskar coming close nd holding her by waist- ab kya karu, mai tumhe dekh kar itna kho jata hu ki naam yaad hi nhi rehta, tumne jaadu hi aisa kiya h
nd winks at her
girl blushes – ok now bye i have to leave
she pecks his cheeks nd leave.
rahul(frnd) – wow sanky, u r great how can u handle them yaar.
raj- yup yaar pls teach us too, u r our guru.
sanskar smiles proudly but was irked listening to sahil
sahil- what’s in this this is so easy, anyone can do that.
sanskar – what do u mean.
sahil- i mean prove that u r our guru.
sanskar – nd how
sahil- i challenge u to make a girl fall for u within 2 days nd kiss her then on 3rd day ditch her by insulting in front of all.
sanskar – just shut up i m not doing it.
sahil-r u scared of loosing.
now that hurts his ego.
sanskar – i m not scared of anything. i will do it.
sahil- ok then the first girl who will enter the pub from now, will be ur target.
they all waited there with their eyes on entrance.
sanskar was getting bored so he turned around to get a drink but was interrupted by his frnds voice.

rahul- hey sanky look that girl.

he looked towards entrance nd found an angel standing there. that moment he lost his heart to her. but didn’t realized. he was staring at her blanky as if wanted to capture her in his eyes forever.
she was wearing a blue nd black one piece that fitted her body perfectly. nd her hair was kept loose into curls, she had minimal make up but looked stunning.
she was looking around as if finding someone.
then she looked towards his direction nd smiled. his heart sink at that smile.
the next moment she was walking towards him.

his heart started beating faster.
he moved forward towards her nd thought her to come to him but she just went past him.

he turned back to see her moving towards the table behind him where her frnds were waiting.
she hugged them excitedly nd was engulged in drinking nd chatting.

he didn’t noticed that he was still staring her untill his frnd poked him
rahul- sanky where r u lost, don’t tell me that u r flat on that girl.
sanskar – its nothing like that sanskar maheshwari never goes flat on someone.
sahil- ok then complete ur challenge.

with that sanskar moved towards her table.

sanskar- hey beautiful, can i join.
but he didn’t waited for rply nd occupied the seat nxt to her.

girl- whats the need of asking then.

sanskar – but u agreed

girl- nd when

sanskar – ur smiled told that

girl- ahan flirting with me.

sanskar – u can take it as u want

she just smiled

sanskar – well may i have the pleasure to dance with u.

she thought for a while then agreed

they danced romantically
sanskar – u know u r very beautiful

girl- tell me something new

sanskar – ohh attitude ha i like it.
he spinned her then back hugged her.

sanskar – so miss.

girl- miss…..

sanskar – miss……

girl- can’t u say it directly

sanskar – ohk so whats ur name

girl- that’s for u to find out.
with that she left from there.

Next morning(day-1)
the same girl was seen jogging in the park.
suddenly someone called her from behind
sanskar – hey swara.
swara- how do u get my name nd moreover how do u get i m here.

sanskar – u see i know telepathy

she gave him an unbelievable look nd srarted jogging again.
he joined her
sanskar – ok ok don’t give that look actually by mistake i heard ur conversation with ur frnd when u were telling ur today’s plans to her

swara- eavesdropping is an bad habit .

sanskar – anything for such beauty.

swara- flirting is not good for health.

sanskar – so u tell me whats good for health.

she just smiled nd continued her work followed by sanskar.

after jogging they were seated on bench.
sanskar – so wud u like to join me for breakfast.

swara- i m busy

sanskar – ok then lunch.

swara- again busy
with that she took her stuff nd starts leaving

sanskar – ok then just a coffee. not more than 15 mins
but she didn’t rply.
suddenly she turned nd said- at 5 at sunshine cafe but only 15 mins

At cafe
they were having coffee with lots of sarcastic talks nd exchanged their numbers
(sorry i cud not elaborate as i have to write much more nd its just an OS)

Nxt morning (Day-2)
they again met at park
sanskar – so today r u free

swara- for others no but for u yes.

sanskar – nd why this special treatment to me.

swara- bcoz

sanskar – bcoz


sanskar – will u tell further

swara- for that u have to meet me again as its time to leave.

sanskar – another date not bad.

swara- put a break to ur thoughts, u r going too fast

sanskar – oh really i m fast

swara- any doubt

sanskar – nope

swara- ok then i must leave.
she starts leaving

sanskar – arrey but where we will meet.

swara- text me.

