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Hey!! Guys…This is Naina…Few of you may know me through my ff “Love for Life”. In this article I wanna ask you some questions…Interested can answer me <3

let's get started with your Age and then

1. What is your name(full name)?….. Mine is Naina Arora.

2. What is your nick name?…..Mine is Shona.

3. What is your best childhood memory?….Mine is When i was in my playschool the teacher conducted a small test of fruit's names…I had written Apple, Mango,Grapes, Guava, Orange and Pine apple and I didn't remember the rest of the names and I written Pine mango, Pine grapes, Pine guava and Pine orange and my teacher laughed her hell out and during the parent-teacher interaction she even told my Mama and Papa about it.

4. What is the best compliment you have recieved yet?…Mine is when I recieved a medal in karate My papa called me a tigress and I just can't forget that moment.

5. What is your favourite colour?….Mine is Black.

6. What is your favourite hangout place?….Mine is Dehradun and Turkey.

7. What do you like in yourself?….Mine is my eyes and my confidence.

8. Who is your favourite singer?…Mine is Adele and Justin Bieber.

9. What is your favourite song?….Mine in hindi:: Main rahoon ya na rahoon….In english:: Send my love, Diva and Dangerous Woman.

10. What is your favourite movie?….Mine the series of Twilight.

11. Who is your favourite actor?…. Mine is Akshay kumar and Robert pattinson.

12. Who is your favourite actress?…..Mine is Deepika padukone and kate winslet.

13. What is your favourite pass time?….Mine is listening to songs.

14. What do you like to do with your friends Hanging out or chatting?….I prefer to hang out with my buddies.

15th Question is only for few who actually want to answer it that's up to you. Asking is my turn and answering is yours…

15. Who had crush on you as per you know? 😉

You can inbox me the answer of 15th question and I'll reply you my answer….

So, guys I don't want to create a buzz… I just want to know you all a way better.

I kindly request you not to take it in a serious way It's just for fun…

What are you waiting for?…… comment fast….And let me know all….<3

With loads of love <3

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  1. Hi Nainu..
    My name is Smriti Verma…
    I am 12 years old..
    Best childhood Memory- I didn’t remember…
    Best compliment is that When my teacher have called me genius…
    I like Black and Baby Pink
    I like to hangout to Paris and Kolkata…
    I like my positive attitude, self confidence and my sweetness..
    Favourite Singers- Arjit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal and Atif Aslam, Rihanna..
    Favourite Movie- Twilight, Conjuring, Rustom, 3 Idiots, Mohabbatein, PK, OMG, Ghajini….
    Favourite Actor- SRK, Akshay Kumar and Shahid Kapoor..
    Favourite Actresss- Shraddha Kapoor and Madhuri Dikshit…
    Favourite Songs- Many
    I like to read Fanfictions and listening songs..
    I don’t think that anyone has a crush on me..

  2. Nainaa

    Aww! So sweet name Smriti Verma…I gotta call you Smritu….?. I think your childhood is full of sweet memories that you don’t know you which one to share with us….that’s really cute….Paris and Kolkata are lovely places and lovely people would like to hang out there so obviously you are a Khaju katli to me???. Same pinch even I love Twilight. Oh my god!! Singers Rihanna did I just heard it from you WOW!! Even I like her. Positive attitude that’s so cute….Same pinch again I too like Akki… Yaar even I can’t name my favourite songs they change like ‘x’ in every equation??? and coming to the people who have crush in you may be they don’t want you to know about that and they are afraid of loosing your glimpse….???

  3. Nainaa

    Guys! I know many of you don’t want to share your personal stuff even though if you are willing to you can inbox me your answers like many people are doing…<3 🙂

  4. Hi Nainaa
    My name is Shalini Naicker.
    My nickname is Shalu.
    I am 15 years old
    My best childhood memory – I don’t know.
    Best compliment is that I am responsible and cute.
    My favourite colour is purple, black,blue, dark green.
    I like to hangout to Chennai and other places where no one knows my name.
    I like my voice, cuteness, helping nature.
    Favourite singer- Arijit singh, Shreya ghoshal, miley cyrus.
    Favourite movie- Yeh Jawaani Thai Deewani,Chennai express,Bajirao Mastani. Twilight series.
    Favourite actor male- Akshay Kumar, Mahesh Babu, Jr.NTR, Robert Pattinson
    Favourite actress – Deepika Padukone, Anushka Shetty, Hansika Motwani.
    Favourite song – each and every sing of Arijith Singh and also some Tamil songs.
    My hobbies are watching movies especially dubbing, listening music, reading good books.

