From best friends to lovers- SwaSan (Part 5)


Thank you all for encouraging me. Your comments made me so excited that I thought to post early. I’d have loved to keep you all at suspense bt then chucked the no more’s the next part-

Sanskar was running through corridor pushing everyone on his way. He pushed the door and came inside huffing. He saw his best friend lying on bed with bandage on her forehead, hands. His eyes were moist.
“How did it happen? All this bandages and all” Sanskar asked with concerned.
“Umm…me and Sahil were going somewhere and we meet with an accident” said Swara.
“Who’s Sahil and who was driving?” he groaned.
” I’m Sahil and I was driving” said Sahil with a smile. (Here comes the new entry. Imagine Anuj Sachdeva as Sahil. Don’t bash me guys only wanted a new entry 😛 )

Sanskar caught his collar and yelled.
“Who the hell gave you license han? If u don’t know driving than why the hell you were driving? Agar kuch ho jata ise toh?” yelled Sanskar.
“It was not my fault” said Sahil trying to rescue from his grip.
“Shut up!! Who the hell are you to take her with you?” Sanskar asked with rage.
“Who are you and why you’re over reacting dude?” said Sahil calmly.
“Who the hell you’re to ask me? Who are you?” Sanskar asked when he was about to punch him.
“Leave him SANSKAR. He’s my would be husband” yelled Swara.
Sanskar immediately left him when he heard his Sammie addressing him Sanskar. It was second time when she called him Sanskar. First was when they had major fight when they were kids and second was now. He was just freeze when he heard the HUSBAND word from her.
“HUSBAND…!!” murmured Sanskar.

“I think you guys need some space. Baby, you talk to him till then I’ll go and buy medicines for you” Sahil said kissing Swara’s forehead.
Swara gave Sahil an assuring smile and where as Sanskar, he was just trying to understand the scenario in front of him.
Sahil left them alone.
Sanskar came and settled himself beside her.
“How are you Sammie?” caressing her hair he asked.

“I’m good” she said with a smile.
“I think too much happened that I don’t know” said an hurt Sanskar.
“Yeah” said Swara with faint smile.
“Sahil and you…I mean how…wedding?” he asked.
“Dad wants me to settle down. And dad chose Sahil for me” she said.
“You like him?” he asked.
“Yeah. He’s nice guy. Infact we two went for a date today” she chuckled.
“Why didn’t you told me about this before? Bhul gayi I was gonna find a boyfriend for you but you already found a husband” he said twisting his lips.
“I wanted tell you first about this, but you were busy with your girlfriend” she said.
“Hmm… You called me on that day. But what about your career? You wanted to do job na?” he asked with some hope.

“Yeah, Sahil said I can do job once we go to USA. After engagement, I’ll shift there with him and wedding after few months” she said with smile.
Sanskar was not ready to accept this sudden change in his life. He felt uncomfortable with these talks. He couldn’t digest the fact that his Sammie is going away from him.
“Ummm…you take rest. I’ll be back in sometime” he said pecking her forehead.
Sanskar needed some time to accept the unexpected storm in his life.

Scene-2 Outside hospital room.

“Arey Sanskar. Come here. Meet him. He’s Sahil Sengupta. I chose him for Swara. Owns a company in USA. Swara will also shift there after sometime. said a proud Shekhar.
“Yeah uncle I met him inside. Hey Sahil, sorry for my misbehavior ” said Sanskar forwarding his hand.
“It’s okay dude.. Chillax. It happens when you see your best friend in such condition” Sahil smiled and shaked hand with him.
“I think I should take your leave uncle. I’ll come soon here” said Sanskar.
“Umm.. Sanskar, I wanna ask you few things. Mind if I come with you?” Sahil asked with sweet smile.
“Okay. You can come with me” said Sanskar.
They bid adieu to Shekhar. They were in car now.
“So what you wanted to ask me Sahil” he asked
“I want to know about Swara’s likes and dislikes” he said with dreamy face.
Sanskar didn’t liked when Sahil asked him abour his Sammie but he shrugged that thought.
“Why you wanna know? And why are you asking me?” he tried not to sound rude.
“Oh c’mon dude. Who knows Sammie more than you yaar. And more over, do you expect me to ask her only about her likes and all. ” Sahil said chuckling.
“Oh.. So you like her??” Sanskar asked curiously.

