Who is the best jodi on-screen?

Hey guys this is Anushka. I wanted to check whom do u think is the best couple on-screen. Give ur answers through the comments. The one who gets most number of votes will be the best jodi on-screen.

1. Sanskaar-Swara ( Swaragini)

2. Manik-Nandini ( Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan) 

3. Kunj-Twinkle ( Tashan-E-Ishq) 

4. Bihaan-Thapki ( Thapki Pyaar Ki)

5. Arjun-Radhika ( Manmarzian) 

6. Mantu-Amaya (Tere Sheher Mein) 

7. Krish-Radhika ( Adhuri Kahaani Hamari)

8. Samar-Lakshmi ( Dream Girl) 

9. Laksh- Ragini( swaragini)

10. Vihaan-Kaira ( Satrangi Sasural)

11. Akshara-Naitik (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai)

12. Ishita-Raman (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)

13. Ram-Sita (Siya Ke Ram)

14. Sandhya-Sooraj (Diya Aur Baati Hum)

15. Gayatri-Rana Indravadhan (Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani )

16. Roshni-Siddharth (Jamai Raja)

17. Viplav-Dhaani (Ishq ka Rang Safed)

18. Ranveer-Ishani (Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi )

19. Abhi-Pragya (Kumkum Bhagya)

20. Ritik- Shivanya (Naagin)

Let’s see who is the best jodi onscreen.

Sorry If I miss anyone.
Plz comment if u r a true fan.

Love u all???
Take care
Keep commenting.

Credit to: Anushka


  1. Himi

    1st Raman-Ishita and 2nd Pragya-Abhi – these two couples are my all time favorite!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. hurray….the first to cmnt….Frankly i am a huge fan of abhigya aka abhi and praghya….
    evn though i luv manan aka manik nandhini,,..ishveer….swasan…..raglak……twinj……rosid…..ishra….
    but my most preferance goes to abhigya….. and by the way u missed roli and sidhant and prem simar….i luv them ……

    and by the way anushka whom you like the most?

  3. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    twinkle-kunj(tashan e ishq)
    twinj rocks….best on screen Jodi…thnks for the poll

  4. ammu

    iam a hi anushka big fan of ardhika n manmarziyan.so i prefr them.now who is ur fav çouple?

  5. Anakha


  6. Varsha

    Ragini-Laksh, Swara-Sanskar, Abhi-Pragya, Ishitha-Raman, Viplav-Dhaani, Ram-Sita, Ishaani-Ranveer, Naitik-Akshara, Sooraj-Sandhya. But the pairs are very beautiful but the story goes worse sometimes. It’s according to my taste from Ragini to Sandhya

  7. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Ranveer and Ishaani ????????????????????superb jidi made for each other

    • Mridula

      Thahaan is my current fav..but I used to like manya too..! And Rivanya are good..though I don’t see naagin..but as far as I have seen according to that! And ya I missed out manan.? I used to like them in starting of season 1! No idea abt other jodis..?

  8. karthika

    of course no doubt about it.abhigya is best onscreen jodi.their sizzling chemistry just won lots of hearts.i will second position to twinj they r also cute couples.but abhigya will be always first.

  9. umama alam

    2.manik n nandini
    1.sanskaar n swara
    20.ritik n shivanya
    3.kunj n twinkle

    & there one jodi I like most which is not mentioned in the list-

  10. Jasi

    Ofcourse manan because the love and bond they share in the on screen is so different from all the serials it really make us to feel the love even it will make any person to fall in love who don’t love so my vote will go to my favourite manik nandhini

  11. Tehreem (sawsan lover)

    Swara-Sanskar (swaragini)
    Twinkle-kunj (Tashan e ishq)
    And Laksh-Ragini (swaragini)

  12. yuvani

    First vote is obviously for Kunj and twinkle??
    my second vote is for Ritik and shivanya??

  13. Obviously MaNan = Manik and Nandini. I hv seen many love stories I liked them but MaNan was best among them. I like the way MaNan love, care, trust and support each other. Their love story was made by trust. There were many problems but they never gave up. They were supportive and protective of each other. They did everything possible in their part in order to make each other happy. Although the serial ended but m never gonna forget them. The best couple always.

