From best friends to lovers- SwaSan ( Part 9)


Thank you so much.. I’m too much busy now-a-days so I’m just scribbling anything. Please bare with me.
Here’s the next part-

You bl**dy liar…b*****d” Sanskar groaned holding his collar.
“What…what did I do..leave me Sanskar” Sahil mouthed. (Yep, that was Sahil and I’m pakka sure you guys know mind reading or something ? )
“What did you do han? You’re already married to someone and still you want to get marry to MY SWARA” Sanskar said while punching him.
“Oh.. So you heard everything. Listen to me please” pleaded Sahil.
“Not word anymore or else i’ll forget that you’re human. You were playing with MY SAMMIE’s life. How dare you!!” he was about punch but Sahil defended himself and pushed him back.
“Why the hell does it matter to you han?” Sahil yelled.
“Don’t raise your voice you b*****d” Sanskar matched his pitch.
“Why shouldn’t I han? Don’t you think you are over reacting. Kahi koi chakar to nai chal raha? I’ve seen you gawking her all the time” Sahil smirked.
“Mind your language. Don’t say anything about Sammie or else the circumstances won’t be good” Sanskar warned him.
“Ahan! Love is in the air” Sahil mocked.
“You…” Sanskar gritted his teeth.
“Easy lover boy. I was having doubt on both of you since long but I thought you guys are just friends but seems she was only cheating me” Sahil said disgustingly.
“I said not word any more against her! Who the hell are you to question her character? She’s my best friend do you get that” Sanskar said with blood shot red eyes.
“Oh please am not a fool. Don’t lie. I know you are madly in love with YOUR SAMMIE” Sahil smiled.
“Wh.. What are you saying?” Sanskar asked confusingly.
“Answer me for whatever I ask you…” Sahil said.
“I’m not answerable to you” Sanskar clenched his jaw.
“For your BESTFRIEND you have to answer” Sahil smirked.
“Fine. Shoot” Sanskar said.
“Were you envy of me? Didn’t you feel jealous of me?” Sahil asked.
“Oh please! Why would I?” Sanskar made a face and Sahil shook his head.
“Okay! So it doesn’t matters to you when I touch her hands.. When I hold her waist.. When I dance with her… When I hug her… When I kis….” before he could complete his sentence Sanskar held his neck so tightly that he was unable to breathe. Somehow Sahil pushed him.
“What happened Mr. BEST FRIEND? Leave about me. I agree I can’t marry her now as my truth is revealed but what about her future husband? He’ll definitely do all this” Sahil smirked.
“No man can touch her. No man can hold her. Her soul is mine. She BELONGS to SANSKAR MAHESHWARI because I LOVE HER!! Yes… I LOVE HER… I’m MADLY in love with her” Sanskar said with tinged of tears in his eyes.

“Finally!! God damn man! You were hard nut to crack dude. Congratulations, finally you realised your love for her” Sahil said while hugging Sanskar.
Sanskar was looking at Sahil like he’s an alien. Where as they heard some claps from the bushes.

To be continued…

Again sorry for the short update and sorry for using some bad words. Please don’t mind.

And many of you have guessed the further. I’m really sorry for not reaching your expectation but I never planned out this way. I always thought this will be a sweet short story. Anyways thank you all for liking the story and remember my confession? Do you guys wanna know that?

Credit to: Ruhi

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