The best synonym of love – “Nairan” “Megnal” – Part 3

i sorry guys for updating late…. actually my hand got badly hurt and i was not able to type….
so here goes my third chapter………….

( nairan reaches there room which was decorated with red rosses, candles )
naina – wow!!!!!!! isn’t lovable karan?
karan – Hmm…..
naina – i loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
karan – i am feeling tierd let me take a bath . naina stop having like coupples ok..
(he places his bags and takes his towel and goes… naina feels bad)
naina – i had given him the right name “chathe wala akdu”

(karan comes back and places pillow and divides the bed into two)
naina – gooddnight karan…
karan – goodnight…
(in megnal’s room its too decorated)
megna – its tooo romantic….
kunal – Mmmm i can make it more romantic….
megna – really?? impressive <3
(kunal hugs megna suddenlly he get a call)

kunal – who is this spolling our romance..
megna – take it….
kunal -Mmm….
(Kunal takes the call)
kunal – who is this?
cathy – bhaiya…

kunal – cathy?
cathy – Hmm bhaiya i lost the bus and i am in jaipur now , i am feeling scared…
kunal – dont worry. i will do something don't panic.
megna- what happened?
kunal- cathy missed her bus. what should i do now….
(kunal get tensed)
megna – dont worry kunal… i have an idea..
kunal – what
megna – give your phone

megna – cathy i will send vrushal bhaiya there…
cathy – thanks bhabhi….
(megna call vrushal bhaiya and ask him to pick cathy and vrushal agrees)
kunal – Hmmm… my topper is too smart….
megna – its right…
(they both smiles…)

its midnight…..
in nairan's room..
(naina wakes up and find karan is not in the bed she calls for karan… suddenlly the light goes… she feel scared)
naina – karan…. karan…. where are you??? karan……..
(naina tries to take her phone…she tries to take her phone but her leg slips and looses her balance and she falls into karans arm . he also loose his balance and they both falls down (yeh fitoor mera plays) light comes ,karan and naina shares a eyelock suddenly karan realize that he is not dreaming and pushes naina away)

naina- karan ? where were you? when you go somewhere you should you have informed me…..
karan – you were sleeping and i don't think i have the right to disturb you..
naina – oh reallyyy !!!!!!
karan – Hmmm , i want to take a sleep so gudnight…
naina – Mmm… ( naina says in a low voices.. "karan please dont leave me like this…. 🙁 i cant live without you 🙁 " )
karan – did you say something?

naina – no.. gud nit 🙂
(karan thinks.. naina please dont do this to me…… why are you not goining from my life…. please understand staying with me make your life hell..i have to make you away from me at any cost because i love you and i really do….. )
its morning …….
karan and kunal go for jogging….
(kunal was walking infront of karan. they both were in distance ….. kunal stops near a flower shop… karan sees kunal and thinks bhaiya you can't huh… gift for bhabhi and he smiles then karan notices a lory which was comming the way kunal was standing)
karan – Bhaiyaaaaaaaaaaaa………………………………
kunal turns and look at karan… kunal was stuck by hearing karan callling him bhaiya…. karan run towards kunal and pulls kunal towards him when the lory was about to hit kunal…. karan hugs kunal….. )

karan – bhaiya.. are you okey ……
kunal – is it real? i am dreaming right?
karan – Eh?? i thought i lost you ( tears follows throg karans cheeks..)
( kunal is stuck to see caring and loving side of karan towards him after a while he realize the fact that a lory was about to hit him…. a woman enters the scene)
women – god had saved you son…. by sending you a brother like lakshman…. stay blessed…. god never let anyone break this ram-lakshman love…
(karan realize he had touched kunal …..and he suddenlly take his hand and walks away leaving a stunded kunal behind )

precap; karan says i have no interest in bike riding and is about to leave from there… kunal ask him to wait and shows him something and enquires him about it karan gets tensed.

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