Hey guys Savanshi here… tis is an os that I already updated but now I m posting it again as a swasan os as many of u can’t get it… thanks to all who read my previous os… Hope u like tis one too…

He was away on a tour. Although it was me only who urged him to go but what would have I done, I want him to b at top alwz.. whether it’s his business or his love.

Love… this four letter word can be explained by me in just three words that is.. HIM… For me the word Love became meaningful only after his entry in my life. He gave a sense to that word. His small but touching gestures of expressing love are unfathomable. His way of expression is unique, he reads my mind better than me and that is what makes me fall for him to depth. His presence is enough to make my heart flatter. His love for me gives me a feelings of satisfaction. A feel that there is someone who lives for me and for whom I can live. He is an epitome of perfection and me a total antonym.

If I m black… then He is white;
If I m dark… then He is my light…
If I go mad… then He is at my side…
If I feel bore… then He indulges me in a fight…
And these are the ways… He makes me smile bright…

What else can I say about him?
A boon bestowed to me or an angle in disguise of a human who is only sent for me. His gracious presence makes me believe in stars and fortune and why shouldn’t I after all he worths being appreciated.

Here I was virtually writing or should correctly say thinking of writing a biography of Him when a screech was heard. It was familiar. The engine roared and came to hault. My heartbeats began to lose there pace and were now doing a marathon amongst themselves. My legs lost control and began to drag me towards the entrance. I quickened my pace and now I was literally running. Finally I stopped at the heart throbbing site infront of me. There He was… in his black tuxedo… looking extremely hot like always… and his shades complementing his s*xy physique.

I was lost in Him. During my session of staring him I didn’t realised when he came near me. He asked smirking whether I missed him or not; and there I landed back from my analysing experience and in no time engulfed him into a bone crushing hug. He hugged me back caressing my bare waist to assure me his presence which really seemed a dream to me. He broke the hug as soon as he felt something wet on his chest and off course the source of wetness were my tears. He immediately cupped my face and gestured for a reason to which I embraced him tightly leaving no space for air to pass between us. He understood my condition and tightened his arms around me and rubbed my hairs to calm me down. We stood there intertwined to each other enjoying the bliss of the moment.
After the moments of rejoicing that too at the entrance of our house; we headed inside. Like alwaz me in his arms.

I was on cloud nine at the sudden appearance of Him before the scheduled time. Off course it was the best surprise my sweetheart could give. He was a master at this. He always made me surprised in one or the other possible way. If there would have been a section for best surprises in Nobel Prize; I can bet he would have been the toughest competitor or rather the winner.
Sometimes I wonder whether there’s a subject like this in P.Hd.
Hehe… me and my ill logical thoughts… I’m sure if I become mad in future the wholesome culprit for my condition would be him.

He let me down as we reached the hall and asked me whether I liked the surprise or not. Off course why wouldn’t I?
This was like a dream come true. He asked me again whether I missed him or not; and it was there, where I lost my control and pulled him towards me and kissed him tightly on his lips. As I was going to withdraw myself he took up the opportunity and started kissing me. We were kissing each other wildly, pouring out all the frustration of being apart for freakingly five days. Oh! How much I missed him…. We were competing for dominance… tasting the anger shown up by one another for being away these days; we made it more erotic. As I was gasping for some breath he came up with smirk taking me into another kiss while I too reciprocated coping with him and telling him how much I missed him. Finally we drew apart when we were nearly left with no savings of our breath to b spent. We looked each other with an immense feel of affection and embraced each other making it feel like eternity; which it actually is. He kissed my forehead while I buried my face in his chest reviving the most pleasant fragnance of his cologne.

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