“Yeah.. She’s so beautiful. Perfect blend of beauty and brain. You can say love at first sight” Sahil mouthed.
“Yeah.. So say what kinda help you want from me?” Sanskar said half heartily.
“Umm.. Lets start with flowers and gifts” Sahil said excitedly.
“Flowers and gifts han.. Now you see Sahil ke bacchhe main kya karta hun” Sanskar thought devilishly.
“She love roses. Red roses and in gifts, you can gift her fluffy teddy bear” he said with wide grin.
“Perfect! Drop me near some mall. I’ll buy for her then will meet you directly at her place. Anyways, she will get discharged till noon” said Sahil.
Sanskar dropped Sahil at near by mall and went to his home.

Later in noon.
Sanskar was standing at the door and was listening conversation of Swara and Sahil.
“Roses for the lovely lady and teddy bear too” Sahil said in romantic way.
Sanskar smirked as he knew she hates roses and teddy bear cause they are very girly stuff. But to his bad luck Swara accepted that beautiful rose by inhaling the sweet aroma and she hugged that teddy too.
“Thank you so much. It’s lovely surprise” Swara said with sweet smile.
“I’m glad that you loved it” Sahil said kissing her knuckles.
Sanskar frowned instantly. He didn’t liked that scenario so in order to stop their cheeky romance he barged in the room with food made by him for her.

Episode ends.

Okay…first of all I want to know…you guys know mind reading or what? 😛
You all guessed so correctly… I mean yeah it was easy but this much accuracy…specifically Kritika and Shan (no offense to other readers) and Kritika..I loved your suggestion but I already wrote this part. Hope you like it and don’t feel bad.

Coming to todays’ s part.. Poor poor Sanky 😛
His plan flopped. So what do you think he’ll do next?
Btw..let’s have a poll. In which team you are- Sanky’s or Sahil’s ? 😀

Credit to: Ruhi

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  1. Awesome.. Sznky’s team.. But make him realise sammie’s important.. Don’t separzte swzsan plzz

    1. We’ll see what happens to SwaSan..:D
      Thank you for reading 🙂

  2. In the end obviously sanky…but for now he has hurted swara and its time to payback….so i vote for sahil but hope so he dont became obssesd over her

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

  3. Make it big one yaar n its too gud

    1. Thank you and I’ll try to make it long 🙂

  4. Make it big yaar n its too gud

  5. Awesome… I am waiting for the next part!!! and yes sorry I couldn’t comment on your last parts!!!!!

    1. No worries and thank you so much for reading! 🙂

  6. I want swasan… Buy now I’m on sahil side…… May be through jelous sanskar realize his feelings…….. Pls just make it sure sahil don’t turn negative…….. Pls pls pls I wanna see more jelous drama… Post one more part today yaar pls

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

  7. Wow! Loved it! Aww!! U like my idea! Thanks for considering !
    Why would I feel bad? Its ur ff dear! Write anything!?
    Love uh!????

    1. Listen I have another suggestion..
      Shekhar dies IN an accident and after 10 days or so sanskar comes to know this,,he sees swaras in a miserable conditions, depressed, taking depression pills..
      Or (another suggestion)
      u can also make it lyk sanky finds swara IN a party where he n cavity (kavi) are also present,,n he sees swaras wearing girly dress which can be a gown or anarkali smthng lyk that n he feels uncomfortable to see sahil holding swaras waist,..
      No offence
      Sorry actually when I am too much interested in any ff I get super active..

      1. But I don’t want to end it soon so that’s why I am suggesting u many things

    2. Thank you so much! :-*

    3. Aww Kritika…thank you so much!!
      But sorry dear…this is a short story..around 10 episodes..please don’t mind.
      I’ll surely try to use your idea :*

  8. awesome… jealousy sanky … nw he comes to know when he ignores swara for kavita hw she feels.. and she called him sanskar…

    1. Thank you.

  9. I am with sahil….. Sanskar did wrong so he deserve this…. It will be fun to see the love triangle…… Hehe…

    1. Thank you!

  10. For now I am on sahil’s side .sankar deserves it. If not love but he should not have ignored his friend Sammie.

    1. Thank you for reading!

  11. Ooh i loved it.. Sanskar is feeling jealous.. But he deserve it for now.. But the thing is never separate swasan.. They are perfect.. Still need a couple of episodes of making sanskar how it feels wen avoided and make him realise his love to her.. Hoping for some romantic and interesting nok jhok episodes with out further delay.. Update bit long episodes dear…

    1. Thank you!

  12. awesome………….

    1. Thank you!

  13. Awesome

    1. Thank you!

  14. Amazing continue soon coz I can’t wait ????

    1. Thank you!

  15. Always with sanky…i think sanky will try once more…oh god when will they realize there love ??

    1. Thank you for reading!
      They’ll realise soon 🙂

  16. Awsm part…..

    1. Thank you!

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