The best synonym of love – “Nairan” “Megnal” – Part 1

i am new here….
i wish to write a fiction about “nairan” and “megnal” love and also bromance and sisterhood. i hope you guys will like it . please give your suggestions…. both negative and positive…. i will surelly try to change according to you guys suggestion.
PLOT ; Megna and naina are sisters , kunal and karan are brothers .naina is maried to karan and meghna to kunal.There is bitterness between both brothers but love for one other is immense and same as ek shringaar karan is suffering from skin dissease.
so here starts….

At chauhan house…
Dadaji calls megnal and nairan downstairs …

kunal – what happened dadu? is there any special reason ?
Dadaji – kunal ….. There is but i will tell about it after all being here…
kunal- here comes your younger grandson like always late…
Dadaji – kunal…. he is your younger brother ,he has the right to make you wait for him for a while.
(kunal smiles)
Dadaji – where is my two grand daughters?
Kunal – they went to shiv temple.

(karan stand their silent and look towards the door their a car stops and naina and megna get off . karan stares at naina and smile but when naina look back he turns his face)
Naina – karan.. how cute is your smile but why are you always serious 🙁 let stop this soon i will teach you how to be happy 🙂
Meghna – what happened? what are you thinking??
Naina – nothing dheede..
Meghna – then lets go..
Kunal – atlast your two granddaughter also reached..
Meghna – good morning dadu… what happened here?
Naina – good morning dadaji..
Dadaji – i have something to give you both…..
Kunal – if it was for your granddaughters why do you call us?? 🙁 did you forgot you have two grandsons too..
(megna and naina smiles)
Dadaji – stop it stupid!!! its for four of you….
Kunal – then what is it!!!!!!!
Dadaji – i am sending you guys to shimla for 1 week spend it worthy and enjoy. dont reject it. i had told about it to nandkishore . u guys should go …..
(Karan get tensed)
karan – dadu…. i am sorry but i cant…..
Dadaji – no excuse go and pack your bags you guys have to leave today itself….
(naina gets happy thinking its nice opportunity to help karan 🙂 kunal and meghna gets happy thinking about spending time eachother )
Dadaji – i had arranged everything there…
kunal – Thankyou dadu.. you are the best…..

In nairan’s room..
(karan pack his item unwillinglly,while naina is trying to get a bag that is on top off shell she brings a stool and stand on it )
Karan – what are you doing?
Naina – can’t you see.. i am trying to take the bag..
Karan – you will fall down.
Naina – what ? karan singh chauhan i am not a kid or any filimy heroine. i am bhundi’s child will never fall easily.. you care for me karan?
(karan walks towards stool and hit the stool with his umberlla naina losses her balance and fall down karan look at her and walks away…..)

precap – On their way they stop at dhabha. kunal ask megna what you wish to eat my sweet wife she says kunal stop flirting and bleshes naina and karan look at them and smiles. In resort a man tells abut a bike riding which was arranged by dadu for them 🙂

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  1. Pratha

    Hey welcome to Nairan and Meghnal ff’s
    OK. cont. soon I really liked d start of d story.
    Post next asap….

    1. Mukthi


  2. Manvinahar

    nice story
    please continue writing

  3. Tamihna0808

    This is really good! I really enjoyed this and I’m eagerly waiting for the next part! Continue soon! ?❤?

    1. Mukthi

      Thanku 🙂

  4. Hepsibha

    Its really nice…waiting for next post. …

    1. Mukthi


  5. Titli

    Welcome young lady to swabhimaan fanclub.. loved this start.. continue it and post soon.. also u may find i comment a bit short.. coz am incapable of judging u guys, and moreover am very lazy to write long comments.. so sometimes i may skip commenting.. but remember, i loved ur start, it means am going to read it till the end.. thank u for writing another ff..

    1. Mukthi

      Thanku title… but if you have any suggestions please comment i will surely try for considering it .

      1. Mukthi

        “incapable of judging u guys” you were just kidding right i read your Ff its awesome….. it a great thing to get your reply for my Ff <3 🙂

  6. Nice I love it

    1. Mukthi

      Thanku 🙂

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