From best friends to lovers- SwaSan (Part 8)


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“Sammie listen to me. It was just an.. ” pleaded Sanskar.
“Let’s cut the cake uncle aunty” Swara said ignoring Sanskar’s words.
DP and AP began their celebration by cutting a creamy delight.
But Sanskar was feeling guilty as Swara saw him with Kavita in a clinging position.
“Look Sanskar, it’s okay. Don’t be guilty and no need of any explanation. She’s your girlfriend. You can do whatever you want” she forced a smile.
“She was clinging on me. I didn’t do anything” Sanskar pleaded.
“Hey, I said that’s fine. It’s your life and you’re free to do anything” she smiled.
“Swara baby! Where were you? I’ve been looking for you. You guys just vanished while dancing” Sahil said caging Swara in his arms.
Sanskar wanted to break his hands instantly.
“Actually I was inviting Sanskar for our engagement. As he’s my best friend so he have rights to know it first” Swara said smilingly.
“Shekhar dad said that he’ll announce our engagement tonight” Sahil said with wink.
Sanskar felt as if someone took his breath away where as Swara faked a smile.

“Let’s have a drink baby” Sahil said
“She doesn’t drink” Sanskar spat immediately.
“It’s okay Sanskar, I can atleast try” Swara said.
“Chadd jayegi tujhe toh fir headache ho jayega” Sanskar said worriedly.
“Sahil hai na. He’ll take care of me” Swara said hurting Sanskar.
Swara went with Sahil to drinks counter and ordered strong tequila shots. Sanskar too wanted to drink and take out his frustration but he couldn’t do that cause he knew he have to take care of her after her drinking session.
Swara started feeling dizzy and before Sahil could hold her to get stable, Sanskar held her in his arms.
“You enjoy your drink, I’ll drop her till room” Sanskar said while picking up her in his arms.
“Okay! Take care of her. I need to attend some urgent work” Sahil said while excusing himself.

Sanskar brought her to his room by hiding her from every guest. He placed her on bed removed her sandal and covered her with duvet. He was caressing her hair and was drinking her beauty.
Sanskar thought to make lemonade for her so he came downstairs. He heard someone’s voice in backyard and followed that voice as it was very familiar.
“Yeah… I want an giant French cake for my 1st wedding anniversary” ordered that voice.
“It should be only with white and pink colour. My wife’s favourite colour is pink” said that voice smiling sheepishly.
“Yeah. Next Sunday it should get delivered. Write My beloved wife SONALI on top of it” he said proudly.
Sanskar was rooted at his place. He was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe his ear. The lemonade glass was on ground in pieces and that person turned around with jolt.
“Sanskar….” that voice said with shock.

To be continued..

Again sorry guys..I’ll be busy for two three days so I’ll be posting short episode or maybe there won’t be any update at all. Do forgive me!

Credit to: Ruhi

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  2. awesome.. means sahil married? if yes hope sanskar will do something swara to tell her and save her.

  3. Loved it! Sorry didn’t comment in last episode..was busy????

  4. its awesome….but from d start of sahil intro i feel somewhere that it may b a drama to swasan to realise their love by shekar may be…..its just a guess…..

  5. I knw that’s sahil..
    yeah swasan wil be United now :p

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  8. awesome…I think the guy is sahil…so he is cheating on swara….

  9. Awesome dear

  10. Awsum!!!? Waiting for the next?

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