    • Plumpyyy

      Missed u most nashiii!! Love u lots!!! Plz come on any of d manan ffs page on monday aftrnoon… Its maths on monday.. Wanna talk to u my nashii!!! Manan ff unconditional love or pani ff a story we wish were true.. 2 of these.. Anyone plz.. I missed u nash!!!

  14. Saanvi

    Only Manan( Manik and Nandini)
    You missed swalak and ragsan.
    There are still swalak and ragsan fans left.
    Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

  15. Lavanya

    1. Sanskaar and Swara
    2. Ranveer and Ishaani
    3. Raman and Ishita
    4. Mantu and Amaya
    5. Laksh and Ragini
    6. Samar and Lakshmi
    7. Krish and Radhika
    8. Rithik and Shivanya
    9. Abhi and Pragya
    10. Siddharth and Roshni
    11. Viplav and Dhaani
    12. Rana Indhravan and Gayatri
    13. Vihaan and Kaira
    14. Sooraj and Sandhya
    15. Ram and Sita
    16. Natik and Akshara
    17. Manik and Nandini
    18. Arjun and Radhika
    19. Kunj and Twinkle
    20. Bihaan and Thapki

  16. Plumpyyy

    For me, its MaNan for eternity!! I dont think and i dont need to! MaNan are always the best.. Love changes for them in my heart each nanosecond.. It grows more..
    A pure n true MaNanholic.. Love manan kyy…!!!
    Thnx for d poll n plz say whom do u love the most?

  17. Ashi

    It wish be always manan.our manik am nandini…there love will in everyone ‘s heart even the show has ended…Those who saw their story once will never forget them…I was also like that….Accidentally i saw one of kyy’s episode in youtube…after that i searched youtube and watch all the episodes…and after that i never missed kyy…..it was an awesome show…i love cabir(ayaaz) in it more…..don’t know why…..The show is not so popular in Kerala….like starplus,colours,zee tv……i am residing in Kerala…..i am damn sure that i will never ever forget them……thanks to MTV,BBC..etc….and the whole team of kyy
    I have a suggestion that you should also include Swayam and Sharon of D3 even though the show has ended…….

    • Arshi

      Same pinch yaar… I also have watched one vedio in utube then followed kyy… Before that I have watched boys over flowers Korean series.. And kyy s hindi version of that… Still I loke kyy.

      Both kyy and boys over flowers have same concept.

      But differs somewat

  18. miss x

    I n dehleez the jodis r soo cute ….both harshad and tridha looks cute….n they both together r a treat for eyes ?….their nok jhok is the best……….!!! Than any other serial ….I would say !!
    Love swadarsh

  19. Arshi

    . U missed it… Yeah its old series.
    Bit still there s huge fans for arshi..

    Abhigya… Though story s boring… Serial gets name bcz f them

    Then purab bulbul…


    Druv aliya

    Raman ishu



    I think everyone s best

    Can’t rank it… Haha… While writing.. I wish to write all names

  20. just readin ff makes e so much addicted to ardhikan and nesa thet are the best and arjohi also which is not in the list

  21. raj

    mere ishq ka rang safed hai yaara ishq ka rang sfed


  23. Fan of ishveer

    First Ranveer and ishaani
    2.viplav n dhani, sita n ram
    3 . swadheetha n adarsh, raglak

  24. Vidhya

    Among In this Jodi’s I Love Swasan From Swaragini, Vidhani From ishq ka rang Safed, Ardhika Manmarzia.

  25. roja reddy

    1. swadeenta-adarsh
    2. viplav – daani
    3. suraj-sandya
    4.ranveer – ishhani
    5.arjun- radika


  26. parvini

    number one would be Ishita and Raman (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)
    number 2- sansakaar-swara (swaragini)

  27. My favourite couple would be twinj- twinkle and kunj .
    Then abhigya. They both couple has lots of chemistry between them and they look good together so I’m having difficulty to choose btween thm. There are lots of romance in btween abhigya.

  28. Nilan

    Arjun-Radhika (Manmarziyaan), Mantu-Amaya (Tere Sheher Mein), Aakaash-Anjali (Everest), Ritik-Shivanya (Naagin).

