The best gift… {KKB} OS

I have been pretty obsessed with him and that is why I am left in the dark. Now I realise how difficult it was for her to see him getting married to me. It’s not that I have witnessed it…but it’s just the thought that made me frustrated; I would tell making me frustrated!

I had loved him truly and this is his gift to me…drowned dreams, falling tears, sleepless nights and above all a stabbed heart.

Is it that I don’t deserve his love? Is it that I am not worth to get HIS love? I had, from the time I remember, loved him with all my heart… and now all I am told is that I am unworthy! Is it fair?
I had asked this myself a many times, but I am always left with tears. How good it was when he was mine… how good it felt to be his… but all those thoughts only bothers me now.

All this while I have been sitting here, in this locked room, thinking of good times. He had been my friend, my companion, partner in crime, my supporter, well wisher…and what not. But now he seemed to be a stranger, an unknown masked fellow. There were times when I used to wait for his phone call or a message…but all that seems absurd now. Is it because I realised that he doesn’t love me or that I don’t love him? Whatever the answer is…it all seems ridiculous.

I have to go now…but still, my chair pulls me back. Tears rush down my cheeks and my hands make fervent moves to wipe them off… but no, they never seem to dry.
It has been the same for the past three weeks… From the time his marriage was announced! I had been roaming around the house with a fake smile and a faker joy…doing all the works, running here with a plate in my hand, there with a vase, and finally to the room when I can’t control anymore.

I had been trying fervently to stop these thoughts but still… it all makes me tired. I am done of defending myself…done of failures… it’s all done! I simply want to quit… but lo! I don’t even have that freedom. I am done of these talks too!

She got up from the chair and pulled the biggest of the bags which were stacked.

Opening the cupboard, she flung all of her dresses into the bag. Turning around, she tossed all her other belongings in. For one last time, she looked around the room that was… almost empty.

Pulling her bag with her, she started moving towards the door. She was weak enough to allow tears brim her eyes but strong enough to hold them, still there. She opened the door and walked past it. The door shut behind her… she ignored, just the way she ignored her world shut.

Her sight fell, right, on him. There he was, sitting with his new wife, who was cuddled so close. They were surrounded by an army of girls, which looked like a flock of sheep to her.

He was happy… what else will she want? He looked at her. She hid her bag. Suddenly his face changed and he seemed worried. ‘Is he worrying for me?’ she thought but soon he confirmed as he tried to get up. “Please don’t come to me” she said to herself and the next moment a sense of relief ran though her, as she saw his wife stopping him. She smiled to herself, thinking of how helpful his wife was… to her!

He gestured her… on what seemed like ‘Are you fine?’

She felt the relief fade away, which was replaced by vulnerability. ‘Not a question to ask Mr’ she told herself. But, she simply nodded in a yes.

“Hey, we are all giving the couple their gifts. What are you gonna give…?” one of the girls from the group asked her, noticing the big bag.

‘The best gift ever’ she told herself and walked towards the couple with a smile.

“Happy married life” she told to one who had snatched her place. The woman smiled in response.

Turning to him, she gave him a pleasant hug and a kiss in his cheek.


She vanished out of the house.


Hi guys. So something that came to my mind suddenly. I simply wrote and posted it. Sorry couldn’t post anything yesterday, coz my laptop had gone to service.
Today morning it came back and I am posting it now.

So coming to the story… I didn’t want to mention the name… but still I want to give life to the character… I wrote it in Aaliya’s POV. Just read this in her POV once. Also, if Aaliya had done this in the story, I would have really felt glad…but it never happened! Leave it. But it also suits to Pragya…if this happens in KKB now, I will really feel proud of Pragya. Anyways, both will never happen!
So sorry if it was silly! Forgive for mistakes…
Bye guys…

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  1. Such a beautiful yet thoughtful update ani !
    It will be really great when it comes to aliya’s POV !
    Do write more dr !

    1. B_Ani

      thanks abhigya dear

  2. Maya

    Very thoughtful in Aaliya’s pov.??☺☺ Haizz real kkb won’t have this kind of scenes and i had gave up my hopes on the show giving logical plots??

    1. B_Ani

      thanq didi…really means a lot…and me too gave up all hopes in kkb…i know it will never get better!

  3. Nice and waiting for aaliya’s pov and soo sad for that girl I don’t know whether she is pragya or not but feeling sad for her.

    1. B_Ani

      thanq so much Abhigya…but its over…i mean, this is only an OS.
      by the note in the end, i meant u can take the girl to be anyone, either pragya or aaliya…

  4. Saranya24

    If its aliya pov its too good but if pragya its so sad loved it love u dear???????

    1. B_Ani

      thanq akka…
      i read ur OS…it was damn gud. sry couldnt cmnt…
      love u too???

  5. Reshma_Pradeep

    Its Reallyyy Goodddd!

    1. B_Ani

      thanks sissy??

  6. it was awesome ani.. no words to describe.. feel of real love and pain of true love. amazing

    1. B_Ani

      thanks vignesh… keep reading?

  7. Wow!!it’s thoughtful update ani…if it is aliya’s pov..I would be glad….loved it..

    1. B_Ani

      thanks lokha…glad u loved it…

  8. Prathi

    if it is Aaliya’s pov let her suffer, if it is Pragya’s pov oh my darling is suffering again… Just kidding she is used to it.. And I loved the line ‘ Best gift ever’ I know I said I will be posting soon sorry I am sick now.. Will try to very soon

    1. B_Ani

      thanks fr the cmnt akka…
      nd u r sick? dont worry, take care and post when u can…

  9. Lopez

    aweeeeeeee its sooo cute and lovely,but such a nice scene with it maximum logic can never be in the head of ekta and her team,lovvvvvvvvvve ittttttrrrrt

    1. B_Ani

      thank you so much lopez… nd i know right, sth like this will never happen in kkb…no doubt at all!
      thanx again…

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