Best Friends turn into best couples (Tashan e ishq) Episode 3


Hey I hope you guys like my fan page. Actually I want to add Hindi phrases to my fan fiction but I can’t spell it because I’m not Indian, I’m Nepali and I live in the U.K. so if I spell something wrong please excuse me. Also I think I post my fan fiction too much , should I do it less?

Recap – twinj locked inside a room and Kunj tells twinkle he has a girlfriend

Inside the room
Suman? I’m very excited to meet her says twinkle. She gets up and goes to the window to get some fresh air. Arey twinki what happened? Why is there tears in your eyes Kunj says. He goes to her and he wipes her tears. He cups her face and says twinki don’t feel insecure. I love you as my best friend and she can’t change that. I love you way more than her. Please please please don’t be upset otherwise I will be upset as well. Twinkle is touched by his words. She hugs him
Downstairs a girl wearing ripped jeans and sunglasses enters the house. Yuhi are coming downstairs. Oh my god sumo? You here? I thought you were going to come tomorrow yuvi says. He hugs her. Mahi feels jealous. She is about to leave but then Suman says I came for my Kunj. She gets glad. Hey yuvi won’t you introduce me? Mahi asks. No offence but formalities later bhenji says Suman rudely. Yuvi gets angry but he controls himself. Oi tu ne muje bhenji kaha? At least muje manners toh ati hai warna Teri toh ka Hal hota. Kamini Kai ke! mahi replies. Yuvi bursts out laughing. Suman gives him a death stare and goes upstairs.

She hears a noise coming out of a room and she goes there. She sees twinj hugging and twinkle replying I love you too. She misunderstands this. Oi who the hell do you think you are saying I love you to? Huh? Don’t you know he’s my boyfriend? She shouted angrily. Suman runs to her and is about to slap her when Kunj stops her. Suman! Don’t you dare you take one more step towards her otherwise mujse Bura koi nahi Ho ga screams Kunj. Suman? You called me Suman? You have never called me Suman? I was always your sumo but today for this ugly girl you called me Suman? She argues back. Arey you jealous pig. Ye meri twinki hai. My bestfriend. And for your kind information she is prettier than you. Listen I know you are my gf but I always warned you that twinkle is the most important girl in my life after my mother. I told you don’t you remember? No because u never listen to me. I always listen to your bakwas but when I talk for 2 mins u can’t even keep still. I’m sorry but I’m very very disappointed in you. Chalo twinki says Kunj. Twinkle is extremely touched by his words. The most important girl to me echoes in her head. He takes her hand and they go out the room. Bewajah plays.

Downstairs Mahi is questioning Yuvi. Who is this? Why did she come here? She better not come between my Didi and Kunj! Calm down meri angry sher. Hamesha twinki and kunj. Kabbe Kabbe humko be inta attention do please he says naughtily. She smiles and she hugs him. Yuvi when will we tell our siblings about me and you being gf bf? I can’t wait to tell my Didi. Okay baba we will tell them today okay? Replies Yuvi. Yessss and we will get Suman out of their lives Mahi adds

Precap – twinkle and Mahi go shopping and see Suman hugging someone else

Credit to: Mariya

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