Hi friends ur friend DIVYA is back thanks for ur appreciable comments..many ask which story ur writing and so here is d list..

Hey I wrote S.HE LEFT ME one shot related to ” MANGAL MUKKI ” concept in fb I got 125 likes so lovely comments due to dis many send me frnd request by appreciating my work but in telly only 12 members like it tats it bec no one accepts reality….PUPIL LIKES ROMANCE LOVE ETC then i wrote one comedy os next I think to write os it’s name called teenage crush its new concept where a 8th std girl crush with serial actor sanskar WHICH I HEAR IN FM PRG CALLED LOVE GURU…i decide to dedicate dis to my crush joytii…and my first os only people didn’t respect my work so I stop to write it..bec if u didn’t respect my work also no prb but pupil shd give respect to mangal mukki..I feel very bad so i stop to write..

later i and my fb frnd samaira decide to write a fiction but first she agree later due to ragsan my first story I’M NOT pr*stitute BUT STILL I HV A PAST SO ONLY I RESPECT U for dis I chose ragini she didn’t agree later she elope by saying I hv school and all then she after some days I came to know she is writing with other friend so I feel very bad I thought to not to talk with her later i forget tat matter now we r friends only friends dis r all my stories I hv many stories in mind next i.m going to write for swalak and ragsan but in prostitution sanskar has 2 heroine so enjoy..

Friends compare to pr*stitute story dis story is very difficult for me bec 2 hero heroine are in different path I hv to think more for their unite and maha sangam….but I will make short as possible. .

Let’s begin in previous episode we saw swaragini face off and laksh love for ragini later swasan eye lock after swasan phone no exchanges dis story becomes so nice and here after raglak marriage only it becomes intrest..

Scene 1

Swasan eyelock after dis sanskar came to his sense swara get down from front door and move to her home.san get down definitely he move to his house

Sanskar house
Ma ma where r u just then he throw his bag on his table he move to kitchen he take plate and have food without nonstop aha mmmm now he go his just lie down.

Swara house
Mom today coll superb mom already chapter started today I hv so much work I hv to complete my before tat now i want to sleep after 5 u wake me up..
Ap:k now u fresh up and had lunch.
Swara:no fresh up and all i had lunch in coll don’t disturb me ..I want sleep..
Ap:dirty girl my baby k k.
Swara:mom where is devil di..still not yet come tell her not to disturb me..
Ap:she has class till 5 she won’t come dis early u go and sleep..
Swara:bye mom.

Scene 2

Ragini house

Unty where r u unty
Joytii :I. M here ragini
Ragini :hi unty I want to say something important matter..
Joytii :wat matter tell me y ur so happy
Ragini :ayyo untiee do u know today a new girls admitted to our coll u know she talk very well without full stop really i like her talkative style really she is so cute girl..I really like her she is so friendly untiee more than she is beautiful
Not as beautiful as uuuuuuu dis world no one is cute like only i like u..
Mama can u pls stop it..
Laksh :anyways what’s her name
Ragini :swara.
Laksh:swara nice name anyways she is girl rite..
Ragini:no she is dumb like u.
Laksh:ha ha nice joke.
Ragini :then wat mama swara means girl only don’t forget we r studying in girls coll..k now i fresh up
Laksh ; wait ragini I want to talk with u.
Ragini :I want to fresh up u go and do ur work I. M going now..
Laksh:ragini ragini dis ragini won’t hear me.. (friends laksh office work from morning 5 to 2 of clock tats it after 2 he will be at home to disturb our queen..

Scene 3

Sanskar Sanskar get up open d door it’s 5 got to market and bring vegetables
Sanskar :no I won’t go now i wont get up I’m getting dream..
Sanskar get up shop will close.
Sanskar gets up and open d door wat mom always u disturb my dream..go mom I won’t go y can’t u buy vegetables here only..always send me..
Sanskar mom:go sanskar now its already time shop will close they will give vegetables in cheap price during dis period..
Sanskar:k mom now give me 100 rs I will eat k Abab..
Sanskar mom:k bring one plate for me also.
Sanskar :for me only not enough let c…
S.m:k go and come fast take bullet
Sanskar :mom I don’t go in dis bullet mom all girl dogs while I. M going bark at me even fallow..girls dogs also like dis beauty.
S.m:u do lots of sound while going so dog fallow u..
Sans:mom it’s craz mom while I. M going all shd here my bike sound.everry one shd know about my bullet mom..u don’t know about my bike once u sit in bike I will ride u into sky. .
S.m:no no I don’t want any star sky etc now u just go and bring vegetables…
Sanskar he just just take his 100 watt bullet bike and goes..

Here swara wake up from d sleep.
Swara mom:swara untiee ask u pa she told u to meet her she want to talk with u.
Swara:k mom now i will go and ask after regular class starts I don’t know wheather I will able to meet her so now I go and talk with her..k mom bye
Ap:swara u go from road side don’t go in short cut route come fast papa will phone up and ask u.. (here untiee means swara’s mother sister she has no husband she is staying with swara grandma means ap and lakshmi mother her untiee name is lakshmi. .

Swara walking on d road suddenly some one horns her she doesn’t look back again he horns 2 to 3 times atlast turns her angelic face and c d frame yes of course it’s our sanskar yar hello. .
She gives angry look and turns front
Sanskar :hello miss excuse me..again hello excuse me turn ur face hello miss
Swara:she feel irritate with fraction she doesn’t look run away….
Sanskar :ayyo miss y ur running go go where u will go..
Swara:mad boy y he is talking with me if someone c us they feel about me y to want his company..morever I want talk with him.

Later swara go to her unty house and talks
Laksh:y baby ur not coming now a days come daily we can go walking
Swara:no unty tomorrow onwards full busy with lab class etc..k untiee now its time papa will call and ask me.i want to go.
Untiee:k had coffee and go baby.
Swara:no unty I will go come tomorrow..bye
Untiee :k bye tomorrow come early k.
Swara:k untiee..

Here sanskar took vegetables and eat 5 plate k Abab(his fav is kabab)and while coming he saw again our angel he just slows down bike (bec no one shd get doubt rite)
Sanskar:hello coffee
Swara:she just turn her face to tat side
Sanskar :y miss u won’t talk with me.come miss I will drop.
Swara:without seeing him she just walk as she can
Sanskar :u won’t come ah..k bye he just speed up and go and again he look back
And says bye and gives plane kiss…???
U mmmmmahhhh
Swara: omg he is so danger….????

Precap:swara in sanskar dream..swara thinks about sanskar..swaragini friendship bond.

Dears actually I cut many scenes actually it’s a real story saw I know each and every thing but if i drag it u loss intrest so I will soon start swasan love track and marry raglak soon I will finish as possible.?? Then next thing for sanskar parents I hv choose Suji and ram only..Friends today for me stomach pain so it’s not all good so pls forgive me..sorry I will always say bla bla words u feel bad rite wat to do I. M very talkative girl..I can’t hide anything..k now bye tc love u and miss me every moment of ur life….???

Credit to: Divya shankar

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  1. Awesome one dear…..n plz more raglak scenes☺☺☺ n u r an amzng personnnn yaaaar?

    1. Divya shankar

      Y y ur saying like dis anyways thank u so much..

  2. Soujanya

    NICE DEAR……………

    1. Divya shankar

      Thx pa

    1. Divya shankar

      Thx dr

  3. I hope itz ragsan

  4. laksh is ragini’s unkle
    so how could hee marry her that’s incest na
    love ragini sooo much

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