From best friends to lovers- SwaSan (Part 7)

Thank you so much guys..I really didn’t knew you all will like this extent. I’m so sorry for hurting you all but I have to end this. I’m busy with studies and exams and moreover I just want this story to be short and sweet. Again I’m sorry for ending this but I’ll come up with a new story.
Here’s the next part and Kritika..this is specially for you ?

It was the anniversary party of Sanskar’s parents.
Sanskar was desperately waiting for Swara to arrive and on other side Kavita was trying hard to gain Sanskar’s attention but he was just ignoring her as he was hell irritated of her from few days. Kavita purposely wore shorrtttttt dress to woo Sanskar but his eyes were stuck on entrance for someone special.
Sanskar was hell bent to know about Swara’s feelings. He wanted to clear some doubts. He wanted some unasked questions’s answer.
The moment froze for him when he saw her draped in navy blue saree with silver shimmer border. Her hair perfectly curled. Minimal make up. But next moment he felt like breaking someone’s bones.

Yeah Sahil!!

Swara wrapped her hands around his forearm. Every guy was drooling over her which made Sanskar hell angry.
“Hey bro! Your parents look so young han” said Sahil.
“Thanks” Sanskar said controlling his anger.
“Yeah Sahil, you know uncle and aunty are the world’s best couple. And their love story is so amazing” chipped Swara.
“Oh..that’s great! No worries Swara, our love story will also be that amazing only” Sahil said teasingly.
These words were enough for Sanskar to execute his plan.
“Hey baby, let’s dance” Sanskar said looking at Swara then kissed Kavita’s knuckles.
Swara gave a plastic smile.
“Oh Sanky baby. Let’s go. I was waiting for this since long” Kavita said in seductive voice.
“Let’s go Swara” Sahil said holding her hand.
“She doesn’t like dance Sahil” Sanskar said with smirk.
“Is it so baby? Don’t worry. Let’s try chalo. Always do something new” Sahil said with the best smile.
“You’re right. We should always try something new. Let’s go” Swara said with sweet yet hurtful smile.
Sanskar frowned as she agreed to Sahil.
“She never danced with me aur is chooze ne ek baar bola aur chali gayi huh!! No problem first step failed but now, next step” Sanskar thought.
They were on dance floor and a romantic song was playing. Sanskar wanted to see how his proximity with Kavita affects Swara. Sanskar kept his hand on bare back of Kavita and rubbed it seductively. She locked her hands around his neck. They were dancing but Sanskar was just taking glances of Swara. He could easily read how hurt she was. Even Swara was glancing Sanskar in every few seconds which was quite noticeable to Sahil.
Sahil kept his hand on her bare back and pulled her more close. Swara closed her eyes and kept her head on his chest so that she can accept the reality that Sanskar doesn’t belong to her.
Sanskar’s breath got hitched by seeing Swara in Sahil’s arms and his hand on her bare back. His plan backfired on him only. He wanted to make her jealous but he himself was burning in rage.
“Can I dance with my Sammie?” Sanskar said with heavy voice to Sahil.
“Yeah sure! She’s your bestfriend” Sahil said distancing himself from her.
Sahil went to drink counter with Kavita.
Sanskar pulled Swara with a jolt and squeezed her waist and a current passed through both. She winced in pain. She avoided to look into his eyes as she sensed continuous gaze of Sanskar on her.
“It seems you were enjoying dancing with him” Sanskar taunted.
“Yeah..I loved it. He makes everything so easy for me to do” Swara said still not looking at him.
Sanskar pressed her more onto him. He was rubbing her bare waist.
“You in saree that too with backless blouse? Tu to aisi nahi thi. You never liked such exposing clothes, then why today?” Sanskar asked.
“Sahil gifted me this and I couldn’t deny him so..” this time she looked straight in his eyes.

