Best Friends turn into best couples (Tashan e ishq) Episode 4

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Recap – Suman and Kunj fight

Twinkle and Kunj are still holding hands when they come downstairs. They see yuhi hugging. Suddenly twinkle whispers they locked us in the room so we need to get revenge. She takes her phone out and takes a picture. She puts it on snapchat and captions it “when u are lost in your own world” Ahem! Guys enough hugging. Yuvi lets go meet mummy. Kunj says. Yuhi break the hug and look really emabrassed.

They were about to leave when Suman comes downstairs and says Kunj won’t you take me to meet my mother in law? Suman you disgust me. You haven’t apologised to twinki and now your calling my mother MIL? Kunj says angrily. Suman comes and pushes twinkle out the way. Kunj dives to save her and while doing this twinkle accidently plants a kiss on his cheeks. They share an eye lock until yuvi coughs. Oi watch it she is my Didi say yuhi at the same time. Kunj I’m really sorry but how would you feel if you saw me with some other boy saying I loveyou? I’m sorry. Actually I have a plan why don’t me and you take your ‘twinki’ out with her boyfriend well that’s only if she has one Suman suggests. Okay fine twinkle is that okay? Kunj asks. Yeah sure why not twinkle replies sweetly. But di you don’t ha- mahi was saying but then out of the blue twinkle steps on her foot and glares at her. I mean di you haven’t decided what to wear Come on I’ll help you.

Oh babaji what shall I do? I don’t have a boyfriend. What situation did you put me in? Twinkle says to herself. DIDI!!!!!!!! How dare you put my and yuvi’s picture on snapchat? Urghhhhh I’m not going to leave you now. Then mahi starts chasing twinkle around the garden. Kunj sees this from his balcony and smiles. Twinkle was about to slip when Kunj shouts TWINKLE! Mahi starts giggling. I mean be more careful he says and rushes inside because of the embarrassment. Mahi can you come shopping with me? I need to buy a dress and ask Rohan to be my boyfriend for today asks twinkle. So mahi and twinkle leave for the shopping centre. They walk around and twinkle buys this cute black and white dress and mahi buys a new pair of heels. Twinkle was looking at another dress when she saw something in the corner of her eyes. She turned around and saw Suman hugging someone else. She was shell-shocked. She takes a picture and runs out of the mall. She was about to open her car keys when someone grabs her hand and slaps her hard. Don’t you dare even try and show this to Kunj. You don’t no how i am. I can put his life into danger so you better do whatever I say threatens suman.

Precap – Kunj sees bruises on twinkles hand and asks about it. She lies to him. He thinks to himself twinkle I know Suman did this to you. Watch how I wont spare her now. And don’t worry I won’t ever forget my promise I made to you

The promise will be told later in the story

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