    1. Nainaa

      Aww!! Dear such a lovely Nick name Shalu…???. Childhood memories are so filled with joy that we will just forget then as it is persons nature to forget happiest moments and sit on sad moments. Same pinch my favorite colour is also black. Hanging out at Chennai is truly sensible the people there and food items just leaves us spellbound… Don’t mind I am a big foodie… Hmm I gotta tell that you are really a humble person….this just reflects the compliments you got from others and your likings. Singers, Movies, Actors and actress are fab. Even you are like me even I love to hear Arjith Singh. I gotta tell you again you are so humble and Cute???

  5. hi nainaa
    i am balamirra yegneswaran
    my nickname is mirra/bala
    i am 14 years old
    best childhood memory: i used to make up my own songs with whatever words i knew, my family used to laugh like hell because the song actually doesnt make any sense..
    my favourite colour is black,favourite hangout place is lonavala and hill stations
    i like my kindness towards people , my favourite singers are adele, , arjith singh, armaan malik, shreya ghosal,palak mucchal, ed sheeran, bruno mars, thts it.
    there are many songs which i like.
    favourite movie: actually many movies are there.
    favourie actor: akshay kumar,ranbir kapoor, aditya roy kapoor, chris evans, sushant singh rajput, benedict cumberbatch.
    favourite actress: deepika padukone, anushka sharma, scarllet johnson, emma watson
    i like reading books, classics and listening to songs
    i like hanging out with friends and i dont think someone has gotta a crush on me.

    1. Nainaa

      Hai! Bala…. 😉
      Childhood is the awesome phase of our life and it’s clear that you have enjoyed every bit of it very keenly… Haha I know how it feels when some one laughs at out new creation? ROFL…
      Same pinch even my favourite colour is black. Hanging out at lonavala is pretty good as i didn’t experienced but my cousins told me as I believe that we are in the same level of craziness… 😉
      Same pinch again Adele is my favourite too… Let me make a guess of your character you are a soft-hearted right?!… All the Actors and Actresses are too good. Even I have my heart for reading books and listening to music. Maybe you don’t know about that person…. <3

  6. Hai!! Nainaa my name is sandhya,my nickname is sandy,i am 16 years old,childhoo memory:whn i was child in my schl whn they asked me 1 cricket player n 1 tenis player i wrote sachin as tenis player n sania mirza as cricket,my favourite colour:pink,my favourite hangout place is hill station,i like my eyes and my kindness n sweetness towards everyone,my favourite singer is arjith singh,shreya ghosal,palak mucchal,justin bieber and armaan malik,favourite song is bolna,meri aashiqui,tum hi ho,hamari adhuri kahani,boldo and so on,favourite actor:ranbir kapoor,akshay kumar,favourite actress:saradha kapoor,anushka sharma,i love listening song,i like hanging out with friends,i don’t think someone got crush on me.

    1. Nainaa

      WOW!! Sandy…. cute name. My mama used to tell me that childhood is full of confusions Haha In your case it make me believe that thing. Colour is pretty cool and Girls are actually known as pink faces…. Hanging out at hill stations is really a best experience of my life and the level of mad we become when we go there is infinite…. Same pinch again even I love my eyes… 🙂
      Coming to singers I can just say you like love songs and Same pinch again even I like Justin Bieber. Songs are doing justice to your character. Actors and Actresses are really good and yeah same pinch even I like Akki… 😉 .

  7. Nishi33

    1 – Nishtha dixit
    2- nick name – nishi..*as mentioned*
    3- childhood memory..too many..haha – Fav one was when mom dressed me up in winter uniform ..1st day.. 1st class..and my school bag was sooo heavy that I fell upside down …i’m on top..bag below me..*haha*
    4- best was when I won a certificate for best singing talent from IIT -KANPUR *-*
    6 – ONLY ONE —LONDON..*Fav destination*
    7 – I LOVE MY VOICE..
    8 -One direction…*fav people..sad they broke up* and Armann malik for hindi
    9-Hindi – main yha hoon "veer zara"*all time fav* and in eng..18 -by one direction *it's worth listening…even you I suggest*
    10-umm…movie..i like action movies but 'THE HOBBIT' and twilight as such
    11-actor….I love akshay kumar..excellent man and SRK too
    12- actress – DEEPUUUU…and Emma Watson
    13 -pass time—songs..and sometimes cooking.*though it always ends in a DISASTER* lol
    14 -hanging out is better I guess..
    15..Top secret..haha..
    you made me fill your slam I loved discussing sweetie..thanks

