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SIYA KE RAM – (Star Plus) “Siya Ke Ram is the story retold once again to present a fresh perspective on Ramayan. This time, the story is told by Sita’s perspective. It will bring some unseen chapters in the mythological show. It brings Sita’s emotions, her independent thoughts, brave nature and then finally her true love for Ram. Sita’s birth from the soil to her tender years is shown in detail. The story will then focus on Sita’s marriage with Ram and their divine journey.”

SURYAPUTRA KARNA – (Sony tv) “It is showing different phases of the life of the unsung hero Karn. The show will start by his birth, his childhood and growing up. Karn has faced many obstacles on his life by social discrimination by people. He was known as Adhirath’s son. Adhirath has a low class charioteer. Karn’s journey of life is shown. Karn is abandoned by his mother Kunty and later he comes back to her. Kunti gets divided between her son Pandavas and Karn. The show brings many phases of unseen stories of Karn’s epic life from his birth till he becomes King of Anga. The show will be presenting Karn’s unconditional friendship with Duryodhan.”

SANKATMOCHAN MAHABALI HANUMAN – (Sony tv) “Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman is the story based on Lord Hanuman and his journey of life, since his childhood. The show defines the great virtues of Lord Hanuman and how many has derived his morals and values, which are followed even in today’s time to tackle day to day problems with the path he has shown everyone.”

CHAKRAVARTIN ASHOKA SAMRAT – (Colors) “This is a tale of a boy(Ashoka) who is born under odd circumstances amidst the fire with the fate to become one of the greatest emperors of India in the history”

MAHABHARAT – (Star Plus) “Mahabharat presents the story of the throne of Hastinapur, the kingdom ruled by the Kuru clan where Kauravas and the Pandavas brothers compete for rulership.”


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  1. ChAkravartin ashoka samrat

  2. mahabharat

  3. mahabharat obviously

  4. MAHABHARAT IS BEST & I love karn character so Surya Puthru karn also 1 of the best show.


  6. ashoka samrat

    chakravartin ashoka samrat is superb.
    ashoka fans 4 ever


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