The best synonym of love – “Nairan” “Megnal” – Part 2

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so here goes my second chapter……

( naina’s head get hit and she feel pain )

Naina – uff!!! aahh. Karan lets see i will change you for sure… i know why you did this. you want me to stay away from you but its impossible try your best…..

in megnal’s room
meghna- kunal…. how many time will you take for bathing?? come fast na……………….
kunal – i am comming my lady love…..
megna – wear this blue shirt ….. it suits you well..
kunal – Mmmm
(kunal get out of bathroom shritless and hug megna )
megna – kunal… get ready naina and karan will be waiting..

kunal – Hmmm
( kunal takes shirt from megna’s hand and kisses her cheek ( tu pyar hai plays ) Everyone reaches downstairs there dadaji was waiting for them)
Dadaji – car is ready and i had placed your bags too.
(they get in the car. they bid bye to dadu . kunal is driving the car karan is stting near him on back seat megna and naina is sitting)
naina – jiju… … what about playing some thing..
kunal – Hmm …. but what ??
megna – think…

karan – damsharaats?
megna – wow my devar you are so smart……
kunal – i and naina one team kuran and megna other done?
megna – done karan lets start….
( while they where playing game (yeh fitoor mera plays))
its evening………
kunal – i am feeling hungry
naina – me too…
megna – lets hunt for a dhabha……
( kunal stop in front of a dhabha. all get off the car. they take their seats……… )
kunal – what you want to have ?

naina – pani puri..
kunal – hmmm karan ?
karan – same..
kunal – thats strange ;p you used to order water right?
karan – be in your limits..
kunal – ya right talking to you means waste of time !!!!!!!!!
megna – kunal….. you have no right to question my devar …………
kunal – every one says the same… i have no right on him……

(kunal walks towards the car. megna goes to call him. kunal is sad)
naina – karan . don’t worry jiju will come now.
(karan thinks that sorry bhaiya… keeping you away is the most difficult thing… 🙁 i know why you criticize me always… )
megna – kunal…. come na please. i was just… sorry…
kunal – Hmm megna do you know why i always criticize him hoping to hear his sound otherwise he wont even talk to me 🙁 ok leave it….. lets go….

megna – kunal… ( megna thinks give me sometime i will change this bitterness between you and karan )
(kunal and megna come back)
kunal – what my sweet wife wish to have?
megna – Mr wrongnumber…. stop flirting….
(karan and naina smile while watching megnal)
(they reaches the hotel and as per dadaji’s plan the resort welcome them with flowers and give keys of their room )
naina – its so beautiful!!!

megna – thanks dadu…
(resort manager talks to kunal and karan )
kunal – so guys go to your room and take rest we will meet in morning….
naina – Hmm jijuu..
(resort manager comes to them and inform about bike ride planned by dadu. karan shows no interest to it while kunal says we four will be there )

precap; its dark and was raining ,naina get scared and calls for karan. she tries to take her phone but her leg slips and looses her balance and she falls into karans arm . he also loose his balance and they both falls down (yeh fitoor mera plays)

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