Best Friends turn into best couples (Tashan e ishq) Episode 1


Best friends – best couple
Location – Taneja mansion ( 1990 )
Twinkle mahi beta wake up new neighbours today. we are coming mom says twinkle. Then 2 non identical twins ( both are 5 years old ) come running to Leela. Mom don’t you worry, we will be in our best behaviour. Promise ! They say while winking at each other. *Doorbell* looks like they are here says Leela smiling. She opens the door and sees the Sarna family standing there. Hi Leela ji. You already met me when I came to see the house, this is Usha my wife, and my two mischievous sons kunj and yuvi. Come in please and make yourself feel at home! After that The two families became best friends.

5 years leap
Twinj and Yuhi are 4 best friends and they are inseparable. They play prank, cause trouble and get detentions in school everyday. One day Kunj and yuvi comes running to twinhi. Guys there is a big problem. Papa said he is sending us to a boarding school. That means we won’t meet each other for ages. Papa us saying first we will become lawyers then we will come back. Twinkle and mahi are shocked. But when are you going? Mahi asks. Kunj and yuvi look down. Finally yuvi replies tomorrow. Even though twinkle is upset she tries to cheer everyone. Don’t worry guys yes we will be far but we are still bestfriends and something called a letter will keep us communicated. She manages to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Finally the day has come twinkle Didi. Yuvi is coming back! Mahi says excitedly. Ahem! Yuvi only? What about kunj? Says twinkle laughing and teasing mahi. Didi I purposely forget him so you would say his name laughed mahi. Twinkle blushes and pulls a silly face.

I’m new to this guys so please comment and tell me how I can improve

Credit to: Mariya

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  1. callmeprincess3

    hi Maria……fab one yaar…..too good……waiting for tomorrows epi

  2. HI Mariya it’s a great start just add on

  3. Vry nyc concept….luking forward for the next episode

  4. Itx good .. even me 2 i am new here

  5. nyc one…seems that we ( dunno abt otherz but atleast I ) will have lots of fun and romance in this ff……

  6. In love with the story line… plzzz do continue… ???

  7. Very nice yrr ……..I like it

  8. Do you write any other ff

  9. Muskan{News reporter}

    Mariya its just fab episode dear….keep writing in the same way.

  10. Meenat Abubakar

    nice start mariya, keep on writing Ok

  11. nice one yaar and please keep writing

  12. u already r need of improvement just keep writing..

  13. nyc start …. nyc storyline… lkng frwrd fr ur ff

  14. Very good start dear

  15. Hello Maria…..Very nice ff……..waiting for next episode

  16. Hey mariya sry for late comment but its just amazingggg

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