At evening
they were standing at entrance of some place nd swara was looking at it with mouth wide open.
swara- r u kidding me, we will go here.

sanskar – why whats wrong here.

swara- but this is kids place

sanskar – ofcourse not

they were standing infront of essel world

sanskar – oh wait wait, don’t tell me u r scared

swara(fumbles) – no i m not

sanskar – no u r, seriously u r scared of rides. lol…… children r better then u

swara- i said i m not

sanskar – then prove it

with that she entered inside followed by sanskar.
she was really scared of heights but her ego didn’t let her show it. ufff this ego.
sanskar – lets go there.
he said pointing towards roller coaster.
swara eyes widened seeing it nd she was sweating like hell.
sanskar was enjoying her condition.

sanskar – oh u r again scared.

swara-no i m not
he moved his finger on her forehead nd then showed her

sanskar – then whats this

swara-its just too hot.

sanskar – if u can’t lie then don’t

swara-i m not lying.

sanskar – ok then come with me.
he dragged her towards the ride nd soon they were seated in

sanskar – if u want u can hold my hand, u will not get scared

swara-i don’t need to as i m not scared.
oh god still ego

sanskar – oh really ok then we will see.

swara just glared him then prayed in mind for her safety.

the ride started.
swara was so scared that automatically her hands reached to hold his.
he saw her. her eyes was closed nd was really scared.
for a moment he regreted to force her. he holded her tightly in his embrace.
soon the ride finished but her eyes were still closed.

sanskar – swara open your eyes see we reached.

she opened her eyes nd saw his face inches apart from her. for a moment she was lost in those eyes.

sanskar – swara u can leave my hand now.
she abruptly left it nd moved out.
there was a deep silence b/w them.

it was night by that time nd they were walking along the road in silence.
Suddenly it started raining,
sanskar ran under the tree but swara was enjoying the rain.

sanskar was mesmerised to see her dancing in rain, her clothes perfectly fit on her body revealing her beautiful curve.
he don’t know but his legs automatically moved towards her.
he pulled her to him. nd hold her by her waist,there faces were inches apart
sanskar – u still not answered, why that special treatment to me

swara- bcoz u r special
they have an eyelock, then his eyes fell on her trembling lips, then he again looked at her eyes.

she out of senses closed her eyes giving a positive response.
within no time their lips met. it started as a sweet kiss but soon he deepened the kiss by entering his tongue into her mouth.
soon they broke due to lack of oxygen.
swara without saying anything run from there. sanskar was standing there remicising the moment.

Nxt day
sanskar was at club with his frnds.
he was still lost in that kiss.
he was not understanding his fellings

rahul- so sanky what about bet, 2 days r over

sanskar – its done

sahil- woah really then time for final step. ditch her.

sanskar – no i can’t

sahil-looks like someone has fallen for her

sanskar – no its not true

sahil-then why r u denying

sanskar – i m not that type of guy who hurts someone

sahil-tell clearly u r afraid bcoz u love her nd now u r backing off.

sanskar – just shut up sanskar maheshwari is never afraid of anything nd i m not backing off, i will do it.
uff again ego

with that he took out his phone nd called swara
but……… her phone was switched off, he tried many times but again the same results.
then he recieve a mssg from unknown no.
its over nd never try to contact me.

he was like his world turned upside down. he called on that no. but it was also switched off.
that time he felt like he lost everything. he could not digest the fact that swara betrayed him but why does he care, he was also going to do the same. he himself didn’t know the answer.

its been now a year since that day
now he realized that he loved her.. yes… he loved swara
but does that matter now.
no he already lost her. this thought broke his heart into pieces. to lower his pain he was engulged in drinking.
his condition was not less than devdas.

