Hi friends ur friend DIVYA is back dr actually I. M not feeling well from so many days my mood also not good i dont hv intrest to write dr bec c last sentence of dis story I hv given small introduction about my story I hv choose 4th and 1st next month I will try to write to other two and next season I. M going to write for swalak and ragsan ff but now ragsan u read my first story I hv given importance to both pair here also I hv given equal importance. .one more thing really i.m poor in introduction skill I don’t know how to dragg it it’s my defect pls bear my mistake..simultaneously I will give character sketch I don’t want to trouble u more so…
So dis is short int

” So here is d story laksh gododia 3o years young man who completed pu his only desire to marry her sister daughter ragini gododia age 16 years..
Ragini gododia:16 years young lots of ambition in her life studying 1st year.. she had a crush on arjun his friend but his family force and marry to laksh maheshweri..hence ragini from village background she give more respect to marriage and so called culture hence her marrriage dream is vanished she has d only dream to full fill her degree to stand her own feet but does ragini succeed in pursuing her dream…? Then our next hero sanskar purhoit : he is ragging dashing time pass educated guy..he has many crush many girl friends but he is not womaniser he thing love is only for time pass.. he just think from mind but not from heart ..he thinks girls r free for cost…??,he loves his 1oo watt bullet bike..he love his parents lot he is ready to sacrifice his life for his parents dis is d only good nature of him..
Swara kapoor:young bullet fire rocket type sharp and naughty more naughty at outside so decent inside d family bec his father is so strict obi dent business tycoon…hence swara and sanskar family r old dushman from beginning age they stayed in same area they both don’t like each other but their children’s likes each other as sanskar loves swara for his physical appearance or his beauty but swara loves sanskar from heart but later sanskar betrayal swara..?does swara able to forget sanskar love…? Or how swara succeed to achieve sanskar love..??if she achieve does her family agree for her decision…??main thing is sanskar see swara face but swara doesn’t c sanskar face she just c from far..dey doesn’t interact face to face it is silent love…its a feeling of two heart…hope u like dis story

Let’s begin d real part of d story

Scene 1
Ragini is sitting on dinning table and she thinking something where her mind is absent body is present.. ( so she is ragini age as mentioned above very charming traditional girl many dreams in her she is d only child for lakshmi and santosh she has one small brother has she completed her pu in mysore present for education purpose she send to bangalore universty to pursue her degree course more than complex she is staying with big mama(sanju) and her wife (joytii) and important thing is her mama(laksh ) staying in bangalore as he is working has a supervisor in some company..his age is 30)..
Joytii: ragini ragini wat r u thing so deeply..y u not going to college more than wat u thinking.. ?thinking about ur bf..
Ragini : nothing like tat unty(here ragini mama wife or unty know about her love matter)
Joytii: k it’s time be ready to coll today u hv lab rite
Ragini :s unty I hv to submit record more than last I didn’t attend last week lab also if i not go today my ma’am will get heart attack so I want to go.can I drop u suddenly a voice from corner of d hear ya he is one and only laksh…
Ragini:no no no mama I will go by myself my friend will come along me..
Laksh:y ragini I will drop u..u intro ur fiance to them
Ragini:mama no mama I won’t marry u..u marry beautiful girl always I want to tell ah
Laksh:y ragini I. M ur fiance in future u shd marry me no doubt at all ur my dream beautiful girl I don’t need any other girl..I just need to marry u tats it..
Ragini :mama
Joytiu:now stop it ur marriage story now u go u laksh u go to office u ragini go to coll
RAGLAk :ji k


Here swara is mess up with all d things wat to wear..which dress is suitable which hairstyle is good..
Suddenly a voice comes I. E my swara’s sweet sister kaveri
Kaveri:swaraahaaaaaa what is dis u made my room messy u Bledy idiot can’t u take all things yesterday only now ur disturbing my dream..uuuuuuu
Ap:wat is dis kaveri ur beating my baby instead of giving guidance to how to go coll tat to she is going far college morning only u r scaring her it’s so bad of u..
Kaveri:ah u always support her is small girl if u do marriage tomorrow only she will give baby but ur calling baby u don’t love me..u swara go ur ma’am should beat u dis is my prayer to u my dear..
Swara:mom u c sis
Ap:k k now leave it now come i will comb ur hair I will comb neatly come
Swara:mom don’t want u don’t know modern desi hair style more than if u start start combing my bus will go and come back tat much time u will take no need mom I will do by myself chill mom..
So dis is ur ap is very carry very good mother friendly mother..all family friends like our swara not our baby a lot..
Swara:ahhhhhhhahhh with shiver
Dp:today is ur coll rite if u want u take car or else I will drop u..
Swara:no no my friend coming with me we go together
Dp:then do u know route wait I will come
Swara:no no my friend know route and all more than coll has started 15 days back she know very well..
Dp:then how u will meet u told to come in same bus ah
Swara:ya I called and say tat come to xyz bus
Dp:now u make call in my mobile
Later swara make call to her friend and give to her father and he speak and confirm about d route later he wish swara to send with his friend and along his brother.bec coll is so far so every parents responsible to tc of Thier children safety. .
Swara:k (one more thing swara has using mobile from 9th std onwards but his father doesn’t know she using cell.except dp all know swara has mobile bec we girls need it ya..we r n 59th century ya even bigger has mobile ya..y can’t our baby ya..