  29. Zaher ~ POISON

    I wish those love stories were real. I wish those happy endings were real. But in life, there is nothing real. It’s all fake. After few years, you’ll forget these all shows. And then you’ll face reality. I vote for nothing. I vote for no one. I vote for death.

    P.S: don’t reply me back.

  30. Anjali

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Ritik and shivanya their soo cute and ritik he is buff

  31. ManAnya

    come on Minnie(prads),Plumpyyy(toshna),Adele(anu),Shifa (shakira),Nashita(nina),Adhya(adhu),medhu,megh,megha,kavya,mishti,kitty,sunitha,sindhu,akansha and all kyyian,crazy fans of manik,niti and fab 5,all of my dearest friends don’t let our Manan lose,please vote 4 them.?

  32. Sanam

    I actually love the jodi of
    Raghav n sia ~humse hai life
    Raj n avni~ aphg
    Yuvraj n suvreen~suvreen guggal
    Prithvi n sanju~bff
    Along with ma fav twinj and sidni

  33. cantmentionit

    You guys are really mistaken . First is twin then is abhigya and then sidni after that anyone . But according to me maybe radhika-krish .

  34. ISHANI & RANVEER=ISHVEER r good, better, best, bestest I don’t have words think whatever u want but ISHVEER r awesome as a couple

  35. I choose :
    Twinj- tashan e ishq
    Sidni- jamai raja
    Abhigya- kumkum bhagya
    Gayathri- rana – ek tha raja ek thi rani
    Kaali-yug- kaala teeka

  36. Spha

    Ishveer , though the serial became bored!!! The couple is awsome and sizzling hot chemistry❤??

  37. swasan …..abhigya …..thapkibihaan……….twinj…….raglak………….♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  38. 3. Kunj-Twinkle ( Tashan-E- Ishq) the best jodi ever …..their small small fights and their childish expressions .etc etc… Are just awesome

  39. sowmu

    manan manan and always manan no anybody can replace them but no one can replace their chemistry

  40. sristy

    Manik nd nandani was just awesome Jodi onscreen…..
    Love u manan…..
    Always nd forever…..

  41. Rite

    I love Aradhika jodi… Perfect jodi 🙂
    then my favrt Shivanya and ritvik….
    one more jodi is my favrt that is Meher and Abheer Mehbeer frm Bd 🙂 🙂

  42. radhika

    Ishveer is the bestest…. None other than that… I love them from core of my heart… N can never ever forget them…????

  43. IshuRV(Pranjali ka mast Goa)

    ishveer….this jodi…..really I can’t forgot them….there eyelocks,romance,cute fights,hugs,wow what a intimacy…. superb

  44. Abi

    Obviously ARDHIKA no. (5)and RIVANYA no. (20)….. No doubt in that

    Becoz…. Those two pairs only earn so much of fans in a short period( less no. Of episodes)…. Compare with others… Their no. Of episodes are very less…. No one deny that???
    By the way…. Tell me who got the best couple award

  45. Bhavya

    Congratulations di, u got 616 comments.
    According to me-
    My vote goes to Twinj and Raglak

  46. i am comming this page now only….but already who voted in my name…i really don’t know…..but my vote is for my ever rocking ishveer …they r the one who r the best couple in onscreen and off screen too….

  47. reem

    Twinkle n Kunj
    Kunj n Twinkle
    Twinj wl win
    Bcoz one of my classmate has told us about this page and I thank god she told us bcoz we love Twinj like hell and the boys also watch so u might see all commenting Twinj that’s bcoz u’ll will get 31 votes bcoz in our class we have 31 students both boys and girls r voting..
    I guess u’ll guys know her SMC
    But thank god she told and if Twinj win its definitely bcoz of her

  48. Earl

    Hi Russell and Ayoob,u’ll can’t use the same email even if u’ll r bros k
    I vote for Twinj

  49. Anushka

    So the results r here( last score calculated of Maunika at 5:56pm)
    I can’t tell number of votes coz some of them have got below 10 and one has got none. so I’ll only tell the top 10 Jodis on-screen. (I have calculated all the votes like some of u have written two- three names.)