one day he was in the same pub where he met swara, nd was drinking like the world is going to finish the very next moment.
he walked towards exit but stumbled nd was about to fall when two soft hands supported him.
he looked up nd found someone holding him. first the vision was blurr but slowly it became clear. he saw her life there.. SWARA.
he looked at her blankly, then suddenly started laughing out loud.
sanskar – oh god, how can swara be here i m again hallucinating.
yes he have been hallucinating her everywhere in this one year.
swara- sanskar
oh wait this is real
sanskar – oh my hallucination speaks also.
swara- no sanskar i m really infront of u.
sanskar – no no no this can’t happen.
he laughed nd comes out swara too follows him.

swara holds sanskar nd tried to make her stand still. she was in teary eyes seeing him in this state.
sanskar – swara why u leave, why
he murmured nd passed out

swara somehow manges to took him to her home.

she made him lie on the bed nd covered him with the blanket.
she get up to leave but found him holding her hand.
she tried to free it but of no use instead with her each try the grip get tighten.
finally she gave up nd lied beside him.

Nxt morning

sanskar open his eyes nd the first thing he looked at was swara’s face. he smiled seeing her angelic face. then the reality hit him nd he get up with a jerk. due to which swara’s sleep was also broken.

he remembered what happen last night nd got it that it was not his hallucination.
he looked towards swara who was already looking at him.
without a second thought he engulfed her in bone crushing hug. she too hugged back with equal force.
tears were not stopping from both of their eyes.
sanskar – why u did that swara, why u left me.

swara- i m sorry sanky i did a great mistake but that time i was not aware of my feelings nd moreover i did a bet.
ah..ah..ah this is something interesting.

sanskar – bet???

swara- the day i met u in pub i had a bet.
riya(swara’s frnd) – swara look at that guy, he is staring u like he will eat u.

swara- i don’t care

riya- oh come on swara, look at him he is so handsome. why don’t u date him

swara- he is not my type.

riya- oh really its that or u don’t have the guts to date him.

swara-excuse me i m swara bose i can do anything.
here too ego ufff

riya-then date him

swara- but i want to be single.

riya-ok lets do onething u date him for 2 days, make him fall for u nd then leave him.

swara-i m not gonna do that

riya- its a bet babes either u win or loose. decision is urs.

swara- ok fine i will do it

riya- hey look look he is coming here only, be ready
—Flashback Ends—-

sanskar was shocked saying that would be an understatement. his game was played on him only.

swara-i m sorry, after i left u i realized that i love u but don’t have the courage to face u but yesterday when i found u at pub i was shocked. i know i m responsible for ur this condition.

sankar hugged her again-shh its my fault too. let it be in past only. what matters to me is now that u r with me. nd i love u too.
after sometine they breaked the hug

sanskar – actually i want to tell u something.


sanskar – that day at pub i too had a bet to make u fall for me nd ditch u.

after few moments of silence they bursts into fits of laughter.
then they hugged again.


now time for some romance, this part have mature content so if u want u can skip it.

sanskar’s pov
today was the best day of my life. i got married with my love my swara. now she was no more swara bose instead she was SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. ahh its sounds so good. we had an simple marriage at temple with some of our frnds nd family.
right now i was moving towards my room sorry sorry our room.
i opened the door nd was dumbstruck to look at the decoration. the room was fully filled with red roses, diff lights.
i came inside after locking the door(thats too imp??)
i figured out swara standing at window nd staring the moon. i tip toed to her nd back hugged her while placing my chin on her shoulder nd my hands on her bare waist under her saree. i started to give her wet kisses on her neck nd shoulder. she just blushed. i gave her love bites nd she moaned with made me more mad.
i turned her towards me nd cupped her face. i kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin nd finally kept my lips on hers.
we broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen.
i picked her up in my arms nd placed her on bed. we became more romantic and consummated.


pheww i know it was a long one but cud not think how to cut it short. i hope i didn’t bored u with this. nd sorry if it has gone vulgar.
tell me ur views about this through ur comments

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