Scene 3

First day for swara now she is so freedom no one is Thier she can talk she can use mobile she can tease she can bonk d class no one is their ask till 6 o clock full free like free bird (as I told swaragini studying in girls coll no prefer for boys and they r studying bsc not bec I don’t know about I. M bsc student so I can co-relate early so sorry for

Class 1 (lab chemistry)1st bsc G section
Swara and her old school friend kavya:excuse me
Teacher:come in
Sk: gm ma’am
Teachers:very gm r u new commer
Sk:s ma’am but kavya is old ma’am she attend 2 lab ma’am then she submitted record also then she attend also maam
Teachers : oh k swara pls can u intro ur self
Swara: ji ma’am I. M from dis dis etc k
Teachers : y u take bsc tat pcm y u didn’t take b.e or medical etc
Swara: ma’am nothing in medical ma’am I love bsc more than my frnd choice is my choice
Teachers :with impressed k don’t leave in middle pls be regular attendance is compulsory if u hv any doubt ask me I will surely help u..
Swara:thank u (as swara is more naughty but her heart is so sweet she is very good intelligent student but dull in maths like but also she score above 80 only…
Sk come and sits with ragini and kavya know each other but she doesn’t know each other bec she is new commercial. ..swara sitting with ragini without knowing ragini heart beat is raising.her mind is craving for friendship but if she ask wat swara will think kk no prb Let me talk to kavya first. (But god wish is different he hear our rags prayer)
Swara:hi I. M swara I. M from dis coll I hv secured dis much my father is dis my mother dis then kavya is my school friend we know from 12 years v r BESTIE k can I hv ur no pls if u don’t mind I won’t disturb u but I need ur needs etc pls
Ragini:without blinking she just observing her mouth she impressed with swara’s talkative style friendly nature without wasting sure I will give but I don’t know tat know tat much English u pls talk in kannada.
Swara:k ya k show ur record wat and all experiment completed show ur observation..
Ragini:with hesitate actually…
Teachers answer ur roll call while calling ragini name comes
Teacher:ragini y ur absent last class
Ragini: ma’am last week for me fever so
Teacher:k be regular and tc attendance is compulsory from now onwards..
Ragini :k mam
Swara: observe different facial behaviour in her face something is missing or she can c d dull face..

Scene 3
D most awaited scene is our dashing charming most handsome more naughty ragging beauty 100 watt bullet owner d one and only all girls heart fav all girls heart killer my baby’s dil ka owner..2 times fail holder but most intelligent boy he can trap any girl easily but he is not womaniser but time pass boy he think from outside he doesnt give work to brain.but he is so lucky he get all in easy way. He is non other than sanskar purhoit. ..

As class is completed swara is coming in bus as first day of her class it’s only half day while sitting in bus as she is so much tired she is lying in sit by bending her head down with support of sit…
While sleeping she doesn’t noticed d route and all and who is sitting next and all her friend kavya went to cousin has coll is half swara is alone suddenly he hear melodies rare beautiful donkey voice from back side of her seat ..tat to double voice one is coming from mobile other is coming from donkey mouth . Suddenly she turn back side but she couldn’t c d donkey face has he his bending down his head..she just ignore and turn front just hearing d song..only thing she feel d song tats it..
Hey dudes y can’t u seat next to me..
Girl. If i seat with u my stop will go then who will drop me..
Swara:by his voice her heart beat start beat raises with in fraction of second she thought it may be sanskar….as he his ragging beauty more than tat swara fear for one and only boy is sanskar..she just turn her eyes for confirmation she look him and turn back.but god wish is different. ..?
Girl:hey sanky u better sit with front sit girl she is so charm..suddenly sanskar c left side swara turn back their eyes meet sanskar just seeing her face swara seeing his eyes just then swara feel awkward and turn front sanskar still in deep thought….? Friends what’s next..? Wheather sanskar next target is swara..?wheather swara falls easily…?
Then wheather ragini give her no to swara wheather their friendship blossom..? Stay tuned dr ..

Dr actually I hv many prb in my village side from one no tower only in Vodafone and idea tats also no prb but dr I don’t know i m good or bad writer actually many friends ask me to write I want my friends to read it i told many friends u can read in fb but no admin is updating my fiction with so many dreams with so many desire I wrote swaragini suggestions part but I told to update they will say i will update today tomorrow etc but if i check tat pages they not even updated u only say how can I force them to update or how can I say again and again It’s not fair also they always busy with something and all but they r not fulfilling fans dream so felt very bad I decide not to write anything so friends if u like to read say frankly I will write next part simply i dont want to trouble anyone so wish but one thing I want to say I. M trying only for ur sake for ur friendship sake not for anything so choice is Urs dr..

So decide and tel me pls…

Dr actually I hv written one week back due to network it’s not uploading..actually from two days I. M crying like he’ll bec my mom and my so called father figh8ng yesterday I c real face of my father….so tomorrow I try to update if possible…if ur sinciar like with me Def my efforts will forwarded….?? Love u all I. M updating 28th times sorry for friend varu by mistake she update other story with dis title..sorry once again. …in vidmate Web no option for photo update

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