From best friends to lovers- SwaSan (Part 6)

Thank you all for your support. I’m really happy that you all are liking the story. I don’t want to hurt you all but sad to say this is a short story..around 10 episodes. I’m not a writer and I just thought to scribble something. I never knew you guys will love it so much. Thank you and sorry again! I’ll surely come up with a mew story.
And Kritika..I’m so sorry dear..I don’t want to hurt you but this story will end soon. Im sorry. I’ll surely try to use your idea. Thank you so much for your suggestions and love you! :-*
Okay I’ll stop my blabber now and here’s the next part.

Sanskar entered the room taking food for Swara.
“Delicious khichdi at your service ma’am” Sanskar said forwarding a plate to Swara.
“Khichdi!!” Sahil made a face.
“Oh c’mon! Don’t make face just taste it you’ll love it” Sanskar said with plastic smile.
“Yeah. He cooks delicious” Swara said while feeding a morsel to Sahil.
“Umm…. Yummm. She’s right. It’s tasty yaar! Mujhe bhi sikha dena…I’ll cook for her in our near future” Sahil said while munching some khichdi.
“Yeah sure..” Sanskar said with frown.

“Hey how about a dinner together. I mean we three and your girlfriend too” Sahil said.
“No, I don’t think its possible this weekend. We can go next week” Sanskar said.
“C’mon! Don’t be a spoil sport. It’s decided tonight we’ll go for dinner place you guys decide” Sahil declared.
“Okay. We’ll go to Westin then” Sanskar said in a defeated tone.
They all met at Westin, the 5 star hotel.
“Sorry baby, I’m late” said Kavita while pecking Sanskar’s cheek.
Swara looked away. Sanskar noticed that and was confused.
“Let’s move inside. I’m damn hungry” Sahil said yanking Swara closer.
Sanskar frowned with their proximity.
They settled themselves. Sanskar and Kavita were sitting opposite to Sahil and Swara. They ordered their food and started chatting.
“You’re lucky Swara that you got a guy like Sahil” Kavita faked appreciation.
“No miss, you’re wrong. Infact I’m lucky to have this lady in my life. I feel glad to have her as my better half” Sahil said this looking into Swara’s eyes.

Swara smiled genuinely and blushed.
Sanskar was feeling suffocating.
Kavita again gave plastic smile as she was envy of Swara always.
The food came. Swara was about to take morsel but was interuppted by Sahil.
“Lemme feed you baby, the first morsel” Sahil said while feeding her.
Some food particles were sticked on her side of lips which Sahil cleaned with his fingers.
Sanskar couldn’t bare that sight and he excused himself.
“Where are you going?” asked Kavita.

“Washroom baby. I’ll be back” he purposely said ‘baby’ and eyed Swara.

“Why the hell I’m angry? Why does it bothers to me? Why I couldn’t bare when he touched her lips? Why their relationship is affecting me? I know Sahil is a good guy for my Sammie then why I can’t accept him? Calm down Sanskar… Calm down…” Sanskar was talking to himself.
Sanskar was fighting with his feelings but unable to get any conclusion. He decided to join them again. He left for his table but the sight which he saw made him restless.

Swara was giggling by keeping her head on Sahil’s shoulder. May be Sahil cracked some joke. And Sahil wrapped his hand around her arms. Sanskar couldn’t bare that so he called a waiter and gave him some money and ordered him to spill some juice on Swara intentionally.
The waiter exactly did the what he was been ordered. Swara rushed to the washroom to clean that stain but in just a flash Sanskar latched the door and pinned her to the wall.

“What the hell you were doing?” he said while gripping her tightly.
“What? And what are you doing? Leave me” she asked confusingly.
“You answer me what you were doing with him? And why should I leave you? You like his touch too much han?” he taunted.
“Dude he’s my would be husband. And what nonsense are you speaking?” she freed herself from his grip.
By listening the word HUSBAND he looked at her intently.
“So you are ready to accept him finally? He’s so cheap yaar. Hamesha PDA karta hai” he said disgustingly.

“Enough SANSKAR. Not a word against him. He’s not doing any PDA, he’s just showing his love and care for me unlike you and your so called girlfriend” she said in anger.
“We also don’t do any PDA. Even we show love and care” he spat back.
“Ya…ya.. I saw how your girlfirend clings over you all the time…huh” she said making face.
“Why you have problem with Kavita? She’s my girlfriend. Don’t say anything about her” he said.
“Because I..” she stopped realising what she was about spat.
She changed her sentence and Sanskar was confused.
“Then even you don’t say anything about Sahil” she said.
“I won’t. Just tell him to stay away from you. Why he always touches you?” he gritted his teeth.

“Then even you tell your girlfriend to not to touch you” She smirked..
“She can do anything. I won’t say anything to her” Sanskar said smirking.
“Then Sahil can also do anything. He have all rights on me. Do you get that!” saying so she left from there leaving behind an fuming Sanskar.
“I don’t know why you’re behaving so strangely regarding Kavita being my girlfriend. Something is there’ he thought.
“I won’t leave that Sahil! Just one clue and you are gone Sahil Sengupta” he smirked devilishly.


“Hey don’t be late Sahil” Sanskar said with evil smirk.
“Yeah. We’ll be on time” said Sahil.
“We? ” asked Sanskar.
“Me and Swara baby” said Sahil.
“Okay” Sanskar clenched his jaw and hung up.
“Today I’ll get many answers Sammie. I’m just waiting for the tonight’s party”

To be continued…

Credit to: Ruhi


  1. Arohi :)

    awesome.. upload soon… I can’t believe you made it 10 parts I really l love your fan fiction!!!1

  2. It’s going to end??????????
    I really love ur ff…
    Plz extend already 5 parts more..or make a sequel with different title!
    Plz yr!
    Anyways loved was awsm as usual..
    Plzzzzzzz dont end it..????

  3. Shree

    Oohh.. I simply loved it.. U r writing too brilliantly.. Plsss continue dear.. Dont stop.. With some more and more nok jhoks btwn swasan.. Their jealousy.. Their feelings.. Love.. Vagera vagera.. It wud b wonderful.. More importantly update next episode today itself dear.. Waitinggggg

  4. shan

    awesome…..ruhi this story s nice yaar y u r ending this soon…..dont do this…..i love dis a lot…..

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