  8. Nainaa

    Aww!! Such a beautiful Nick name…. Hmm then I have two people of some nickname both are such a cuties and kind hearts…. Even my cousin’s Nick name is Josh.?? Haha even I have a similar childhood memory…. During fancy dress competition I was asked to wear a saree and I couldn’t hold the pallu properly and in a attempt to hold that I was holding my brother’s hand with one hand and when I was about to fall I pulled him and we both fell down…???. Wow a certificate for singing that too good? Same pinch even my favorite is black and ofcourse if everything is black it looks so rocking and Swagging ofcourse…. London??? that’s so amazing man. Most probably as you said you got a certificate in singing. hmm…. that’s so cute.
    Even I love one direction so much and I am so mad at their songs and really feeling bad after Zayn’s departure. ??? Same pinch again for Twilight. Aww!! Evn I love love Akki…?? as said above even I love deeps… Haha singing is my favorite pass time too and my mother strictly prohibited me from entering kitchen…??? Crush!! That’s really so humble that you know there is someone longing for you…
    Did you just said that you filled me in your slam book that’s so nice my cutie… Thanks

    1. Nishi33

      yea I actually love to enter some specific people in my slam book…and as I know you better now…so I did that for you…as you r sooo cute..<3…

      1. Nainaa

        Aww!! Dear Thank you so much.
        That means alot….??

  9. Ayath

    hey nainaa…
    1 hasna
    2 minnu
    3childhood memory….when i wake up i will go to the only person near me….always my big bro is waiting for me to wkeup…
    4 somany are there…..
    5 colour; pink but in dress i like black and white combination
    6 georgia…..nw am in dubai so if i get admission for mbbs in georgia i will surely go there only
    7 i love my eyes and smile
    8 taylour swift and atif aslam
    9 in hindi recently i like ae dil hai mushkil title song
    10 3its actually a tamil movie and bangloore days also
    11 dulquer salman and nivin pauly
    12 jackky and deepika
    13 enjoying with friends
    14 i like both bcz i always want to be with my friends
    15 i think only 5 person but truly i dont like anyone… when i have a crush he didnt notice me
    ……thanku somuch nainaa….i want to know that 15 th one answer from u

    1. Nainaa

      WOW!! Minnu is such a cute nick name…… Your nick name is reminding me about my childhood memory The character minnie from mickey mouse and when I got to hang out with cousins we play character change game in which we have to behave like the character we chose So, obviously I always took up the character minnie but more I like to call that minnu only. So, not the animation one there is some one in my real life too… I have a habit to hug someone after a deep sleep that will surely be my brother who is younger than me. Georgia’s black sea beaches had made a impact on my memories 2 years back when I visited there I can feel those beaches are god’s perfect creations… Eyes and Smile then you are surely a centre of attraction where ever you go… And Dulquer salman even I like him. The first movie i saw is hid lead role in O Khadal kanmani…. He is so dashing and handsome. and yeah i will inbox you mine.

      1. Ayath

        hahaa….his father also soo handsome actually am amalayi so iused to watch all his movies……yea i read tht wow nainaa i think u look soo cute and beautiful also

    2. Nainaa

      I saw his father also recently I saw his movie his acting skills are peaks…. I don’t think I am beautiful…

  10. Liya

    Hai niana I am lidiya
    I gotta bunch of nick name laadu,lidu,lithu,iddi,idli…etc
    In my childhood when any visitor comes to our house ,I won’t allow them to sit on my grandfathers chair because my parents always told me not to sit on that I won’t allow anyone to sit there !
    The best compliment I got ever is in 10th by my favourite teacher for getting full mark for maths.
    My fav colour is Navy blue
    My favourite hangout place is fort kochi and my dream land Paris?
    I like my voice very much because I like to sing and I love music
    My fav singers are a.r rahman sir,arjith singh,hariharan,shreya ghoshal
    My fav song is a malayalam song mazhayee by hariharan!
    Harry potter series are my fav, bajranghi bhaijaan ,jab we met in Tamil thuppakii and in malayalam yodha,charlie,Bangalore days.
    My fav actor is dulquer salman ,Srk,tiger schroff
    My fav actress is deepika padukone
    My fav pass time is cooking , watching TV, listening music & sleeping.
    Nobody has crush on me!

    1. Nainaa

      Hai Lidiya!! Well… Which name you want me to call you? Anyways I like to call you lidu… 🙂
      Haha In childhood even I used to get some prohibitions so, even i won’t let others to enjoy them that’s a kind of pleasure. So, you completed your 10th that’s great and getting such a good marks in MATHS is really a thing to be appreciated. Navy blue is quiet a decent colour and even I love it. Yeah, I visited kochi many times and the sea food there is irresistable and ofcourse Paris is a lovely place. All your like are quite fab. OMG!! Even I love dulquer salman and ofcourse deeps is my favourite too. So, you love cooking…. Hmm…. My mother prohibited me from entering into kitchen due some incidents in past where I made many experiments in my mom’s kitchen. May be you don’t know the person who have a crush on you…… Secret crush.

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