    1:-Twinkle nd Kunj ( tashan e ishq)
    2:-Ranveer nd Ishani (matsh)
    3:-Sanskar nd Swara ( swaragini)
    4:-Abhi nd pragya( kum kum bhavya)
    5:-Manik and Nandani ( kyy)
    6:-Arjun nd Radhika ( manmarzian)
    7:-Ishita nd Raman ( yhm)
    8:-Ragini nd Laksha (swaragini)
    9:-Rithik nd Shivanya ( naagin)
    10:- Sid nd Roshini ( jamai raja)

    So I suppose now u got the Answer. I’ll be back with some more polls.
    Till that time
    Love u all
    Take care
    Keep commenting.
    And once again for 625 comments

    • Anushka

      After calculating the last vote of joshna, the answer is the same that Twinj is still on the first position, ishveer is also sticker to 2nd position and Swasan is also on the same position. So that’s clear. Once again Thanq so much for 669 comments

  50. karthu

    Ok i will accepect that twinkle and kunj is the best jodi. Ithini sara vote mila …
    But i have one doubt that ithini sara lovers rahthe hua bhi TRP kyum nahi badthi hai?

  51. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    my ishveer forever . love meaning ishveer ……

  52. Loveutwinj

    Sadu sarna and his siyappa queen inshort twinj. They r just mind blowing. Love them to the square of infinite.

  53. Sadhana

    Jodis are quiet a lot which i like

    Swara-Sanskar Swaragini

    Krish-Radhika Adhuri Kahaani…

    Sanyukta-Randhir Sadaa Haq

    Aaradhya-Aaryan Krishnadasi

  54. My fav couples are:
    Swara-sanskar and Ragini-laksh from swaragini
    Ram-sita and lakshman-urmila from siya ke ram
    Aradhya-aryan from krishnadasi
    And manan from kyy

  55. yyyyyyyyyy

    Sooraj and sandhya are the cute couples. They are the one and only couples very cute…….


    pls dont take ended serial in list……. its quit difficult for me to choose between skr n ishveer……….. n also skr is a myth………………. i m only going to vote for current shows….

    1.Siya ke ram (in that self we have so many pairs)

    2. Aryan and Arayadha (from Krishnadasi…….. u missed it)

    3. Adarsh and Swadneetha (from dehleez… u missed this also)

    thats all…………

    for ended shows

    1. Ishveer (from MATSH…………)

    2. Ishveer (from MATSH…………)

    3. Ishveer (from MATSH…………)

    4. My dear Ragna (from Ek mutthi aasmaan)

    pls tell the result………..

  57. yyyyyyyyyy

    Sooraj and sandhya….are lovely couples….so no one can beat them…because it is fact…no can change this!!!!!!

  58. .

    aaliya zain (BEINTEHAA)
    aryan aradhiya (KRISHNADASI)
    ritik shivanya (NAAIN)

  59. adithi

    1.raman – ishita
    2.abhi – pragya
    3.rithik – shivanya
    4.kunj – twinkle
    5. ranveer – ishaani

  60. pratiksha

    Swasan yani swara and sanskar from swaragini aase hi nahi they won Best jodi in cgpa coming day after tomorrow

  61. Naduni

    1 – abhi pragya
    2 – purab bulbul
    3 – sid roshni
    4 – raman ishitha
    5 – ranveer ishani
    6 – kunj twinkle
    7 – Mr & Mrs Bhalla / Mr & Mrs Iyer
    8 – mihir rinki
    9 – bala vandu

  62. Tooba

    Quite nice Jodi’s so:

    1. Swara & Sanskar ( Swaragini )
    2. Thapki & Bihaan ( Thapki Pyaar Ki )
    3. Shivanya & Ritik ( Naagin )
    4. Twinkle & Kunj ( Tashan-e-Ishq )

    But the best is Swasan only 😉

  63. Anu

    U missed Azhia.. (Girls on Top)

    Well I love Manan a lot x x

    And also if we just go off a picture I love Swasan but Swaragini don’t use them to full of their potential. But whenever I write any ff I just imagine Swasan and Manan

  64. Rashmi

    Randhir Sanyukta- Sadda haq
    Shravan Suman- Ek duje ke vaaste
    Ragini laksh- Swaragini
    Aaryan Aaradhya- Krishnadasi

    Of off air shows
    Maan Geet
    Arnav Khushi
    Prithvi Sanyogita
    Anurag Prerna

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