The best lessons of life ( part 7)

Hi frnds..
I m writing back my story on requests…pls leave ur comments of I don’t like..
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I m continuing where I ended my story..
It been two days after jhanvi met rekha..she didn’t turned up yet..jhanvi is upset because she didn’t get rekha number yet after yrs to contact her…she s vry upset and decide to knw abt her somehow..
After two days of the evening of Friday jhanvi met rekha in college..
Jhanvi gets happy that rekha got job in coll..they spend quality time with eachother in eve…rekha house is in same stop but diffrent direction from jhanvi home…
Jhanvi shifted to New build home after many yrs of hard-working after jhanvi’s the fearfull past in school..
However they r in his status now to provide the leiable life to their children’s..
After 2 weeks after college reopening..
Jhanvi s working hard to copeup with studies..rekha hav been joined as office assitant in college office..jhanvi will try to spend some time with rekha wen she gets free time..
Brindha and gauri also got attached to rekha….
One day wen they all r chatting in office corridor jhanvi happens to see her department staff is watching her when she came to meet dean..jhanvi is somewhat terrified by her way of looking and went back to classroom..
Jhanvi gets relaxed when the classes gets started again and forgot wat happened in corridor..that’s wen a tall boy (senior) enters the class after asking permission from lecturer..he informs something to her and left the class..when the whole class was looking at her..she then ask jhanvi and gauri to meet the particular staff (whom they may in office corridor let her name b naina)….
Jhanvi and gauri got terrified by this and left the class with nervousness and free..they reach staff room being fully scared..just then gauri starts crying wit fear of scolding..
When they enter the staff room there r two staaffs at room and all others left for clases..when they go near
naina’s table gauri holds jhanvi’s hand in fear..jhanvi somewhat managed her fear and calls naina..
Jhanvi: mam hav I call’ed us..
Naina: s..wat were I dng in office corridor. .
Jhanvi:mam actually v went there to meet my friend..
Naina:who a ur frnd there..
Jhanvi:her name is rekha…she is office assistant..she is my I met her..
Naina:don’t go unnecessarily anywhere.if she is ur frnd meet her outside campus..if u had really any emergency nly u can meet her..understand. .
Jhanvi and gauri:says s and left the room..
Jhanvi and gauri is somewhat got scared due to naina’s strict behaviour..they reach back class where the lecture almost near the ending..
They take their respective seats without talking anything..
After the class..all girls sit to hav lunch wen the 2 senior girls enter the class..
All girls got stand-up due to their sudden visit..
They 2 ask all girls to listen carefully..
They closed the class door so that no one will see they r here..
They seemed to frndly..
They explained about the strict rules which r followed in department and how the staff’s are in real apart from what they r seeing..
The 2nd yr girls got feared of all staffs after they learn the truth..
After that senior girls left the class..
All girls sit in terrified somewhat state. ..

Is the senior girls informed is truth?what was the New challenge waiting for jhanvi? gauri’s studies for interrupted ‘y’?
To know my story keep reading…bye..

6 months after the 2nd yr reopening…gauri smiles to herself by watching somebody..who is he..

Hi frnds..
Sry guys I didn’t write my episode for long period the to not proper response..I wish to write it back on request..hope I guys didn’t get bored..

Credit to : Vibhu

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