Their eyes latched. Sanskar slowly brought her to the extreme corner of the hall.
“Then why didn’t you refused him? And this backless!! He was touching your back” he gritted his teeth and yelled at her.
“Stop it Sanskar. What’s your problem han? Did I tell you anything about Kavita? I hate when she touches you. I hate when she calls you baby. I hate her but did I ever said that stay away from her? I didn’t say anything cause you love her, not me and I accepted that ki tu mera nai ho sakta. I LOVE YOU and I want to see you happy…with me or without me…” Swara said with tears in her eyes.
Sanskar was numbed by her confession.
Swara was waiting for him to say something but he was lost.
She sighed and was leaving but Sanskar caught her wrist.
“Why…why didn’t u told me before about all this” he asked still in numb state.
“Kya fark padta? Tu tab bhi chup rehta” she blinked her tears.
“Itna pyaar mujhse kab hua?” he asked.
“Sanskar leave my hand. Sahil must be looking for me” Swara struggled to free her.
By listening Sahil, he again got angry and gripped her hands more tightly.
“Sanskar leave me. It’s hurting” Swara yelled.
“Why does it hurt when I hold you? When I touch you? And when Sahil touches you, you don’t feel hurt, in fact you enjoy by closing your eyes” Sanskar said with blood shot red eyes.
“He can hold me. He can touch me. He can hug me. He can kiss me. He can do everything with me cause he’s …” before she could complete her sentence, he pinned her to the wall and her soft rosy lips were sealed with warm lips.
He was kissing her with all his insecurity, jealousy, anger, possessiveness. He was harsh on her lips. Swara was too numb to react but soon she gave in the rough kiss turned into an passionate kiss. Sanskar bite her lower lip to punish her for giving HIS rights to Sahil.
Swara even bite his lips as he hurted her so much. They were fighting for dominance. They pulled apart. Sanskar was staring her intently.
“FIRST KISS…” Sanskar said eyeing her lips.
Swara’s eyes popped up by listening that.
“Jutha… Huh…” she said and was leaving.
“SACCHI…” Sanskar replied innocently and engulfed her in a back hug.
“Leave me Sanskar. Lemme go” she said controlling her tears.
“I won’t leave you. Why you wanna go? Please don’t go to Sahil” he pleaded.
“He’s waiting for me and I can’t leave him alone” she said freeing herself from his grip.
“You still love me??” he asked.
“Doesn’t matter cause you don’t love me. In fact this kiss must be a mistake for you” she taunted.
“I don’t know what is love. How love feels like but I only know that when Sahil touches you I feel like breaking his hands. When he calls you baby, I feel like shutting his mouth forever. I can’t bare when he hugs you. I can’t bare when you use his shoulder while laughing on some jokes. I can’t bare when he gives you roses and teddies. I kissed you cause its my right. Your lips belongs to only my lips. Your soul is mine. Your body is mine. Your laughter is mine. I CAN’T SHARE YOU WITH ANYONE!! Since childhood it was me who had all rights on you. And on me only you have rights. I’M YOURS. AND YOU’RE MINE” Sanskar confessed all this with tears in his eyes.
Swara was looking at him in disbelief. She was unable to believe her ears. She wanted to hug him…kiss him again but she couldn’t risk her heart again. What if he’s just insecure for sometime and will be normal again when Sahil leaves as he said he don’t know what’s love. He didn’t said that he loves her still.

“Say something. I won’t say sorry for this kiss. It was bliss. It was my first kiss” he said while blushing.
“Don’t lie. You have kissed Kavita before. You only said that on day of our exam” she said.
“I lied cause I thought if I’ll say I didn’t kissed her then you guys would tease me and would called me fattu again” he made puppy face.
“Oh please!! I’m not blind okay! Kavita must have kissed you like hundred times” she disgusted.
“Yeah she TRIED hundred times but I never felt right so I disappointed her every time” he chuckled.
“Hmmm.. I think we should go inside the hall. Cake cutting will start in sometime” she said while leaving.
“So you’ll break up with Sahil na?” he asked stopping her in way.
“No. I’m going to marry him soon. Next week engagement hai most probably cause after that even I’m going with him to USA” she said and left.

“No!! How can she do that? How can she marry him? I agree I have hurt her so much but I can’t see her with Sahil. In USA they’ll live together. I don’t trust Sahil. Mere Sammie ko dekh kar to kisi ki bhi niyat fisal sakti hai!! Wait I won’t let her get engaged to Sahil. Why am getting restless? Do i love her?? No.. Arey… What’s the feeling of love yaar!?” he was frustrated.
Soon he sensed someone hugging him from behind and nibbling his earlobe to seduce him. But he felt it wrong, so wrong and he jerked that person. Yeah it was Kavita.
“What the hell you’re doing?” he yelled.
“Baby don’t shout. I was just loving you” she locked her hands around his neck.
Sanskar was distancing himself from her but he was too late. Swara saw that when she came back to call him for cake cutting. She left from there with a sad smile. Sanskar jerked Kavita away and ran behind Swara.

To be continued..

Okay, I think is episode is a bit long. I’m tired of writing now! Also, I have a confession to make at the end of the story.

Coming to today’s part.. Finally both Swara and Sanskar confessed their feelings. But what’s gonna happen next?
Will Swara get married to Sahil or Sanskar will be successful to stop their engagement. Stay tuned to know more!

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