Best plot of stupidity_Kasam


Raj singh bedi…………..dumbest father in law TV ever seen

How come he does not keep in touch with his best friend through all this years?

How come tanu’s father did not send her photo when sent the mail reg marriage to raj singh bedi?

When they know Only raj’s friend died and hisbrother is alive then can he find out parent children ahana and tanu?

Dont they have any other family photos or friends in college who really know the families?

For how long can Neha pretend to be tannu without anyone having the least doubt about them?

Are they no common friends, neighbours or classmates or any other relatives who know the actual persons in tanus home?
Then how come so many people attend the marriage or functions like roka and no has a word for tanu or neha?

World top businessman Raj singh bedi is the dumbest person I have ever seen? He never seems busy never get calls(just like all busy people in Ekta’s serials.)

Viewers…….this are my views? What say?

Credit to: mona

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  1. So true (Y)
    And Tanvi’s character now is the dumbest one.. when the girl who has been critisizing her , plotting alot against her , humilating her just comes to her and says I’ll be the god mother of your love story then the dumb tanvi starts to share her doubts regarding Pawan to that evil Neha!!god Ekta Kapoor give ur chracters a bit of ur brains ..its really funny to watch such characters u know!

  2. The worst serial z kasam according to me..just dragging.. by adding some stupid jokz in btw the track.. just creating the viewerz as idiotz.. i did’nt like dz serial.. to boar.. i just have a request plz stop the serial @ sharp 10:30.. i waana see krishndhasi.. when ever i got a time, everytime itz repeat z showing.. what z the purpose.. Is there anything?? ????
    Sry.. if i heart anyone.. its just my request..?

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